Veganism, Envy, Gossip & Drama Just Don’t Mix!

Veganism, Envy, Gossip & Drama Just Don’t Mix!

While you will never ever see me preach to anyone about their personal culinary habits, I often wish that others would show the same restraint when speaking to me about mine.

It’s not that I don’t fancy indulging others in a conversation of all things food, but it can easily become a volatile situation when I find myself on my back foot defending my stance on my decision to live as a Vegan!

Now out of experience I have to speak the truth as far as what I’ve experienced from the masses as a reaction to my Vegan undertaking.

I have to say that some of the emotional, misinformed and ignorant responses to my lifestyle have come from Black people! Not all, but SOME!

But oh what colorful and downright ridiculous reactions I’ve gotten and this was after they inquired about it in a manner that I thought was out of curiousity.

The most intense reactions came from those who felt chastised by my choices and automatically began to defend their way of eating in what many have coined as “slave food.”

Slave food – for those who do not know – has evolved today into what many Blacks call “Soul Food.” These health killing concoctions were merely the well salted and seasoned “scraps” tossed away and considered to be the undesirable garbage off of the slave masters table…….and that’s a nice way of saying it!

The house slaves who were closer to the slave master had a chance to eat a little better than those field slaves who had to rummage oftentimes through the waste to get those unwanted scraps to eat.

So health wasn’t the goal when you ate slave food, in essence it was having the “joy” of eating what barely resembled the rich hand me down meals that were unattainable by those with such a lowly status.

Cooked in lard and pork fat, Collard Greens, Various parts of the hog doused in peppers and lots of salt became such a strong staple in the slave’s diet to the point when freedom was ‘granted’ they continued to eat such a disease aiding diet even when they had the option to do better.

In defense of consuming this Soul Food, many have told me that the slaves were healthy and strong while eating in this manner and if “it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me!”

“Once a slave always a slave” is the first thing that I think to myself when encountering this type of twisted mentality.

But what these blinded misinformed individuals fail to realize is that the slaves worked from before sunrise just until after sunset in the hot sun with no air conditioning.

They didn’t have fast food drive throughs and a menu to conveniently choose their next poison meal while sitting in a luxurious vehicle listening to music as they sat on their ever expanding cellulitic ridden gelatinous backside without the the least amount of effort made to EARN the meal that they’re salivating for.

Again, these are the people who come at me so hard for not indulging in the substances that they consider food.

But I understand why they attack me so hard…….

They don’t realize that eating dead flesh that contains absolutely no life force in it has disconnected them from the sun and the spiritual awareness necessary to navigate the unseen realms of this world.

Vegans piss them off because we are a reminder of how much of a barbaric existence they remain in as their lower desires have taken over the pristine life that they were truly created to enjoy but never could seem to experience.

Meat eaters are quick to anger. Flesh consumers easily get caught up in gossip. Human carnivores get envious for no reason whatsoever, tend to see the negative in most situations and see hopelessness in the future.

Yes, consuming dead flesh causes many more issues than simple flatulence and a bad attitude…….

When I go shopping for the few items that we don’t grow in our garden to consume, it doesn’t come to me as a shock when I observe the poor obese physical conditions of those around me and the sugar laden fatty items in their cart that reveal their eating habits

There is a direct correlation between who you are and what you eat and I’m at the point now that if we’re not kindred spirits I have to put as much distance between those who refuse to ascend in their personal growth and myself.

…….it’s simply not worth the burden of dealing with a negative lifestyle and the people in it who choose to live like pigs.

As we get older we should become lighter in our spirits when we find ourselves acting from a mature mindset and not one that I no better than a pre-school brat who is hellbent on causing confusion and drama for all who are around them.

So my journey into Veganism has definitely raised my awareness on so many different levels and has allowed me to absorb more of the good side of life even when finding myself in a tumultuous environment that I might be briefly passing through.

I’ve gained so much since giving up the burgers and the chicken and if I knew back then in the past what I know now I would have never put those things in my body!

…….but as the saying goes…….it’s NEVER too late to change!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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