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You know, on The LanceScurv Show, we make a point of not being afraid or hesitating to dissect and and every slice of life as it is in the real world.

Nothing airbrushed. Nothing glossed over or avoided. Always as it is.

Some love the format or rather let me go out on a limb and say that most love it. To be truthful, there are some who claim that they don’t like it at all. But that’s okay because even THEY tune in secretly as though I cannot see them.

But for the most part it has been and continues to be a very interesting ride based on all of the things that happen with our brilliantly flawed human natures.

That being said, with the depth of righteous character and deceptive facades permanently embedded in our natures, we have an unlimited supply of topics to delve into aggressively in an attempt to understand the root and the answer of why we do what we do.

This week, the discussion promises get even more intense as we’ll thoroughly go in on an unfortunate and very common situation that Fathers must endure.

We’ll speak on the men who are kept away from their children by a spiteful ex-spouse who is hellbent on continuing the unnecessary drama and power play of a long finished relationship in order make him pay for her imagined slights from him.

What many women and people in general do not understand is that this is one of the worst pains that a man can experience in his entire life!

But I have found personally that the general feeling is that men just don’t feel the hurt that they really have inside because many just do not express it openly.

This false macho portrayal of “strength” by not showing their hurt gives the impression to the naysayers that these wounded Fathers aren’t really hurting at all.


But believe and trust in what I say, we shed tears at the drop of a dime when we are reminded of what we are missing with our Sons and Daughters when we observe other families who have remained intact as we encounter the endless visuals of Fatherly love in public.

The emptiness felt inside is a void that’s literally a living death as we are still concerned about our babies and their well being at every waking and sleeping hour regardless what we’re doing.

That being said, we want to go in on these evil demonic women who are so heartless to use the kids as their own bargaining chip in a twisted war of emotions that always hurts the children directly in the end.

These women almost always play as though they are an angel to those who so foolishly believe the paper thin facade while maintaining a manufactured anger toward the Father that is unfounded and only thrives because of the constant propaganda that’s unfairly attached to his name.

These women do not want to ever see this man happy! He most often has moved on and played by this demonic woman’s very strict rules in order to spend what little time he could with his kids but even that’s not good enough. She seeks to offset any newly acquired happiness in his life by keeping the fresh wounds open by manipulating the kids against him to keep him in pain.

She cannot stand that he has a new special angel of a wonderful woman in his life who gives him the love and support that she never gave him, so she must always keep the drama going from a distance to keep him from healing and receiving the full blessing of his new found love.

Not being able to be with his kids is what hurts the worst. This evil ex will work against you in your desire to see your kids then turn around and tell them that you just don’t want to see them. You as a man understand when you hear your kids speak against you but it truly hurts to see this because it will take some time for them to realize the truth beyond their Mother’s lies.

It’s the last card in her almost empty arsenal of potential attacks on this wounded man’s soul and she plays it for all its worth.

While the specifics of each man’s situation may be somewhat different when it comes to dealing with a spiteful ex who uses the children like a ping pong ball or bargaining chip to negotiate hell into his life, the pain is ALWAYS the same!


Time: Friday November 8, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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