Why Do We Wait For A Tragedy To Hit Us Before We Acknowledge A Higher Power Even Exists?

Yesterday while I was around and about in my travels over the face of the earth, the thought hit me and I manifested it as a Tweet to share with those who enjoy my statements, It read like this:

“While my heart goes out to all who have suffered at the hands of this cold spell, I couldn’t help but think how powerless man is when compared to nature. It’s truly a reminder that we all must answer to a higher power. #GutCheck”

That Tweet was inspired by the current (late January 2014) freeze that is going on in this country (U.S.A.) and has unexpectedly swept through the south in a way that hasn’t been felt in a very long time if ever at all.

As usual, once I meditate on a thought such as this, it spurs on other related concepts and my mind goes deeper into other related thoughts.

Georgia Freeze

Another one that lingered on for me was a question, and I asked myself why is it that it takes a catastrophe or some type of unexpected extreme set of conditions for us to share the love that we should be raining down on each other so freely when things seem to be going just fine?

But for some reason, even after joining forces to come up out of a situation we seem to go back to business as usual for the majority of our time while alive and well in a life that is potentially a Heaven on earth if we could simply maintain that high standard of living your fellow man and woman the way we love ourselves.

Immediately after the World Trade Center attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, the churches, mosques and synagogues were literally packed that very evening.

For most of us who had no time for God because of our own all important existences, we sure made time that day because we were thrown into a mentality that reminded us strongly that we are helpless without our Creator regardless of what path you take to Him or what your particular method of addressing Him.

But again, why do we ignore our Creator until a tragedy hits and why do we not show our Brothers and Sisters any love until we feel our lives are threatened?

I often hear many say that instead of looking outward to see the face of God that one should address the fact that God resides in them, well if this is true then why can’t we see the God in each other if we all have it within ourselves?

Imagine how wonderful a planet it would be if we all thought this way instead of having to wait for a big scare to come across our path in order for us to love one another the way it should be?

In my eyes when the events that we deem to be so terrible happen in our lives, we often question the world and ask why would God allow such bad things to happen if He truly loves us?

This is a question that many atheists and naysayers of the spiritual plane will use to prove that there is no Higher Power in existence whatsoever. They spend so much time attempting to stick their heads in the sand to ignore their spiritual limbs that it’s really hilarious.

Yet my own private joke is when these same people who deny God’s existence find their lives threatened to be taken away while experiencing the unexpected terror of the inevitable car accident, you will hear them scream out “OH GOD!!!!!!!”

Fatal Car Crash

The other instance when you’ll hear an atheist call out God’s name is when they feel the approaching rush of an overwhelming Orgasm washing over their non believing souls! LOL!

Come on people, we can’t wait to acknowledge God only when we think we are going to die or when we feel as though we’re going to have a good “cum”. We have got to do better than this for sure!

But to get back on point, for those atheists who will use a catastrophe to prove that there is no God in existence, they must know that this life is merely a test.

And a very short test indeed.

Life is long for the most part no matter how short it is for each individual regardless if one was granted one hundred years as opposed to another who passed away at fifteen years old.

Why? Well because when we compare our time on earth to eternity it pales in comparison and amounts to nothing more to the time it takes to blink an eye.


So in actuality, we will be “dead” to this world more than we are alive here. How does 80 years or even 150 years compare to forever?

So we are here for a reason and that reason is to do the right thing by each other and to all things that are put in our path before our own personal test is over in this world. When a test is commencing it can feel as though it is lasting forever. But when it is all finished up it appeared as though the time went by so very fast.

Compare this to life and ask any Elder who has been here for a while if it appeared to them that this life goes by so quickly and they will agree. But most will only understand this fact when they reach that point of realization but for many, they never will because their life won’t last that long. How sad.

So why is it that we have to have something bad happen in our midst before we begin to treat each other in the spirit of love and acknowledge that God who granted us this gift of a life?

We ignore the Almighty God who gave us these wonderful bodies to navigate this world with but we are so quick to stand on a line in the shopping mall to purchase the latest Apple or Droid smartphone as though these man made creations are more spectacular than the gift of eyesight, the miracle of reproduction and the ability to think.

Wake up people!

While we never know what may await us around the corner when each new day begins, one thing that can’t hurt us is to acknowledge God in all that we do in a manner that our actions will be pleasing to Him and to also treat our fellow Sisters and Brothers as though we are truly family because we are.


It’s the only way to pass this “test” of a life and to live on into the eternity that is promised to us if we only submit to divine law.

But how many of us will do this willingly on our own without a life threatening catastrophe of a terrorist attack or a deep freeze that forces us to seek out the heat of love that we can magically scrape up when in dire straits just like that last scoop of Peanut Butter from an apparently empty jar?

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Self Reflecting Brother,



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