Wake Up Amerikka: The Boogeyman Ain’t Those Who Look Like Trayvon Martin, The Monster That You Fear Is Alive & Well Inside Of YOU!

The following is a response that I received on May 26, 2012 in my YouTube channel ( message inbox pertaining to the video that I shot in March of 2012 in Sanford Florida that was entitled “Trayvon Martin: Words Uncut From The Streets Of Sanford Florida” from a very upset individual whose YouTube channel user name is “Mitchell070604“,  I found his comments very amusing and indicative to a growing mindset and responded appropriately from the hip. Enjoy and leave your comments…….

“White young men are killed every day too so this is NOT a “black thing” at all. That was created and manufactured by Sharpton, Jackson, Crump and NBP Party and blown out of proportion. George Zimmerman answered a standard question that EVERY dispatcher asks:”is the person Black, White or Hispanic?” At no point did George Zimmerman ever say that Trayvon Martin was a “Black male” until ASKED. If people want a race war, they had better be ready for what will be coming their way..that’s all I’m gonna say…”

While I do not always share the massive amount of e-mail responses that I receive that do range from the kind heartfelt expressions of positivity and encouragement to downright threats from the keyboard terrorists who probably didn’t receive enough hugs as a child to cause such blind resentment on a hard working law abiding moral pillar of society and fine example of model citizenship such as yours truly, I’ve shared this one because I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been getting more than my fair share of them disproportionately.

When I ventured into Sanford Florida neighborhoods with camera in hand to get the real responses from the streets on the Trayvon Martin situation, I never knew that the video footage would get such a wide range of responses where the majority of them were downright threatening and violent.

The quote on the top of the page was one of the more public offerings that was left on the comment board of my Youtube channel. As you can see, a nerve has definitely been touched and it is an indication to feelings that run so much deeper than what we see on the surface.

When watching the evening news programs anywhere I’ve lived or visited across this country, it seems to be the accepted formula to always showcase a Black male who was either wanted for a crime or caught in the act of committing one. The population of Blacks could be a whopping five people with three of them with Alzheimer’s babbling incoherently in a nursing home, the news will find the other two in order to fill their quota of nightly news anti-Black fear mongering and character assassination.

Trayvon Martin & Father

But in my eyes, this is a case of spreading the peanut butter of the Black male threat a bit too thin on the crumbling moldy bread that is now what’s left of this faded place called Amerikkka.

I believe that at the last census count that Black African Americans were approximately thirteen percent of the population here in the United States and even that figure cannot truly be authenticated because of the people of African descent who have migrated from the many countries in the Latin Caribbean who deny their obvious ethnicity to claim that they are of European descent.

But even if the official count of us who have Black African blood flowing through our veins were at TWENTY percent, then that would still leave the so called mainstream population at such a higher number several times over it would be literally impossible to blame every violation of the law on the Black men who are painted as being the menace’s to society!

So why is it that so many guns are being purchased for such a small minute segment of the population? Since young white men are being killed everyday and obviously by the numbers are NOT being killed by Black men then why is the insinuation being made overall that those very same guns are being purchased for young Black men?

Reality and perception in this case are two different things indeed…….

It’s just so sad that there are so many out here like the gentleman who made such foolish rants in the opening paragraph that believe the manipulations that are put out in the media without being challenged first with a quiet introspective moment of common sense.

But if those who suck from the Fox News media bottle want to believe that the collective pain, suffering, discrimination and downright disenfranchisement of Black people in this country is something “cooked up” by the likes of an Al Sharpton, Black Panther Party and all of those who speak up on the plight of Blacks overall as well as the rights of many then so be it then.

Believe it if you wish, and while you believe it just know that Al Sharpton and the others mentioned have to be some gifted individuals to be able to fabricate the worst Holocaust in modern history years before he was born. Yeah, they cooked it up alright.

Now since young White men are killed everyday and it is not merely a “Black thing” at all, then why did George Zimmerman have an overwhelming amount of calls to the authorities seeking to harass so many others that look like Trayvon Martin? This wanna-be cop definitely has an issue and these apologists who cry out in his behalf will always see it the way that they want to regardless to the fact that he disobeyed the word of the dispatcher to not proceed to interfere with the peaceful actions of a law abiding citizen who was merely heading on his way home after picking up a snack of skittles and an iced tea drink as many other untold thousands of kids in America have done on that very same night!

And what did he mean by “those assholes always get away?”

Dylan Jensen

It’s amusing how we see what we want to see and through away the rest. But as a Black man living in this place I have learned long ago to navigate around those who have the mental affliction called racism to carve out an empowered victorious existence beyond the scope of their perception right under their noses. I have mastered their sickness by protecting myself and not allowing their virus to infect my being. I refuse to do that and lose out on the beauty of the human family because of some backward narrow minded demonically possessed inbred blood thirsty misfit who displays their sense of hopelessness and severe disconnection to the God above by their need to purchase their many firearms as though it has protected them from their own downward trajectory of self destruction in the form of all of their sinful indulgences into all that is ungodly!

Talk to me fool!

You speak in such a condescending manner as though your little pop gun is more powerful than He can create a universe with a mere thought! You claim to be part of a proud Christian nation but do your hateful practices reflect all that is Christlike? If the truth be told if and when your race war goes underway you better be careful WHO you shoot because the generally accepted description puts him in the cross-threads of your weapons. If your watered down weak ass version of Christianity had any power in it, then you wouldn’t feel a need to bankrupt yourselves in buying up as many weapons for an upcoming race war that really exists only in your mind from the constant bombardment and mind control manipulation that you’ve become intoxicated from the giving up of your mind to that drug called Fox News.

George Zimmerman Arrested

So you who claim to want YOUR country back and get rid of the bogey men like Trayvon Martin have to understand that with every ill thought possessed in your mind toward one of God’s precious creations only seals your doom to the fiery pits of hell that YOU preach about in your hypocritical houses of worship that are nothing more than an agreed upon weekly group therapy session to work off the guilt that you feel from the evil that you wish to execute on people that look like Trayvon Martin, Jesus Christ and Me!

It’s a tough titty but somebody has got to suck it!

Just my two cents.

Oh! By the way, I found this great website that has a wonderful sale on assault rifles and 9 millimeter weapons, maybe you can stock up on those before God sends his plagues to your front door along with your collapsing economy. It will guarantee that you have enough of an arsenal at hand so that when that inevitable feeling of craving to go postal arrives because of your lack of spiritual grounding to the true teachings of righteousness, you can shoot up your whole neighborhood when you realize that the bogeyman has finally arrived and THAT bogeyman is YOU!


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