Waking up to see what’s truly around us is a state of mind that we should possess no matter who we are and how advanced our gifts of discernment are. We have to understand that the depths of negativity seem to know no bottom and that as strong as we’ve become that there is always something more devious coming our way so we have to always walk our path with our eyes wide open and never become too complacent as life has a way of always throwing situations our way that may offer a new type of challenge for us.

The righteous challenges will always land us in a better place no matter what they are but the negative situations will always be there to trip us up to keep us from our ultimate blessings.

Please allow the words of Sister Carrie Lux and Sister Kurious Katt to flow into your subconscious mind as their verbal flow is the medicine that many here need to ingest and the answer to what you might be going through could be here in full potency! Make sure to leave your perspectives below in the comment section and know that we appreciate you for spending your precious time here with us. Enjoy!

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