This life can be so wonderfully beautiful like that perfect day as a child that you never wanted to end that was so much fun while you played with your friends!

Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know

At the same time there have been many seemingly perfect days that were going along just fine until that unexpected thunder storm came along and forced everyone to go home and stay inside.

And you thought to yourself: “Why did THAT have to happen?”

Well, life can toss a few unexpected circumstances our way and although most of us have the sense to stay connected to our faith for the most part and not allow the negative forces to cramp our strong walk of faith as we stroll to victory, there are JUST some days that we feel like throwing ourselves down because the walk has gotten so doggone tough!

Many will hide our pain and doubt by grinning and bearing it while others may actually just give up and quit. The sad reality is that so many of us quit a mere few inches from the finish line that the negative forces (Storms) in our midst has blinded us for seeing!

When you can actually see the finish line your resolve is THAT much stronger to continue as opposed to never seeing an end in sight!

This is a trick of your spiritual oppressor!

How many times have we given up on going to the park or the beach because of the TEMPORARY clouds that made the day appear to be a bad risk to do ANYTHING as far as activity outside?

How do we say it? “The devil is a liar!”

Those who are babies in the faith might just say that they couldn’t do anything outside because it appears that it will rain all day….

Those of us who are experienced warriors in the faith will STILL pack those picnic bags regardless of the appearance of the sky even as we implement Plan “B!”

Others may think you are crazy but you have to WALK LIKE YOU KNOW!

Later on that day while the kids frolic happily in the park and you are full from the food eaten as you lay out in the shade from that same very sun that everyone else just KNEW would never come back out, they now realize that you are not a delusional dreamer who is out of touch with reality  after all!

That’s right!

When you are going to work broke and hungry with your head DIZZY from not having breakfast, WALK LIKE YOU KNOW that you are going to eat the best lunch that you’ve had in years because you WILL!

When you are up late at night studying for an exam in a class that you just can’t seem to master, wake up that next morning and WALK LIKE YOU KNOW that there is not only a passing grade, but the BEST grade waiting for you in the whole entire class!

When you THINK you know that you will only have so much money that just won’t cover those basic bills and are threatened to have your lights cut off by Friday, WALK LIKE YOU KNOW that not only will they be on Saturday, but you will have a great time with your closest friends over to praise how God is good! Now go on and invite them over for Saturday dinner and move in FAITH! Your God will NOT make you look like a fool and if it’s His will that those lights don’t come back on then take the party over to someone else’s place and have a good time thanking Him for waht you DO have anyway!


When it seems as though you will pass out from working two jobs, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning and spending your days off from work literally EXHAUSTED because you have absolutely NO HELP from anyone at all, WALK LIKE YOU KNOW that this very trying period in your life will one day soon be history and that it will make your victory even sweeter when you won’t have to do as much!

There is another part to this empowering level of thought:

You see, we are Gods children and sometimes in our spiritual infancy while we know that our Creator has “our backs,” we sometimes feel those butterflies when it comes time to go through our test.

That’s okay to feel this way because we all experience growing pains from time to time. As long as it is not outright fear because as you have heard time and time again, fear is NOT from God.

Our spirits are strenghened and sharpened through our personal trials and tribulations on this earth much like a muscle is strengthened through regular workouts at the gym. Those workouts may NOT feel pleasant at all but you know over time it will empower you with an improved body and improved health because you’ve endured!

Well, this is the same principle that transpires with your spirit. The gym is this life and all of it’s circumstances that challenge you in a myriad of ways.  These challenges may not feel pleasant at all but you know over time they will empower you with a gift of discernment that will prevent those same situations from coming your way again!

Isn’t it funny how the things that frightened you personally ten years ago won’t even make you blink now?

This is why we must hold Gods hand by trusting in His word by WALKING LIKE WE KNOW!

Is this false and misleading to say this to you as my Sisters and Brothers?


So much is predicated in this world to rule your movements in this life with FEAR! You see those commercials on television, showing you a car wreck to put fear in your heart to make you switch over to another company for auto insurance when the coverage that you have is just fine!

If you were to soak in everything that satans world dished out then you would be afraid to even walk outside of your door to indulge in any life at all and when you do it will be severely controlled by him and his negative forces!

That’s NO WAY to live this life and many of us who verbally claim victory walk as though our defeat is a foregone conclusion!

Look around you!

You have church folks who SAY that right word but are not walking like the warriors that they are supposed to be! Even in the military if you are in the heat of battle you are to maintain a strong bearing no matter WHAT transpires around you! But when we go to our house of worship we are at a lose to find a handful of people who are WALKING LIKE THEY KNOW and most often are walking like it won’t EVER happen! They come to fellowship with the enthusiasm of a unskilled minimum waged worker going to work on a job that he cant stand who is just getting by to get a tiny check!

……and this is not only in the church, mosque or synagogue, it’s an epidemic throughout the entire world!

So do understand that as you walk in a prepaid victory even though your circumstances may dictate to an untrained eye otherwise, many will deem you certified CRAZY and others who are SUPPOSE to WALK LIKE KNOW will still deep down talk behind your back because you have the confidence in YOUR GOD to carry yourself through those oppressive situations as though EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!

What they say doesn’t matter as long as you hold on to what the Commander in Chief has written in HIS WORD!

Remember, when God writes a check it NEVER comes back bounced with insufficient funds! Nobody has perfect credit like your Daddy and do know he has given you the credit cards of the spirit to indulge in this wonderful shopping spree called life. So when you walk into the many situations that try the very underpinnings of your faith…….WALK LIKE YOU KNOW!

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