Was It Truly UnGodly Discipline Or Is It Once Again CNN’s Anti-God Agenda?

Last night I had the most wonderful time at home and achieved a personal victory in finally tackling the long held goal of making my own sushi at home in my own kitchen.

The results were successful and the food was delicious!

So I have to give my thanks to YouTube and the instructional videos that were available to share the precise step by step instructions necessary to make my efforts victorious. It was a tedious process while I was preparing the sushi rice and huge slab of tuna that will probably last me for two weeks if I eat it every other day, so in the waiting period between the rice boiling and cooling/seasoning process, I started surfing the channels on television.

I ended up on CNN when the viewing choices seemed to be quite lean elsewhere but got the chance to view a program that grabbed my attention because of the engineered manner in which they presented the subject matter.

The subject matter?

Don’t spare the rod and spoil the child“…….now this wasn’t the title of the CNN featured segment but this was the scripture that I  feel was subliminally under attack and pretty much the “jist” of it……

As a matter of fact, I feel it is a only a part of the bigger picture of removing any semblance of true righteous spirituality from our society in order for it to be replaced by an order that prefers to challenge every divine law and coax everyone to live in transgression to those laws. I feel that I spotted the covert intentions of this CNN segment immediately and want to share some of my observations.

This program basically posed the question asking if corporal punishment for children was appropriate in this day and age and wanted to find out how the religious community felt about it. I feel that they interviewed a narrow slice of those in the religious diaspora as well as some of the more extreme evangelical Christians who had their views amplified and edited to slant their opinion to appear in a negative light for the hidden agenda purposes of this propaganda-like presentation. CNN also featured some extreme cases of beatings where an abusive episode actually resulted in death! That is unfortunate and is NOT acceptable in any circumstance no matter what a child has done wrong!

But they definitely used this part of the presentation for a sad emotional tear jerking effect to drive their point home that it is not proper to discipline your children in any case.

They went on to showcase some beating victims who were not only physically violated but also mentally manipulated and controlled almost as soon as they entered their various religious institutions and live in schools.

The message that an unsuspecting viewer might get from absorbing this piece in an unfiltered manner would be that physically disciplining your children is out of date, barbaric an wrong and should not be utilized at all as it is a precursor to child abuse!

From what I see, God’s will is being outdated and actually ridiculed on a subliminal level. Like an old coat that has outlived its usefulness and viewed as taking up precious space in a closet that has no room for a society whose conduct is gauged by true Christian God centered values are now deemed as foolishness.

As I’ve said before on so many other occasions, the media is a primary tool for molding the psyche of the masses of “sheeple” (Mindless people who don’t think for themselves who are lead by what they see like sheep!) for the purposes of a New World Order that is void of any trace of having God as the center and head of all of our dealings.

Satan is alive and unfortunately doing well and has infiltrated ever level of influence on our minds and is doing such a effective job of it that the vast majority are clueless as to how are very lives are being changed.

It is most definitely an anti-God agenda!

If we cannot discipline our children when necessary, they will grow up into undisciplined adults that are prison bound because they were not taught any self control from a young age because of the laws that put the fear in their parents to actually beat their asses within reason to put them back in line!

But aside from cultivating the unsuspecting people of this world into a so called “bigger and better” version of a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, we fall right into the trap of being unruly enough because we feel we have the “right” to do any damn thing we want we will usually land ourselves in a state of incarceration while the powers that be fill up these brand new prisons with the modern day slaves who now generate the free and low paying labor that can keep these private companies who have the contracts with the prison systems rich!

But we only have ourselves to blame for rendering ourselves powerless.

If these people were taught a respect for living an orderly and disciplined life then they wouldn’t have ended up were they were for the most part and aside from the few unique circumstances of getting locked up for any other reason.

The Anti-God agenda is in FULL EFFECT!

…….and I must say, Black people, many of us can be so damn stupid!

While are already severely divided because of the still very effective Willie Lynch syndrome, we now further divide ourselves by identifying with our various so called sexual identities instead of realizing that our common enemy and oppressors care not about what we do behind closed doors but treat us all the same because all of our Black asses are the same to him!

We are NOT what we do in the bed! While the feelings of sexuality can be very powerful we must realize that it is merely our vast life force directed in that particular physical channel but when our bodies are called back to the earth at the point of transition and God takes back His essence our specific categories of sexuality will matter not!

So why do we spend so much precious time fighting debating and arguing over a topic that won’t even matter in the hereafter but will determine where we will be when that time comes? We need to really open up our eyes and realize that what we may think is a victory in man’s legal order is really an eternal forfeiture of the promise of God’s everlasting life.

One thing is certain, the amenities that accompany the covert anti-God agenda can appear to be the sweetest way of life for those who don’t want to walk in the righteous discipline put forth by God’s law on all levels!

If we could only see how the powers that be have all unified to capture our attentions away from their plans to rule God out of everything in this world then maybe we would have a sense of urgency to move our minds away from these distractions out of our lives that have effectively seduced us into actually helping an agenda that is against every good thing that God has provided for us on earth!

CNN’s use of these extreme cases of religious fanaticism was a well executed plan to come against religion and spirituality as a whole while the media in general will also at the same time offer up an alternative way of living through their filthy reality television shows that have basically celebrated all types of the most decadent forms of immorality and deliver them straight to your living room for the next generation to immerse themselves in.

If the truth be told this agenda is being executed in a very much undetectable “slow burn mode” and it is a pity that most of us won’t feel it until we realize that we are truly indeed living  in the pits of hell.

To not be proactive in speaking out against it is really a way of welcoming in the next generation of degenerate immorality in with welcome arms!

The choice is yours.

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