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Here’s my latest sketch that is guaranteed to place some fear in the hearts of those who are afraid to contemplate the realities of our lives as Black people in America and over the entire world.

This is not about hating anyone but it’s about loving ourselves and desiring the best for our people just as others desire for theirs.

But while I believe that in business we must look out for our best interests, our prosperity should never come at the expense of others in the form of exploitation and outright deception!

Am I insinuating that all so called Jews are doing this to Black people? No! But from my experience there is not one member of the Jewish community that will go against their own.

Not that they should, but we as Black people need to have that same amount of loyalty to each other regardless of our particular path to consciousness.

We have to understand that for us as a people to be separated among each other opens up the opportunities for others to exploit the perceived differences that we have.

Black people in America seem to be the most categorized people on the face of this earth. These exploiters know this and utilize our separation to their benefit, because if you are considered to be God’s Chosen people then that means that everything you do in this world and in this life will reflect God’s love for the entire human family.

But it’s obvious that while you move your mouth to “say” that you have nothing but good will in your heart for all peoples of the earth, your actions are self serving for your people only and your real God appears to be money first and a dominance and mastery of the world in a deceptive manner while shrewdly claiming to be a victim while you die with our money in your pockets.

We need to learn to handle our own needs in a way where all of that money that we allow to go to others stays with us to BENEFIT us!

Our Black Holocaust continues to this day and we still have nothing for the free blood sweat and tears labor that we gave to this country yet our exploiters receive countless millions given to them hand delivered to a hijacked land that they claimed as theirs and fooled the world into having sympathy on them.

Sure, their holocaust was horrific, but it wasn’t horrific enough to cause them to not even know their names, language, culture and God.

Who does that sound like? It sounds like us who are the original Semitic people of this planet until a impostor came in and rewrote history and hijacked our divine position for a time until we take it back by any means necessary.

As in the sketch accompanying this writing, Jews have mastered educational system, the legal system, all things finance, banking institutions, entertainment, media control and every facet of the political process.

While we will kill to be in the spotlight, they prefer to operate in the shadows and have full control over our endeavors and giving us mere pennies on the dollar for the great God given talents and skills that we so abundantly possess. Also note the word “Shalat” which means mastery and control.

Who has been mastering us while pretending to be our allies while studying the conditions and rhythms of our existence which will help them to hook their opportunistic cart on our passionate talented horses to make them filthy rich while they secretly look at us “Schvartze’s as a subhuman lower form of life. I can’t help but speak on something that I see as plain as day and am not afraid to speak the truth regardless who likes it or not!

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Was Karl Marx Correct

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