Was Officer Slager Just Doing His Job When He Killed Walter C. Scott? – The LanceScurv Show

This week on The Red Carpet Criminologist/Lawyer Dr. Ramona Brockett examines the dynamics of the tragedy that has gripped the nation in which North Charleston police Officer Michael Slager shot and killed Walter C. Scott as he ran away from Officer Slager in an apparently non threatening manner.

Officer Slager was arrested and charged with murder but does this mean that he will be indicted?

Let’s break down the law with an expert in Dr. Brockett which just may leave the door open for a few unbelievable possibilities once you hear the facts.

Your input is definitely encouraged as you can feel free to share your perspectives without censorship in the comment area below.

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  • Lennarda Lucas says:

    Waw! DNA ware fare I believe this is deeep! They hate us !

  • Sydney Wooton says:

    Every melanin person needs to listen to this

  • Sydney Wooton says:

    WhAt about the planting of the tazzer and the falsifying police report. You can’t dispute that. I under Stabs case law,but planting evidence that’s a whole different ball game. Officer Slayer may beat the murder charge,but fixing a crime scene to fit your official statement is a crime.

  • Tarver S. says:

    Great show, Love it!

  • Dolla Phat says:

    Why did he run, where was the blood on his back when laying there? If Trayvon lawyer gets involved I will know its fake.

  • Jared011Green says:

    Good show Lance. Its funny LOL the Boston bomber killed all those men women and children and get his day in court. But a unarmed black man that is choked out for lose smokes, or shot for getting stalked for suspension in neighborhood or shot in the middle of the street for supposedly robbing a store ,but none of these black brother get there day in court. Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev a supposed terrorist gets a fair treatment in the law than most black men or poor people SMDH.

  • LanceScurv says:
  • >