We Are “Family”: The Most Abused, Hustled & Prostituted Phrase In The English Language!

Sister Sledge – We Are Family


What a word!

Shouldn’t it be a sacred thing?

I mean, the order of family is something very much ordained and put into motion by the very hand of God himself. There are reasons he created the family. And there are reasons that satan is working overtime above and beyond on this planet to destroy the institution of family.

Which brings me to this thought…. from which I speak from having first hand experience…..:

Many who happen to be linked to us on a biological level sharing the same genes and bloodline (This also includes those dysfunctional in-laws, who in my case, half of them have been some of the strangest set of characters to walk the face of this earth! Trust me! LOL!) have nothing else other than that to join us….some have completely foreign spirits and hidden agendas, doing things that even a stranger would never think of doing to you in the name of “family.”

The word “FAMILY” is an often prostituted term that opportunistic shady individuals who share your D.N.A. or “In-law” status utilize in order to drain you of your resources, leech you down to nothing, take advantage of your kindness…and then turn around and talk about you so badly to others (Who would wisely never help THEM out in the first place the way you did!) when they couldn’t get out of you what they schemed on. YES! This happens…and many of your personal stories would make even Jerry Springer blush!

Yet and still there are many of you out there who are blessed to not have this type of satanic activity played out in your homes but there are many WHO HAVE been through it who will agree. Be careful who you “let” into your home as “family!” Emergencies do happen but if a person is not motivated, goal orientated and driven, they will only bring your household down with the hidden poison that they carry in their hearts for you! Throw them out immediately!


You will get called all kinds of names, and maybe even a few of your dirty little secrets (It’s OK, because it’s really none of their business anyway!) might be revealed because of the close proximity you have allowed them to enjoy in your midst. But where is the appreciation? Why is it that these demons feel you HAVE to DO for them? I know there is someone out there feelin’ this…. LOL!

After you straighten your home out and cleanse it of these fraudulent dead beats, they act as though your house rules (Always in hindsight & after the fact!) were so strict and terrible. They never complained about the food! NOOO! They helped you to keep the “Fridge” empty many a day!

They never complained about never having to contribute money to the household!


They lazily lounged luxuriously in your crib while you worked those hard double shifts, hardly having any time to enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor!


Coming home tired to see the trash not taken out and a sink full of dishes! FAMILY! You let them “hold the car after they dropped you off to work, only to be returned with a few new dents (That they never had the kindness of heart to explain!) with the gas tank on “E” and absolutely NO excuse why you had to wait over an hour for them to pick YOU up from work that night! F


Long distance phone calls that they never asked permission to make in the first place…but you were left paying the bill! But THEY surely enjoyed your hard earned fruits! And even helped to SPEND some of your hard earned money! FAMILY!

And all the while you did it out of a love that only you imagined that they felt for you mutually!

……and you KNOW it’s a favor or a huge dose of drama coming your way when they preface their statement or con line with the infamous words of distress and hustle: ”Well you know we are family…you KNOW we are blood!”
It makes me think back to the seventies when that Sister Sledge song “We Are Family” would come on (I would cringe down in my seat from embarrassment!) during the family reunion cookouts and the ones (Whose nerve synapses were damaged from heavy drug use) dancing the hardest (Over reacting to the music and knocking shit over while they sang a bit TOO loud!) were the slimiest members of the family because that was their damn anthem as they schemed to leech you out of money and resources while we silently tolerated the last display of their fleeting drug high play itself out for all to see! (Not to change the subject, but it used to KILL ME when this certain family member who was high used to ask me “what grade was I in” really loud every 3 minutes like he was just asking me for the first time! LOL!)

But you know what? Let them run their mouth to the WORLD about what they THINK they know about you! No matter WHAT they say!! …’Cause it’s always something petty that comes out of their mouth. But do not respond to whatever they say because it will only give their word credibility.

If you want to wear a pair of underwear two days in a row, you pay the bills right?

If you have a collection of ten inch “battery operated boyfriends” in your bottom dresser draw well hidden under the socks for those nights when your fingers do the walking then so what? You paid for the dresser and you pay to keep the roof over that dresser with a lock on that bedroom door that should have been a hint to keep their nosy behinds out of your room snoopin’!

So what if you were up the night before Sunday service where you sing in the choir with you’re secret male (Or female/ or couple for that matter, what goes on in your bedroom is your business and only for God to judge.) “friend” in YOUR bedroom (Who came over after dusk and left before dawn…at least you have tried to be discreet when you didn’t have to in your OWN damn house!) enjoying the intense sensual satisfaction that’s your prerogative (Remember the Bobby Brown song?) as a responsible law abiding INDEPENDENT adult who works hard everyday and deserves to “play” just as hard every night!



Some of our biggest haters you will ever meet are called family! And when a little time goes by after they have been revealed and banished, they feel as though YOU have NO right to express yourself about what happened…. or what THEY did…some will even look at you like you are a damn fool on the verge of losing your mind because they will say: “I have no idea what he is talking about!”…NEVER let these demons feel comfortable in your presence as long as you live! Never stop expressing yourself decently, intelligently and righteously!

Until a TRUE PUBLIC APOLOGY & ACKNOWLEDGMENT comes forth to heal the travesties executed. You don’t have to cave in to the pleas of other family members who are the designated enablers (Who call themselves peace-makers but really give the no good kin a comfort zone from which to justify their crap with!) and leaving you feeling like a victim to an in-laws or blood relative’s generational curse of mass dysfunction and emotional constipation!

And then they wonder why the only time you MIGHT cross their path to conjure up the strength to greet them kindly in passing is only when there is a funeral…go figure. ‘Cause they never will….

Now you KNOW I have to make a part two of this blog……

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