We Are The Sum Total Of Our Own Experiences And Our Actions Will Always Reflect That!

We are the sum total of our experiences and cannot go further beyond what we have stored in our subconscious mind to go back to refer to.

It’s as simple as that.

If you do not have a wide range of life experience to look back on, then the world will be less colorful to you because you will not understand the depth of the various worlds that you travel through in your life’s path.

Imagine, when one’s “experience storehouse” is limited in comparison to those who are well traveled, well read and have been exposed to many lifestyles and cultures, the limited individual sees the world as though it is an old fashioned black & white television as opposed to the vision of the experienced who see that same world as though it is a high definition flat screen television.

There is no comparison and in actuality that person who has less experience in life is almost a hindrance to any endeavor in which they find themselves locked in together for a time such as a job or an in-law relationship.

It is almost as though one has to “carry” that limited individual when the broad encounters of life may come their collective way. Too much time can be wasted trying to bring that unexposed entity “up to date” so that they can now possess the understanding to be able to execute whatever tasks are necessary in that realm at the time.

I do hope that I am not coming off as arrogant or condescending as I share my thoughts on this particular type of person because I am not. There are many wonderful individuals out here in the world who by no fault of their own have not accrued the broad range of experiences necessary to process the bigger picture of the world events around them.

It may have been that they grew up in an impoverished situation or had to think only about survival in the impressionable formative years of their lives and just didn’t have the mindset or means to break through to a higher level of awareness. One’s environment and generational rhythms also have a lot to do with the lack of experience and development with a person who hasn’t been exposed to much.

Those are the type of people to whom you extend your hand to patiently to help them grow beyond what they knew of the world and it is never a burden or waste of time to do so.

I merely explained all of this to bring me to the point of differentiating between those who are of limited experiences who are grateful for a chance to expand and those who are arrogant feeling that they know it all and refuse to grow!

There is a big difference between the two!

The humble person is a joy to be around, it feels so good to share with this kind of individual because they are truly appreciative of everything that you afford them and it is a joy to see the wonderment wash across their face as they expand to water the dry soil of their minds that went un-watered for so very long! Nothing that they ask in the name of enlightenment is too much to do for them because it lights up your day to make a difference in their life.

The arrogant individual of limited experience is not quite as pleasant to be around, usually they are saturated from extreme insecurity because they know that their experiences are limited and can only be that big fish in the little pond that they dominate and refuse to challenge themselves out of their comfort zone to grow.

Instead of facing the fact that because of their own lack of motivation to go beyond their limited world to grow or some external situation that kept them there too long, they would rather bask in the small world where they can exhibit a pseudo-brilliance than start all over again stripped down from the foolishness that was embedded in their soul that kept them from manifesting into what their soul cried out to become in the first place.

These types when catching a glimpse of your broad mentality and knowledge base will become combative toward you for no apparent reason as well as doing everything that they can to sabotage any of your righteous efforts and try to make those around you question your motivations.

They will also foolishly attempt to become an authority on issues that they know nothing about. They will speak over you at every opportunity in order to stop you from showing them up with the knowledge that they KNOW you possess.

The best way to deal with these types in a group setting is to allow them to run their mouths silly and make themselves look foolish as they try to dominate any discussion on the issues that they have no clue about.

Any initial attempt to share your wisdom with these insecure individuals will only bring an attack from them as they reject your kind spirit as they want NO PART of the enlightenment that you offer merely because it shows the world that they are deficient in their knowledge/experience storehouse.

It is best to leave these type of individuals alone and know that no matter how much you approach them in kindness, it will not stop their evil rebuttals toward you because your knowledge and experience base frightens them beyond all measure!

You see, whenever you are accomplished in any area of expertise, you must understand that there will be some who are envious of your accomplishments as it shows them up for their lack of effort to achieve anything of note in this life. While the humble appreciative person who lacked that same knowledge base will be overjoyed at the sharing of wisdom that you afford them, that same insecure egotistical ignorant know-it-all will take your same kind act as an attempt to show them up because they know that you are all that they have ever wanted to be!

Understand this and let them pass on from you like a bad storm, it is only a matter of time before they dissipate and exhaust their energies when they do not get a response from you in order to validate their pompous attitude that is backed by nothing more than a low class bravado.

Know that they are the sum total of their experiences and they really cannot be faulted for the venom that they spew because of the realization that their storehouse of knowledge, wisdom, class and culture comes up short each and every time.

The tension that they walk with amongst the knowledgeable is just like that fraud who masquerades as an affluent socialite whose turn it is now to pick up the tab for their associates at the high class restaurant. When it is time for the check to come they will excuse themselves for a trip to the restroom that they never return to the table from because their funds are non existant.

For you who have a giving spirit with the knowledge and resources that you possess, know that you must investigate who you invest your precious wisdom with because not everyone will continue to pass the baton in the same spirit that you shared with them and if this is the case you have exhausted and wasted your knowledge where it could have been invested into someone better.

There is a reason why birds of a feather flock together. It’s not where you been, it’s where you are headed. So if you encounter someone who is so caught up in lying about their pedigree in order to impress upon you that they are something that they are not, banish them from your world and align yourself with those who are striving for the same goals as you are regardless as to where they came from. If they are genuine they will hide nothing. If they are true, they will look you square in the face, to tell you where they have come from but are wasting no time in motivating to get where you are going too!

There is a difference and to understand this will make it so much easier to decide who stays with us on our righteous path and who must be let go.

The difference between your success and a potential failure hangs in the wind waiting for you to make the right choice.

Don’t mess that up.


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