I’ve been saying for many years that the ONLY reason that we’ve been given these various Social Media platforms is because the powers that be want to look into our private lives to know our habits and eventually control our minds and censor our words.

This is what I was feeling around 15 years ago approximately and now I can see that I knew exactly what I was talking about. Now with this so called “pandemic” having the entire planet not only quarantined more or less, the amount of control that the World Health Organization has displayed over many social media platforms especially YouTube, we can see that the censorship is real because when you speak against their narrative you get shut down!

But in my humble opinion this is only the beginning as we have now entered the point of no return with censorship and our lives will never return to that place that we once called normal. Thank you so much for spending your precious time here with us and do share your perspectives in the comment area below! ENJOY!

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