We Make The Time For Everything Else That Doesn’t Matter Except For What’s Most Important!

We rush home to catch those last trivial minutes of our favorite reality television show that will leave us no better off in this life yet we don’t cherish those diminishing opportunities to sit down with our Elders that would render us stronger and wiser from the lessons learned.

We might haphazardly fire off a text message to our loved ones stating that we care while rushing in the line at a fast food restaurant yet we never take the time to sit down at the table face to face to spend a few moments to show that same precious person that we care for them through the time spent in loving preparation of their favorite meal to soak in that divine sight of seeing them enjoy every delicious bite.

We find ourselves holding tight the bags after shopping at the mall of possessions that we feel good to bring home yet we do not have the time to hold our families hands not realizing that they are the one’s that in actuality MAKE our homes.

We take more time laughing and talking with strangers in the beauty parlors and barber shops across the land having such a great time that you find yourself not wanting to leave yet at home we shut each other out never having those same good times there and making every excuse many times to not have to even go home!

We can religiously go through the ritual of year after year dropping flowers on the graves of our dearly departed yet won’t speak to your own kin who in life called that same one who has passed away Mother or Father.

We make a point of finding immediately those who we call friends to show off that brand new car that was driven off of the automobile  dealerships showroom floor yet we have absolutely no sense of urgency to find that same friend to give them that special comfort in time of great need when they are down in the manner that only you can give because of your friendship.

We will miraculously find ourselves publicly donating large sums of money over and above our tithes to make ourselves look better than others at a church function that’s infested with the print, broadcast and online media representatives, news cameras from near and far as well as the elite affluent socialites of our cities. Yet we refuse to take the time behind closed doors away from all public “photo ops” prying eyes to donate just a “little” of our time to uplift someone who may be depressed to make THEM truly feel better about themselves.

We will get up early in the morning or camp out all night long in front of the Apple Store to be in line to get the new version of the I-phone but we find it so hard to stand in line with our sick grandmother to help her get the medication that she needs to make it through another day without the pain she has had to endure.

We are showered at every turn with even more means of communication everyday yet it has robbed the understanding that all of those additional means of messaging could never replace the human touch.

We are suffering as a society now more than ever before as the effects of this technology is quite evident yet we plunge ourselves with a reckless abandon into its grip even more like a person who is on fire pouring gasoline on themselves because it is a liquid.

But it is not the technology alone to blame. It can’t do anything to us to erode our moral fiber if we do not let it. So while in my book it does have a roll, it is a very small role at best even though the impact of it on our lives is huge. It is only that way because we haven’t been manning our posts in this life to make sure that we do right by each other. We only seem to care now these days when there is something in it for us.

So here we are in life with the trappings of success but with an emptiness that feels like a bottomless pit because at some point in our lives we decided to abandon what was truly important in life in exchange for the superficial. But the superficial cannot comfort you as you get older and are forced to look back on your life because there is more time behind you than there is in front of you. Life looks so different when you understand that you too have a mortality just like everyone else. You will have regrets and wish sometimes that you could have handled things a little different but because you had the intoxicant of youth flowing through your veins you thought that it would last forever.

So you are slowly becoming that older person whose family never comes around because he worshiped his possessions more than he did his kin. So it is the old rusty possessions that are haunting him because he now sees that they bring you absolutely NO comfort whatsoever. You have brand new picture frames in the boxes that were never used because your life lacked the memories to fill them yet you have an abundance of various exotic polishes to keep you old car shiny and looking good. Isn’t that a shame? What a realization to have in the twilight years of ones life?

Not me…….

I don’t want to end up like that. I mean, even if I end up in someone’s nursing home let me be the life of the party. Let me be the one that everyone looks for when they wake up. Let me be the one where everyone wants to come into my room after hours to hear some good gut busting stories from my past. Let me be the one that the young nurses say that if I were sixty years younger that they would definitely “give me some!” Let me be the one where when someone else has visitors, they will still come and look for me exclusively even after their original loved one has passed on. Let me be the one who lights the place up and makes it pleasant for everyone who works there to the point where they want to come and work on their days off!

It’s those moments that we give unselfishly that becomes the pleasant memory that has you grinning while driving and at the red light waiting. It’s those moments given out of love that will be carried on in someone else’s heart to whom you may not even have known that they were absorbing your gift of love from a short distance.

Let us take the time to share those defining “signature” moments that create a ripple effect out into the world and come back to return to you as an overwhelming tsunami of love that lets you know that you are appreciated. And to all of you here in the Scurv family who have shown me that same divine love that has often lifted my heart to heights unimagined, let me say that I love you and it is out of love that I do what I do here to maybe brighten up your day in a very special way each and every time!

God Bless You Always!


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