We Profit From Their Ignorance!



The O’Jays – For The Love Of Money

There is an effort to blind everyone in the Black community as to whom our enemy truly is while they covertly profit off of our ignorance and destruction. As time goes on and I get older, I refuse to “sweeten up” and ignore what I see or allow myself to be seduced into a trance like state from the distractions in epidemic proportions that numb us to the “pains” that are killing us in our neighborhoods like a painkiller blocks the distress signals that our brain receives in a time of physical distress.

Those distractions are put there to blind us into non productivity.

The television set is the number one mind numbing tool, number one because it is placed into your private space voluntarily and it slowly and gently convinces you of a reality that for the most part does not exist. Watch the evening news tonight, read (watch) between the lines, ask yourself who is slanting what truly happened to the cold hard facts.
Some poisons can taste real good cloaked in the covering of your favorite candy. Sure, it may begin with a truth, but the manner in which those truths are reported will infuse the viewer, who is unknowing to this mental infiltration with someone else’s opinion of an event far from what that same person would have felt about that situation if their mind wasn’t manipulated with a tampered presentation.

As we are weaned off of the nipple of our mothers, we are introduced gradually to this electronic nipple called television.

That narcotic called music.

The intoxicant of spiritless religion.

The hallucinogen called mass media.

Driven by our basic desires for sexual release in these stressful times we run toward it with a sense of urgency.

The culinary delights and pleasures of good food are made to be thought of as so very important so we spend so much of our finances in the quest of that never ending orgasmic bite.

We crave the ultimate rush to feel as though we can be the conquerors in the almost hopelessly appearing situations in our lives by fantasizing ourselves to be the high paid athletes we worship more than we do the God who gave us life itself. Even wearing the same number jersey as our favorite players, celebrating their existence but forgetting that we too have the power and divine purpose to affect those around us with the imbedded hidden talents that we never take the time to discover and develop.

We never take the time to bring them out because we are impregnated with another agenda from an outside force.

We no longer have any joy in being ourselves. We work hard to be someone else and match those standards set by the enemy who controls the media so we can never be a threat to that entity who has us blind. We walk right into the trap and he is laughing all the way to the bank!

Let us now talk about this sketch above. I do not hate our young men who dress in this fashion; I want to help them open their eyes. We mark ourselves to our oppressor by how we cover ourselves. The enemy knows that much positive content or righteous plans to claim back our proper mind could never occupy our brain as long as we possess so much irrelevant action clogging junk in it.

Look around in our communities, we fight over differences, minor “little” things that are made to seem important but in reality blind you to the fact that we are all Brothers & Sisters with the SAME Father. Who spreads these differences amongst us? Who would be hurt if we woke up one day and stop killing each other, raping our Beautiful Black Sisters and stealing from our institutions.

What value is it to mug and elderly lady on her way walking home from the market for a few dollars that will quickly diminish and damn you to depths of hellfire after you steal it from her when you can just as easily walk alongside her, help her with her bags while she willingly shares a wisdom that was learned over many decades that will add value a well as quality to your life and guide you to that warm feeling of inner satisfaction of knowing that you are Heaven bound?

You have been deceived indeed.

Satan puts thoughts into your head via the internet or television. These videos contain members of the opposite sex that drive us to record levels of lust that have never been documented in history including the era of Sodom and Gomorrah! We have these thoughts in our head as we go out into the world and look upon a woman who may burn with the same hidden urge.

Sex transpires unprotected almost immediately and a disease is passed.

High level drug companies are waiting for you to capitalize on your lack of good judgment.

Our frustrations to have MORE possessions overshadows the righteous need to seek more WISDOM and there is plenty proof of this fact with the well dressed idiots who drive nice cars, flash lots of money and cannot verbally string together a sentence that makes any sense what so ever…..forget about writing something that makes sense!

Am I putting you down Brothers & Sisters?


We need to get on point and stop these crimes and violent reactions that are based and manifested from our frustrations to BE all that God made us to be. You know you could never be a world class athlete eating the wrong foods, so why do you think you can be at your best absorbing the wrong foods into your mind, body and soul? Get locked up and find out how many people will pimp you. The Bail Bondsman get paid ‘cause now you need them to MAKE
Bail for a crime that was usually avoidable.

You shouldn’t have purchased that cheap liquor that had you acting out of your mind in the first place. The liquor store owner is home asleep on the luxurious side of town while you are somewhere that you didn’t intend to be when you woke up that morning. The jail makes money off of you ‘cause the officers get paid to watch you, feed you, harass you and beat your ass when no one is looking. The cops love a good arrest when they need the overtime and they make sure the nurses in the jail get plenty paid ‘cause they will leave you bruised up and hide the abuse with a well written report.

You get out of prison with a record and diminished chances of reentering society especially if you do not have family support. I could go one and on with this for ten pages and you know what? Those who profit happily watch the cycle over and over as they make their endless trips to the bank with a BIG smile on their faces.

The Ku Klux Klan doesn’t have to kill us off anymore with their hands, we are doing a good enough job ourselves as we chant to the world: “The white man is keeping me down and stopping me!” No man can stop God! When you cater to the GOD that dwells within you, and connect with the divine spirituality that comes when you wipe the mass media crud out of your “third eye”, you will be UNSTOPPABLE! They know this, this is why so much advertising is done in our communities to KEEP control over our greatest asset: ……………….OUR MINDS!


And while you do, understand that when others see us MOST of the time, their minds begin to see opportunity in our ignorance and what is so evident on the sign below is what drives them INTO our neighborhoods for NO other reason but to…….



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