Stress in our society today is something that affects everyone no matter what financial bracket that you might find yourself. Even if you’re a very wealthy person you can find yourself stressed beyond measure if you find that you are sick with an incurable disease that mere money can’t take care of. So no matter what one’s situation, if you’re human this thing called stress can find you easily.

That being said, ninety five percent of the population potentially have money problems if they don’t stay in their financial lane and display some discipline and not go overboard to tip the scales of monetary balance.

In this free flowing and often passionate monologue, I start out with my talk on stress by focusing on the New York City Cab Driver’s who have been committing suicide simply because they haven’t been able to keep up with the financial demands of running their business in the ever changing landscape of the transportation business.

It could be any industry that can bring you to an early grave due to stress even if you do not commit suicide, the slow burn of tensions that we can carry with us over long periods of time can take such a toll on us physically to the point where we don’t even realize it!

We can chase that so called almighty dollar so intensely that we overlook our health maintenance and oftentimes our rest. There is no way out to avoid this killer called stress if you remain in this oppressed society where the majority of people are controlled and feeling trapped and hopeless. But I’m here to tell you that the answer to getting out of this Catch 22 world is staring us straight in our faces and is so obvious that we just don’t see it!

The answer is to simply cash out and leave this system and country forever! There is no other way but the sad part is that the majority of us are so caught up in the illusion of luxuries and amenities that this Matrix has tricked us into believing that we must that we will never have the strength to cut ties with that toxic relationship to let is go forever! Listen in and get an idea of the mentality it will take to break free into your best life ever!

Those who benefit from your dependence on this system want to keep you ignorant of anything beyond its toxic hold over your life. They need us much more than we need them but they’ve convinced us that to get more paper money is the answer and most of us are killing ourselves in believing it!


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