We’re Black When Caught Breaking The Law But Biracial When Becoming President!

America is the laughing stock of the world when it comes to how it deals with race issues. It is well known the world over how hypocritical this country can be when it comes to dealing head on with its past discretion’s and well documented history that it seems to be in denial on.

While election after election passes by America believes that their answer to returning to its previous position of superiority will come from a slick talking candidate while ignoring the divine principles that would have held her up if only she heeded them.

Some will look back to their founding fathers with an admiration that only seems foolish when you look behind the facade of the historic lies to find that they were only heathens, thieves and murderers.

So with a history of denial into the true origins of this stolen land with captured laborers, does it surprise you when they split hairs and look at the same thing two different ways when it comes to race in this country?

We really need to grow up over here because with countries like China taking the lead with no end in sight we will regress even further because of the amount of divisions and infighting as we find new ways to keep ourselves separated. Racism is Amerikkka’s sickness but no one seems to want to talk about it yet the sinking ship continues to drown…….

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