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Too many of us degrade our precious women to the delight of the entire world!

It’s got to stop NOW because not only was she created by God to bring Heaven on Earth to you as you were made to carry out the divine plan of securing her in your name, but our very survival into the future depends on her being healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.

But this world has us calling here out of her name, bitches, whores, side pieces and skanks.

We view her merely as an object of pleasure for our imbalanced desires and toss her away like a used snotty rag.

We come to her when we want money yet we refuse to stand up and be the righteous men that we were created to be to make sure that pot is always full so that we don’t ever have to come to her for funds.

When the pressures of the world come down hard and heavy on our shoulders, we beat down our woman when in fact she is the very comfort and soother that we need to keep us strong in a world that views us as subhuman regardless of who we are.

But we end up making it easy for our oppressor to call us animals because we give him as reason to do so every time our woman ends up in the hospital from yet another incident of domestic violence that our children are forced to see.

Whether we can understand it or embrace it in our crazed state or not, our Queens are ALL we have and when we finally wake up to treat her as she should be treated, our world would literally change overnight and we’ll be able to conquer any oppressor swiftly and effortlessly because our families and communities will be in line divinely and made to be perpetually UNSTOPPABLE!

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