What All Spirit Minded Individuals Must Understand About Their Earthly Walk But Were Afraid To Ask!

The thought really hit me this morning that most people are just not going to make it to the next level of existence because of their addiction to the things of this world. While God’s green Earth is one of the most wonderful gifts ever granted, the world I speak of is the compromised hijacked highly seasoned poisonous and very seductive “replacement” alternative world that satan has offer to us.

He placed the bait in front of us and we have been lured in and wish so desperately to take a bite!

But what we don’t understand is that the hook that is so well hidden beneath that tempting bait is one that will affect us for an eternity as those who go for it will forfeit the higher gift of our salvation.

How stupid can we be?

We have given up on marital bliss and the protection that marriage can bring in exchange for these damn demons who roam the earth to kill and destroy and the temporary carnal pleasures that they say that they can bring!

Again I say that we have failed to see what is truly around us and need to do a security check and weed out those energies that mean us no good. You should never feel bad about perserving your peace of mind and maintaining the clarity of purpose that will take you to the next level of excellence.

I know from personal experience that these entities will come around you with their strange covert energies looking to either take what you already have or smash down the world that you are in because you are so blessed within it and many people instead of building up their own “heaven on earth” only elect to steal someone else’s happiness like a person who goes to a junk yard to snatch a part that they need for THEIR vehicle! Who cares if YOUR vehicle is missing a hubcap or a bumper? As long as THEY can round out and complete their world then to hell with you!

CLEAN THOSE DAMN DEMONS OUT OF YOUR LIFE and do not fall for their seductive lure of the bait they place in front of you!

When under this type of sneaky undercover attack on your energies, you will not feel right at all. You will feel an energy drain and not know where it is coming from. It’s almost like that kid who didn’t get permission to take out the family car in order to hang out with his friends for the night and brings it back safely but forgot to fill the gas tank back up to its previous levels. The father notices this and never tells the son HOW he discovered his actions because the gas level meter on the dashboard NEVER lies!

Our problem is that we have cut ourselves off from seeing what levels are in our spiritual tank because we have been distracted on the road of life by the things that appear to us within our field of view.

And to further the quagmire of these unseen attacks is that the covert culprits rarely work alone, when you find one insincere entity usurping your energies for their selfish agenda at your expense, there will always be others who are coming along for the ride even if they don’t have as much to gain from your eventual fall.

So when you really see things for what they are around you, you must act quickly and in swift fashion to “tune up” your life by driving away these people who want the benefits of your essence for their selfish reasons.

Understand that there are three different types of people in the world regardless as to their race, culture, age, status, lifestyle choice or pedigree. You have the spiritual, the educated and the mindless. The majority of people that you will encounter are merely entities who will go where the wind blows without questoning a damn thing as to why they where they are, where they are going and where they are coming from. They are easily manipulated and are the flotsam and jetsum of choice for an oppressive overseer because they offer absolutely NO RESISTANCE to being pushed in any direction in this life as long as you fulfill their need for pleasure and fulfillment on the carnal level.

The second type are the programmed or the educated. education and intelligence don’t always run hand and hand and you have so many who are deceived by one who is programmed (educated) because of their ability to spew forth what it is that they have been indoctrinated with in the years of schooling that they’ve completed. But these types for the most part are unable to truly think for themselves if they are required to adapt to a situation that is not comparable to what they were taught. It’s almost like taking a professional championship level tennis star and expecting him to excel in the sport of boxing. One type of training doesn’t ensure excellence in an entirely different area of expertise!

The third type is the spirit minded individual. These types are intuitive, they see what is around them at all times and know how to adjust according. These types are still human and will sometimes falter when they get fooled into thinking about the carnal offerings around them but for the most part they always come back into their true nature because they know deep down that they are aware of so much more than the other two types of people in this world who are operating on an entirely different type of dynamic.

The truly spirit minded man (And woman) moves about the earth in a manner that can sometimes appear strange to the educated and mindless entities of the world. The mindless have know clue and really won’t rise up to challenge you until you threaten the source of their pleasure but on the other hand the educated are driven to madness because your presence alone makes them see that they have been fooled into believing a counter reality that for the most part doesn’t exist.

The spirit minded man will receive his most intense attacks from the educated (Programmed) because your intuitive movement never had to be validated from an oppressor that couldn’t corral you into the thinking that they trapped their programmed victims into.
The thinking of the spirit minded man is totally free, therefore your presence on the earth will always be under attack for the system because you are just as dangerous to them as a computer virus is to a computer that doesn’t have virus protection! Understand that this is why you have gone through so much hell in your life for no reason whatsoever other than because of who you are!

Yet the educated will defend the limited system that they have been taught was reality and will work to bring you down like and working on an independent contractor status because your very existence forces them to see that they have wasted their time and most do not want to feel as though they have to start all over again in their limited path that will only take them but so far.

This is why as a truly spirit minded man I must continually remain in a state of cleansing through prayer and the divine dietary practices that unclogs my third eye and tells me who is who in my midst without even really having to be told by anyone else around me.

My spirit tells me all that I need to know.

LanceScurv Subway Exit

There is so much more that I want to delve into on this topic but do know that our state of consciousness goes a whole lot deeper than what mans worldly systems will share with you. There are many who are in the know about the truth of this world but they will never reveal to the mindless or the educated the “secrets” that come to us who are truly the spirit minded men and women of this earth who are also the biggest threats to bring this currently oppressive system down to create a new heaven on earth!

For those who understood my previous words do know that I want to hear from you and for those who didn’t understand please label me as crazy and keep it moving in your delusion. I have better things to do with my time in this revolution than to battle with one who is already doomed because of what they can’t let go of!

This article was just a taste of the things that I have in my soul that are yet to come. Stay tuned!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Spirit Minded Brother,


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