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As men, we constantly hear from women that there are no good men left in the world and how they wish they can find a good man.

On the other side of the coin and almost in the same breath, many of those same women will say that they don’t need a man to do bad all by themselves and that they don’t need a man to have a happy life.

Again, I didn’t say that ALL women say this but there are a growing amount of ladies who do!

So now the question is being put out there to the world:

What are the qualities that make a good man in a relationship?

Many men are confused as to what these women want as the term “good man” really hasn’t been defined, yet when the venom is spewed about how a man couldn’t do anything to enhance a woman’s life, all men seem to get caught in the crossfire of these verbal attacks.

Is that fair TO the truly good men out there?

Also, is it true that the numbers of available “good men” lopsided and lean when it comes to being a sufficient pool for all women to find that good man?

Or are many women delusional in their desire for a ready made millionaire of a drop dead handsome straight man with no kids, a six figure income, a clean criminal record and a killer physique all just waiting for you to come into his life to give everything to you?

Or maybe they are overlooking that average looking blue collar man who is God fearing, faithful, hard working and goal oriented to whom the can build a very comfortable life together from scratch?

Or is it that many of these women JUST DON’T KNOW what they want as their younger years are beginning to fade and their offers and attempts from many men diminish and they find themselves in a lonely place where they never thought they would ever be.

Then those men that they overlooked seem to now become more desirable as they have stood test of time in being durable to the Wives that they have committed themselves to that saw the value in them.

So be there at showtime as we shine the spotlight on the ladies to define, speak out and clarify on WHAT a good man is once and for ALL!

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