What Else Might You Be Consuming When Eating From That Strange Plate Of Food?

The hands that prepare your meals make a huge difference in what you absorb!

Where you choose to eat can cause you not to gain the full benefit of the meal that you wish to ingest.

There’s MORE to food than calories, what type of spirits are we opening up to when eating from a stranger or a public restaurant?

I know that I’ll get the side eye after speaking these words but it’s what I’ve come to know as truth whether one wants to believe me or not.

Eating is a very intimate act indeed. The peaceful consumption of a nutritious meal is one of the greatest gifts that one can receive especially when it’s enjoyed in a peaceful home from a loving mate.

While I’ve always seemed to have an awareness about this to a lesser degree my entire life, it really hit me hard within the last year or so as I really began to study the energy of those who were around me as friends and acquaintances.

You know, many people feel that when they have a great day where everything seems to move by so smoothly that it’s because of some mysterious “luck of the draw” that they have no control over.

I’ve learned from my euphoric period of bodybuilding training that most great days can be duplicated if you understand how to manipulate those factors to being in your favor to produce another energetic bliss filled day.


I figured out why my energy levels were down on certain days as opposed to the times when I would steamroll over anything in my way and surpass even the most challenging goals with ease.

I mastered the art of manifesting a great day.

But life is so much more that merely eating the right foods or having a quiet home because the intangibles that are negatively impacting you bringing that great day into fruition are ninety-nine percent of the time very much unseen.

…….and it’s so much more than what we experience in the physical realm.

So many will feel that what I’m speaking about is some type of pre-Alzhiemers quackery but in time you will know that I’m on to something, I simply can’t dumb myself down because others haven’t caught up yet in the ascension of their personal awareness.

But let me roll on this topic like this…….

The bottom line is if the person preparing your food is filled with negative toxic energy, then that plate of food is a means of transferring those energies into you because there is so much more that “opens up” at the time when you are fully utilizing your digestive system.

You don’t even have to know the person personally that is preparing your meal as in the case of eating at a restaurant or a fast food joint drive through.

Now allow me to say as a footnote that there can be an overwhelming atmosphere of love, unity and togetherness but if that food that you are consuming is void of nutrition and jam packed with an abundance of useless cheap calories, you are still doing yourself a disservice in the short and long runs.

Light, life and spiritual enhancement will never come from a culinary offering that is not in its purest form.

But even with food that remains pure, nutritious and untouched by the deadly processing methods that man has become used to in this commercialized world, if you attempt to ingest your food while in an atmosphere of hate, envy, competitiveness, hopelessness and gloom, that meal really won’t be to good for you because your digestive system simply cannot operate at its maximum capacity in this kind of atmosphere.

Personally there are times when I go out to eat at my favorite Sushi spot and I have to say that the owner of the establishment as well as the two chefs there have become damn near personal friends of mine and I sincerely feel lifted after eating a meal there and catching up on the latest happenings in their world.

We as individuals can also cause our own demise when it comes to the digestive efficiency that we execute from within because if we are not in the proper positive and peaceful state of mind, we won’t ever receive the raw power from that meal no matter how great the people are preparing it or the atmosphere that you choose to consume it in.

So understand that everything has to line up just right for us to get healthier as time passes by on a mental, spiritual and physical level but we can’t achieve this by living haphazardly on a whim!

Simply feeling hungry and driving up to a random fast food joint because you merely want to rid yourself of hunger is truly a recipe for disaster and an easy way to pick up a spirit that sadly could ride with you for the rest of your life to smoother your joy.

It’s no surprise that depression, feeling disconnected, unexpected bouts of rage, unrestrained lust, overwhelming envy and an unlimited host of negative feelings, spirits and mindsets can so easily find a home in your life when you realize how unguarded we move about the earth without paying attention to what we eat, where we eat and who prepares what we eat.

Here are a few personal pet peeves that I have in the present time right now that I feel have helped me to always remain productive and upbeat in my day that pertain to eating…….

I do not eat food prepared by the hands of strangers anymore.

If I do know the individual that is preparing my food but know that their mind or spirit is unaligned in some toxic way, I’ll refrain from eating from them.

I do not eat around people who I don’t know, if I do, I am not within view of them and refuse to engage in any eye contact with those who are not in my personal inner circle and camp.

I find it amusing that we make sure to find privacy when it comes time to excrete our waste but almost never pay attention to consuming our meals with the same level of privacy and isolation.

You wouldn’t CRAP in front of the public so why do you eat with the whole world influencing you in so many strange and twisted ways?

I cannot be angry or upset when consuming a meal, this would merely render that meal useless because if my digestive system isn’t in balance, the meal consumed cannot be totally absorbed as it should.

I make the time to digest the meal in peace afterward as I have reduced the time that I eat on the go and take the time to thank my Creator for nourishing me with a good meal and the wisdom that comes from dining with my closest inner circle members of which are only a select few.

Not only do I pray before the consumption of my meal, but I do so silently during AND after it also. Also, I do not partake in gossip, hateful talk or useless chatter during a meal with my inner circle. Only positive projections are spoken on as well as the very real goals that I’ve set for myself.

To meditate on an improved reality while eating a meal prepared with love in an atmosphere of peace and positivity while staying centered from within will greatly help you to achieve your personal goals and actually cause you to surpass them.

In this life everything that you do either brings you down or raises you up.

There is no middle ground in this no matter how much we attempt to fool ourselves.

While we concern ourselves and even worry about so many other aspects of our lives, if we would only begin to utilizethe principle of maximizing our meal times so that we receive everything that our Creator intended for us to get, our lives would be on a much higher trajectory and we would be closer to the conquerors that He truly wants us to be!

Nothing good will ever come out of a hateful envious vengeful person with a gut-ful of calorically cheap nutritionally deficient fast food except a stench that is a nasal prequel to the smell from the very pits of hell itself!

Choose wisely and live a happy balanced drama free life.

You can begin by ensuring the quality of what you consume everyday on the seen and unseen levels.

Trust me, it really works.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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