What Every Artist Must Know!

First off, when I mentioned the word artist in the title, I meant not only one who paints or draws, but one who might sing, dance, do spoken word or even one who has mastered a field that many would not really consider an art related area.

Muhammad Ali was an artist in the sport of boxing, he took something that was considered crude and made something special out of it.

An artist is someone who can make something out of nothing or rather, “see” something in something that others just can’t.

All artists are visionaries, they have to have the ability to see the unseen and believe in it so much that they manifest it in the physical and make others believe in what they thought for a time was nonsense!

Yes! This is what an artist can do, he can force those that feel superior because of their LACK of foresight and make them feel like idiots because the talents given to that artists debunk all proven methods of success in the mind of the average follower to force that system to reevaluate how effective that system just might be.

Artists must tolerate many systems that just will not embrace their abilities because their existence can never be explained in a logical sense. The artist is a glitch that the system would rather not see and make go away. Their is no book that can create a great artist just by merely reading it. But I must say that as an artist I have become more polished in my craft by reading great books of others who have shared their personal journeys toward a perfection that they never lived to see.

That’s the curse of the artist if I must be pressed to share one. It’s that we in our hearts will never get “there”. The “there” that we seek is a perfection only reserved to be worn by God Almighty Himself. But that perfection that we as artist seek is not to one day wear that unattainable garb as a god beside God but to experience the joy of having His perfection flow through us for a time for HIS glory.

That’s what the common man of the world cannot understand about the heart of a true artist, although fame may kindly glance our way for a time to bask on the stage of worldly admiration, that is not the focus at all in any way form or fashion why the artist does what he does as relentlessly as he does without seeking the approval or the riches of the world.

And those who become to enthralled with those inner workings of the world to trade off funds for talent begin to lose their connection to that higher power that has blessed them with those supernatural abilities and therefore their “edge” will eventually erode leaving them as a shell of their former selves leaving a void in their heart because of the lack of joy receive from plying their craft.


They have at this point because of their believing that they can juggle the world and their God have been swallowed up by the world and compromised, tainted and dulled.

As an artist you have to know that you can never truly detach from “that voice” that guides your every move in the creative field that you have dedicated yourself to. The minute that you do that you will become that performer ad-libbing the words to a song that you were supposed to know but never studied and know that an embarrassing moment is about to transpire.

Talent alone isn’t enough!

NEVER believe that you are too great that you do not need to ply your trade because this too is the beginning of the end. Always stick to YOUR basics and move one step closer to YOUR version of perfection to ward off the stagnation that is sure to set in if you don’t keep swinging.

You know as well as I do that there is no place sweeter than doing what it is that you already see there in your soul to share. Others will feel the satisfaction that you derive from your seemingly “foolish endeavors” an become angered that THEY are not feeling the bliss that you do from something that was given to you divinely and that you never had to pay one dime for.

You will be labeled as someone strange because THEIR range of awareness is limited and they do not realized how handicapped THEY are in the overall scheme of things.

Shelter yourself always and make a point of keeping a safe haven for the attacks that are sure to come when your fans grow to the point where many others become curious about your talents.

Their will be individuals who will try to jockey for a closer position to you for bragging rights and their will be those who will fight others who are trying to get next to you while all the time these battles will be transpiring unbeknownst to you.

The potential for fame does not stimulate you per se’ but it sure will intoxicate those around you! Always go back to the simpler times in you mind when you didn’t have much but a dream to project to the world regardless of your chosen craft so that you will always remain productive even if a storm swirls around you.

Your focus is first and foremost and anything that grabs your focus away from you must be banished from your world or it will spread like a cancer to take over your entire world. And while the offerings of the world will be placed at your feet abundantly in exchange for the light that you possess, you are never to stop doing what got you there or that same loving world who wants to embrace you will drop you quickly only to move on to the next gracious fool who knows not how vicious this world can be.

Lance Scurv Mirrors To The Soul

In your journey you will be loved, admired, emulated, looked up to and placed on a pedestal. But on the same token you WILL be hated, ripped off, shot down to be prepared for an early grave as many will seek to find flaws with you to shoot you down to make THEM feel good!

In this world the best advice that I can give you as an artist to maintain your longevity is to NEVER stop being yourself no matter WHAT the temporary popular fads may be of the day. Know that there is only one you and you are the original that must not veer off of the path of cultivating you because once you do that there will be others who don’t have the guts to be themselves but will gladly parade YOUR shine off to the world as their own.

Know that your time is limited and it must not be wasted with those who seek to ride off of your drive and focus yet have nothing in their mind as a dream to cultivate as their own. If someone wants your presence in their life if only for a moment all the way up to eternity, let them tell you what THEIR dreams they possess and if they hesitate to know what that answer is WITH the backup of positive action to move toward it, then bid them adieu until they can figure it out.

Stay humble. Stay original. Stay YOU and always remain true to yourself with your ONLY goal being to please the God above who will hopefully say to you when you stand before Him:


…….in the end/beginning, that’s ALL that counts!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Artistic Brother,



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