What happened to the Black Woman is a question that many have found themselves asking more frequently than they would have liked. The Black Woman has been the backbone of the Black community and without her vibrating at her highest the entire family/community unit will find itself in a free fall into a state of degradation and I’m sorry to announce that I see it happening worse than ever before right in front of my very eyes.

While it’s surely not all Black Women that fall into this category, it is far too much than we can tolerate and we must discuss how we’ve found some of our Sisters in this reduced state and seek to implement what ever means we need to restore her. This in my opinion is by design and not by chance.

Yes, we acknowledge that the Black Man has his separate issues as well as the collective challenges with our Sisters but this conversation begins by two of our most brilliant minds and fine examples of what a Woman should be in Sister Terri and Sister Meeko.

Do enjoy this intense exchange of free flowing truth and do feel free to share your perspectives on what you’ve heard here in the comment area below.

We are definitely in need of quality conversations that are edifying to the mind, body and soul and I do thank our Sisters for sharing their experiences in the hopes that someone out here will hear it and be stimulated to strive to go higher in life which will be a win/win situation for us all!

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