What Has Religion Done For You? – Brother Keston

Brother Keston asks the hard questions that make the masses think and it was no different in this powerful episode that will cause them to question what is religion doing for them.

Keston does understand that it can be a painful realization when one grasps the fact that one’s spirituality wasn’t enhanced by the repetitious trips to a church house that focused more on pastor worship than the submission and study of the divine laws of the Creator.

But in order to heal oneself and restore our spiritual selves, we must make the oftentimes uncomfortable discoveries from within that we’ve been mislead and taken away from the natural order that would have us resonating at full strength mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our oppressors ideology will never bring us to that special place and as a people when we look at our condition in the world we have to admit that Christianity and religion will never cause us to elevate but remain subservient to a system that benefits everyone else BUT us!

What Has Religion Done For You? - Brother Keston

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