What I Learned From The Tuscaloosa Alabama Tornado Tragedy!

When watching the heart wrenching expressions of the residents of Tuscaloosa Alabama who have recently survived the monster tornado that ripped through their town on short notice I thought to myself how I just couldn’t comprehend what it could be like to have gone through such a nightmare.

The uncertainty, the disoriented thoughts and the very sense of “home” torn away from you.

Not only because of the loss of their physical dwellings but because of their total rhythms now banished forever. The morning walks and the friendly allegiances, the chance meetings at the local market as well as the plans that these distraught people had for their retirements as well as those who had the dream of raising their families here. And remember, this is what the survivors had to go through PLUS the fact that many of those that DID make it have someone who they were related to or close to who didn’t! I couldn’t help but think to myself is it that these catastrophes are happening more frequently or is it because the of the technology available to capture these happenings with such an accuracy to make one feel as though they are there only MAKE it seem like they are transpiring more rapidly?

Good question, but it was just a thought.

The bottom line is that these things have been happening from the beginning of time but if you ask me it is happening more frequently in direct proportion to the transgressions that we as a people overall have been indulging in. No, by no means am I insinuating that those already devastated folks in Tuscaloosa have brought down this wrath on themselves by anything that they have done.

That would be a very cruel and inconsiderate thing to say, even though I am quite sure sin dwells there somewhere as it does everywhere. No human being deserves this type of experience but to live in this world today we have to expect more and more of it to happen because of the spiritual imbalance that we must exist with on this plane that tips the scales against every one of us on this planet.

We all suffer because of the sin that is running amok amongst us!

It’s like lounging in a private swimming pool with other guests where one is too lazy to get OUT of the pool to urinate! It would be foolish to think that because he is “over there”, that it’s his problem because he is nowhere near you, because it’s ONLY a matter of time before his urine is saturating your flesh! You ALL have paid the price for his transgressions.

All I am suggesting is that we truly have to be our brother’s keeper and not allow sin in our midst to go unmentioned by those who know better. It’s not about condemning or chastising someone. That’s for our Creator to do if He so chooses to do, but we need to teach, enlighten and lead by example until our personal vibrations and energies thrown out intentionally into the world “melt” the ignorance and reprobate mind away like snow in the street on the first warm day after a terrible blizzard.

Another point that I want to make is that while I understand their sense of loss because of the tornado, I see that too many of us are attached to our material possessions more than we should be. I remember seeing an older woman speak about her loss on the CNN “on location” report of the carnage left behind because of the tornado and she stated that she now had “nothing” after this tragedy.

Now I would never kick someone when they are down, and I truly felt this woman’s pain. And I know I would be very disoriented if I were in her position because I am a human being just like anyone else…….BUT…….I have also been through some VERY traumatic situations in this lifetime of mine and MUST say that after taking loss after loss in my life, I’ve learned to place my attachments in the divine and righteous qualities that are so ever elusive to most individuals who can only see things in the physical.

To be honest with all of my dear friends here reading this blog, I can pick up and move ANYWHERE on this planet right now and will be alright! My strongest connections would be for my children, Rasheda, Nadira & Khadijah and their well being as they need me in their lives to provide the protection and wisdom that little girls need to blossom into emotionally balanced young Ladies. A loss on that level would devastate me to the core, but the loss of a house? NO!

A car? NO!

Money? NO!

Even a relationship at this point in my life, if I were to lose it then I would hope that I am anchored enough in my faith and strong enough in my connection to God to know that He is all I need!

We have to know that as we live this beautiful thing called life that we have to enjoy every aspect of it but be ready at any point to move on to the next level, the next challenge and the next station in life that our God has ordained for us to fill. We must remember that all things are given to us by Him and all things will return back to Him! If you ask me, THIS is the time to rejoice for the gift of life that if I were standing there amidst the rubble and carnage after the tornado, I wouldn’t view it as a catastrophe, but I would see it as a miracle! A miracle that I was spared for a purpose! A miracle that I now have a testimony to share with others! I wouldn’t waste a precious opportunity to reach millions on the CNN cameras to cry over spilled milk, NO, I would tell the world that while my God displayed His awesome might for the entire world to see, He spared my life in all of that to show YOU that he is a caring God who now has a purpose for my life as He ALWAYS had! Sometimes it takes something like this to happen to give us a wake up “smack” to help us to put things in perspective and to load-shed the frivolous things in our life that may be weighing us down from achieving our divine destiny!

And as for those who were killed in the tornado, my heart goes out in comfort for their survivors, but even then their lives were given by the God above and He has the total right to recall what is His whenever He pleases. And since our wisdom pales in comparison to His, we may never comprehend the reason for Him claiming them back in such a manner but I trust that it was the best decision as it too has a purpose in the overall scheme of things for the eventual greater good.

When all is said and done, we must know that we must collectively take responsibility for this wonderful planet that we’ve been girted and we must work along with the natural system and not allow greed to make us kill each other over the natural resources like oil, food and land. For these are the things that will sustain us for a long healthy life but satan has tricked us into thinking in such a segregated manner that we can get away with unsettling the delicate balance of our planet without paying the consequences dearly.

We have broken the laws for so long now and are finally seeing the earth talk to us in a manner that will force us to sit down and listen! And if we choose NOT to listen then look for more and more catastrophes to happen again with an undying frequency. God sheds His tears for us because only He knows how the system works that he put in place and only total submission to His laws can save us from the price the we all have to pay for the twisted transgressions of all types from the few.

We have the legal right as God’s elite to command this satanic order to get below and behind us and cease to exist! But WE have got to leave all of satan’s indulgences alone because it is through THOSE vices that he remains in his temporary state of power over this world and in our lives. Let us ascend to the great creatures that God has made us to be because the true satisfaction that comes from obeying Him makes anything that the negative forces have to offer appear as a cheap thrill at best! Like Brother Michael Jackson said in his famous song, Man In The Mirror, as this is what I’ve learned from the Tuscaloosa Alabama tornado tragedy! …….”If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change!”

Let us finally take responsibility for that hidden dirt that we do undercover and drop down on our knees and praise God for His forgiving spirit to seek His face in everything that we do! If the whole entire planet did this sincerely, I absolutely guarantee you that you will never see a death or loss come from a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, landslide or lightning strike again! They will happen away from humankind and we will not fear them because we know that we are living according to what pleases our God!

It’s a good deal isn’t it? So what is your problem? Start with yourSELF right now and let’s bring back heaven on earth!

Thank you for enduring my latest rant. I only speak out of love for EVERYONE!




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