What Is Happening In The World Today Has Already Been Written In The Bible!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people in this country believe that they will get rich working for someone else. They give up time from their families and miss sleep just to put in extra hours to get a bigger paycheck that will usually go to purchase a bigger house or car than their friends….It’s not for the kids, it’s for the parents silly egos!

Their children are starving for their spirits to be fed but all you can think about is “material trinkets”.Then they realize that they do not know their children ’cause they were not there to watch them grow or to guide them up the right path. So when their kids are found with drugs or guns I can’t understand why they act so shocked when in fact it was the television set and computer that raised them.

You’ve treated them like pets, they need MUCH MORE than a place to eat and dodo!

Let’s be real here. And the first thing these idiotic parents say to these vipers is that “How could you do this after I worked so hard to keep you in the best clothes, keep the best house on the block over your head and gave you more than your friend’s parents could EVER have dreamed of giving them!”….Do you see the irony in that statement?

They don’t have a CLUE!

“How could you do this” they say. Well, it should be easy to be the worst kid on the block when that’s all they got from their parents! Those who raise kids in this manner should be glad that they didn’t turn out even worse! Schools getting shot up by young teenagers across the country… NEVER heard of this behavior back in the day! The most would have been a fistfight or the fast girl in high school getting pregnant….but mass premeditated shootings?

Now even the young girls are just as bad as these young boys! They might even shoot you QUICKER! PARENTS: We are not doing as we should. Don’t think that they are not watching us in OUR dirt. Most parents ask for an answer but they don’t have the sense to see what it truely is….they take prayer out of schools, they take spirituality out of the curriculum….we have so many odd entities coming into the country with these weird religions, cults and ideologies and we in government cater to them giving them rights too. So since we can’t force one over the other our government takes all of them out!


This government should stick to their guns and keep this as a Christian state. So since they are too weak to stand up to all of this sin, the give it permission to prosper through their lack of backbone and action! The bottom line is this: When you remove God from your life and everything that you do, ANYTHING BECOMES PERMISSIBLE & ACCEPTABLE! So we can expect more than what we have already witnessed from a generation of vipers!….and just because the government says it is okay to do something doesn’t mean that it is in God’s eyes.

So go on and continue to work eight days a week and 25 hours a day putting more importance on “BLING” while your kids go to hell unarmed and unprotected without God’s word with all of these demons that have been released running free across the land looking to devour the masses! Get on your REAL JOB and raise your kids right! The government can’t stop that! You have the opportunity from young to influence their minds long before this wicked world gets to them.

Joey Ralonzo Jenkins, 37, A New York City Social Worker and volunteer youth counselor who is on the frontline dealing daily with all of the ills of our society. Born and raised in the Washington Heights section of uptown Manhattan, he has conquered a lifelong drug addiction that began at the tender age of 13 and is a cancer survivor. He gave his life to Christ ten years ago and hasn’t looked back to his old life ever since.

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