What Is It Going To Take To Finally Wake You Up To Reality?

Surely we are deaf, dumb & blind!

Surely we have allowed this satanic system called government (and all of the shadowy figures that make the REAL decisions behind the marianette puppets called elected officials) to seduce us into giving up our third eye. We do not know anymore what is important or what counts! We are an army without a Commanding General and a force without a mission. We have absolutely no goals in our lives and communities anymore.

We may have the first (Don’t be fooled, he isn’t the first at all!) Black President but look at the mess he is walking into! This is not a time to lay back and expect a free ride, this is the time to take command of every inch within your circle of influence and make a difference with a strong sense of urgency. If we focus on the task at hand as intensely as we partied in political victory, our country would recover and rebound in record time HANDS DOWN!

It became the fad to chant “Yes We Can”…….but in actuality CAN WE?

All it seems we focus on is accumulating more and more material items so that when we die we leave a few trinkets for our offspring and fake friends to quarrel over. They fight so hard for these things while forgetting they will not hold on to these trivial possessions for long.

Bloodthirsty we have become.

Opportunistic vultures in human form.

Always on the lookout for the next prey, capitalizing on another’s need for help and “oh so willing” to offer a helping hand but not from a Godly heart; Nooooo!

Quoting scriptures and speaking the words of a holy man/woman but with the covert intentions of a stone cold killer! Envious of our Brothers & Sisters when they possess the “status of debt” that others work so hard to attain.

The status of debt?

Yes, that’s what I said; half of these fools do not even OWN the cars they drive or the homes they live in. They are trapped in the never ending cycle of financial slavery scared to death of losing their jobs because now their financial slave masters will take back what is only loaned out temporarily until you fall sick or lose your job so the next willing fool can take your place! Is this what life is all about?

What a way to live!

The U.S. Dollar is shrinking right before your very eyes and you don’t even know it. It purchases less yet we unknowingly work MORE hours to make up for its loss of potency. What a way to live! Shadow secret societies manipulate your patriotism by planning and allowing massacres and catastrophes (9-1-1 was NOT by chance fool!) so that you fall right into what Biblical prophesy has always told you but your mind treated it as a far away distant fairy tale that ends as soon as the last prayer is spoken at the church service.

This thing has become a game that has you “stupified” as you live your last few years (or days) before the inevitable slaughter! We will perish for lack of knowledge! Doesn’t it say in the very Bible you pose with (In service to look holy for the day making sure everyone sees you in that new outfit?) that we need to seek knowledge? It DID!

Not knowledge of the next door neighbors finances. Not knowledge of your co workers wife. I don’t care HOW MUCH she looked as though she wanted to give it up to you at your company’s Christmas party, go home to YOUR woman!

God didn’t give us ten phallic organs of reproduction to run down ten women, we have only one!…and half the time you are poppin’ a pill to keep that one “up” and running, still finding it hard to satisfy that woman you have at home after freely spilling sperm at every opportunity all over town! What is wrong with you? But then you want to complain about the white man holding you down when it is only your fault and your fault alone that has half your paycheck garnished because you have to pay massive amounts of child support to these same very women ( Total strangers at that! ) who you met in the club and took home one night when you were both half drunk and out of your mind!

We know the intimate details of the lives of our so called stars and entertainers; we know everything about them from day to day. But many of us do not even know our own family as well.  Can you tell me the last time you sat down and had a home cooked dinner together?

We spend our money without realizing that the items we rush to purchase depreciate over a short period of time. If you truly study this thing, what is the only commodity that cannot be reproduced and duplicated in the world?


Cars get old but LAND is always in demand! Even if the real estate market turns upside down inside out, LAND can always grow food for you. LAND can always be built on. LAND can serve you when a damn “condo” can’t! LAND will support you when that car gets old and out of style. So why are we in a rush to spend our money on everything else as the Great Tribulation nears closer to touching our lives than most of us think?

And when you dig even DEEPER into this level of existence, what is the only thing that cannot be taken AWAY from you? Your house can be bullied away from you by the local government due to the law of imminent domain, you’ll come back in ten years to visit your old neighborhood only to find a highway running through the spot where your backyard once was.

Your automobile can be carjacked unexpectedly at the red light and chopped into pieces to be sold on the black market at the neighborhood “chop shop” before you can have the chance to get the call through TO the police if you are not killed first!

Your daughter’s (May God protect our children’s every step!) precious and sacred virginity can be stolen in a heartbeat by a sex crazed stranger who happened to pick her out of the crowd randomly so she can be used for his twisted demonic desires, tossing her away alive or dead and not caring for the damage done to her mind, body and soul.

This is real.

But what is it in this world that cannot be taken away from you?


Sounds corny doesn’t it? But it’s not corny when you realize that you can’t do a damn thing in this society without it….and if you do attempt anything without it, you have made the task that much harder because the weight of ignorance can wear you down fast! Those who possess knowledge over you can potentially use it AGAINST you!

You think not?

Then why are you shut out from earth’s finest? Why is it that YOU are always lacking? Why is it that after following this thing called the “American” dream, you now realize that it is only a hustle of your life-force for the benefit of others to live good and is only a damn nightmare for you!

You can abolish the word NIGGER all you want but you won’t stop the NIGGERDLY behavior in our people until you wipe away the ignorance that is so prevalent in our communities!

You “got” no (Excuse the ebonics please!) time to pick up a gun to kill your Brother when you understand the joy of holding a good book in your hand to share that precious knowledge with that same lost Brother!

You won’t take the time to put your face in a book and sign up for college to IMPROVE the same life that you risk everyday while text messaging on your I-Phone as your drive down the road foolishly and dangerously!

Trust me, it is going to get worse if we who know better don’t get busy. And even though of us who are living well for a season, if Biblical prophesy has any weight, we had better prepare ourselves because we are going to have to let a lot of our precious amenities go.

Start learning to cook your own food instead of depending on the fast food joint or pre packaged cancer causing processed food.

Learning how to ride your bike instead of paying the high price of fuel, you’ll get some exercise in that will keep you healthier as a bonus.

Read a book and CONTROL what goes into your mind instead of allowing someone else’s consciousness to be implanted into your mind involuntarily through that digital high definition box of insanity called television!.

Becoming self sufficient in everything that we do will minimize the sting of what is coming to America and those of us who foolishly believe that we are its protected (More like exploited and VERY much in denial!) citizens. Sorry for the rant, but I sometimes can get very passionate about the things of this world!

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