What Is It That You Have To Give Up In Order For You To Achieve Success?

In this life there is absolutely NOTHING that’s free!

If you want anything in this world, you must be willing to give something up for the opportunity to get it.

If you want to attain any measure of gain in any area of expertise or mastery, you must be willing to make the necessary sacrifices that are required to realize that next level of excellence.

This is a law of nature and no matter how hard we as human beings think that we can circumvent this simple law, we find out time and time again that this is one of the most consistent and powerful ordinances put in place by a the higher oftentimes unseen omnipotent order of God’s mighty creation.

Yet, we in all of our foolish brilliance, never see the light and in our attempts to get something for nothing we actually fall back further behind than if we worked hard, kept our noses clean and followed the straight path to achieving our goals.

This to me is one of the most upsetting flaws that resides in the character makeup of those who walk the earth called human beings.

“Called” human beings?

You are probably asking why did I refer to people in this manner?

Well, to tell you the truth, we who are of the human kind are not always the smartest cookie in the batch and SOME of us while falling under that category of “human kind” really carry ourselves through our foolish decisions like animals who just do not have the ability to think!

Take a trip down to the local lock-down in your city if you haven’t already been there already for some infraction or violation of the law, you will surely find those there who attempted to work their way around the law in order to make a gain for themselves usually in the “quick money scheme” department.

So the general mindset of the day that gets us nowhere is to get something for nothing. We don’t seem to understand that we have to give something up in order to get something of value in return. So the question I ask you is what is it that you want for yourself and what is it that you are willing to give up to get it?

We want to lose the excess accumulated weight that poses a huge health risk on our lives yet we don’t want to give up the impure food that is clogging up our systems.

We want so badly to improve our living conditions and dream of that beautiful home in the affluent side of town yet we just can’t give up those financial energy leaks that come in the form of frequently eating out at fine restaurants, not budgeting those little unnecessary purchases that add up and the vices that many find so hard to let go…….drinking, smoking and the pursuit of carnal & hedonistic satisfactions.

We want so badly to make new friends that are based in positivity but we can’t let go of those old deadweight speed-bumps that are determined to stay where they are in life as they cling to preserving the gloom-filled conditions of the past.

We want so badly to move up to a higher position on our jobs but refuse to adjust those ghetto-fabulous attitude problems that we have displayed so abundantly in the past!

So tell me, how in the world do you hope to go higher without first giving something up to get there? There is just no way!

This is the difference between achieving and having success pass you by. Whether you know it or not, this life can be very rewarding and long when you do the right thing by yourself or it can be long and tortuous when you attempt to escape the sacrifices that you must engage in to even enjoy the small thing on a minimal level. Why make it hard on yourself when you can never skirt around divine law?

Merely submit to it and watch the blessings of prosperity roll your way over and above any unit of measurement known to man.

…….it’s that simple.

It is US that make the attainment of success so hard. Check yourself.

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