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Carlos and I have been close friends since 1971.


That’s a VERY long time!

We’ve seen each other at our worst and at our best and we know things about each other that most will never know.

In a conversation with him recently we spoke on how we might have reacted to the treatment that Blacks received in the time of slavery.

His response was oh so true and very comical at the same time.

But I had to wonder, how many Blacks today would have shown themselves to be that “quick to submit” spineless person who would allow the worst violations to transpire in their midst without even saying a mumbling word.

Many who we believe are fearless warriors would be revealed to be all talk. Look at it this way, so many Blacks move in fear simply because they are terrified of losing a damn job, so if they’re scared from the possibility of that happening, they would have surely sold you out for something extra to eat and a warm bed in the slave-masters house.

They don’t get any tougher than Carlos, with ten collective years on lock-down in prison and still not a scared bone in his body, he has seen it all and damn near done it all and lived to laugh at it.

It is truly a compliment for him to KNOW that I don’t move in fear and it’s even more of an honor to know that he has my back just like he has mine. There are many of “us” scattered all over this country who have our roots in that unforgettable Southside Queens neighborhood, connected in a special sacred way with a love that runs deeper than any fear that the oppressor attempts to muster in our brave to the death souls.

Left alone there will always be peace, but when approached in a hostile manner the aggressor must be prepared to give what they plan to take in a never ending attack from the shadows far beyond the reach of their electronic gadgetry and technological wizardry.

…….in other words, we ain’t going for it!

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