What REALLY Is A Grown Ass Man?

The other day I had to seriously straighten out this young female who appeared to be in her early twenties and very immature even for that age.

She spoke to me in a manner that was so disrespectful and I had to check her even though this was in the public and I would probably never see her again in such close range.

I make a point to avoid eye contact with these entities who board my bus because it is a direct portal to “download” their spirit and invite an unwanted exchange that would usually end up as being a big confrontation if I wasn’t shrewd enough in my experience with human nature and it’s strange reactions.

This gaudy chick took it to the next level immediately when I didn’t give the “ghetto runway model” gasp and look her up and down as though she were the best thing since the old “three for a dollar” Macaroni and Cheese box meals with the chemical cheese powder and those two for a dollar “Sun Dew” drinks that I used to but in the hot summer back in the 1970’s! What y’all know about that? LOL!

But I couldn’t believe the outburst that came because I didn’t pay homage to the cleavage that threatened to spill over and out and that horsetail weave piece hanging off of her head that was destined to become yet another batch of snatched off yak hair when she gets into a fight later on that night while she is at some hole in the wall flop spot that doubles as a night club. I know it all too well…….

“Nigger you know you would LOVE to get with this so don’t even front like you ain’t checking me out and sweatin’ me hard with your old ass! Y’all niggers crack me up trying to be so cool then trying to “holla” at a bitch when nobody is around! Nigger you get wit’ THIS and that paycheck is all mine!”

You can see that she was caught up in herself by her demeanor and mannerisms because she switched so hard as she walked and flopped ass around and her freshly sprouted titties letting one know that her body was a weapon that has slayed many a grown man and that she just KNEW that I was probably a willing victim who wouldn’t mind being slayed just like the rest of her previous victims.

There are so many women like her who have discovered the power of her female adornments or as they say in the street “the power of the pussy” and feel as though this opens up the world for them to prance like a Diva when in reality their “stuff” isn’t redeemable for a penny at the light company if their very life depended on it.

But that’s cool with me, because life will teach her and women like her down the stretch that there is more to life than the temporary physical narcissistic endeavors that sadly become the core focus for individuals who are unknowingly setting themselves for a big shock when finally arriving to the forced maturity of their older subsequent years.

I finally gave her the eye contact that she crave as you could hear a cotton ball drop on the bus from it being so silent…….

…….I finally spoke and firmly said to her: “Is your body all that you have to offer? I’m not one of those sagging pants boys out here sweetheart, I’m a man. A full grown man who happens to be a GROWN ASS MAN!”

She was stunned and didn’t know what to say, I think it was more my delivery of what I said than really WHAT I said.

I spoke so confidently and didn’t allow her prior verbal onslaught to bother me either way. She could have taken it or left it alone because these are the things that grown as men do.

Denzel Washington

Then I began to think about this term grown ass man and what is the difference between a mere man and a grown ass man. It sounds like two of the same exact thing with one being a superior upgrade.

More like a cheeseburger in comparison to the cheeseburger deluxe. The grown ass man comes with the extras that the regular man can never offer.

So let’s chime in with our ideas of what a grown ass man really is, after all, I put my mouth in it and proclaimed to be one so let me ponder this deep thought on a common term that I don’t even think most people understand what a grown ass man is when you go down the list of the available manhood amenities.

Grown ass men come equipped with all of the extras standard but a mere man has to get several major upgrades just to CALL himself a grown assed man…….

You see, a grown assed man (GAM),is usually the BEST thing that has ever happened to a woman and when you see these young chicks out here “acting a fool” it’s because they’ve never been touched the way a GAM can touch them.

…….is this why I get cursed out so much in public when I’m driving the bus, because I’m a grown ass man?


Muhammad Ali

They know one when they see one!

But let me finish telling you! A GAM is totally independent. He refuses help from a woman not because he never needed any help at different points in his life but it goes against his grain. He has no problem providing for his woman one hundred percent but to be on the receiving end is just not his thing.

It’s against his D.N.A. And while he would NEVER bring up anything that he has done for you as a woman if you both had a bad falling out, he in fact has rendered you speechless because you really can’t say nothing bad about him in hindsight if you really wanted to! The GAM that you’ve experienced as a woman will haunt you forever because HE is the standard from which ALL other men shall be judged and the bad part is that the GAM can never be touched by the others.

You just can’t put your finger on it, it’s just the way he blends his various components in that special way to manifest the special person that he is.

He is the Muhammad Ali of your life.

The Paul Robeson of your subconscious mind.

The Michael Jackson of your dreams.

You can’t forget him ever. Brilliant. Charismatic. Lovable and funny. When you get a hold of a GAM hold on tight and never let go because all else is like eating a burger without the ketchup or the ice cream without the topping. Something will definitely feel like it’s missing!

But enough with the tears, let’s tell the ladies out here more about the GAM so they know what to expect.

When you make love to a GAM, you will do things to and with him that you never ever thought about doing with anyone else. You will find yourself walking that thin line between being a lady and a freak at the same time and feeling like both simultaneously. Not an easy feat at all but the GAM makes it happen each and every time.

Paul Robeson

When a GAM comes to spend time at your place, it’s a virtual lock down. He can make a weekend feel like a month long vacation. When he comes over for that weekend, he already has everything packed and ready upon his arrival that you will ever think off. Nothing is required on your part except to experience being the canvas that he paints his beautiful, sensuous and erotic picture on. It’s an all inclusive weekend and you don’t have to lift a damn finger!

Now when a GAM arrives, it is straight from work, no time to waste. And when he leaves it is to go right back to that same job, the entire weekend was all about you and when he is through with you, you have no choice BUT to call out from work for at least a day if not two JUST to recuperate not only from the loving, but from the total experience that this GAM has put your mind through!

Your perception of reality is blurred because it is hard to just jump back into your normal reality because your mind – conscious and subconscious – can’t take the shock of being in the midst of normalcy after being catapulted into a world that exists now for you and is all so real!

Take that day and savor the moments, this is what you’ve always wanted so enjoy it to the hilt!

The GAM doesn’t take any shit from a former lover, ex- boyfriend, divorced husband or anyone jockeying for your attention when you are officially with him in a relationship. But for the most part he won’t have to, because you’ve made it clear to all of those old satellites that were hanging around your life hoping to get another shot that a new sheriff is in town in the form of that GROWN ASS MAN!

GAM’s intimidate the heck out of other men, because the GAM is always on point in his personal life. He is meticulously responsible and pays all of his bills on time and gets a thrill from knowing that he is a few months ahead of them at all times. The GAM looks down on those men who want all of the pussy that they can get their hands on yet can’t be responsible enough to hold down a job, keep a place of their own and some wheels to get around in.

When a GAM finds himself or his life out of whack because of some mishap or something out of his control, he will kindly remove himself for a time until he gets things right. He doesn’t borrow money from anyone as he will rather do without. You will see a lot of GAM walking home after work for MILES merely because their car is in the shop as they refuse to even ask a person who would gladly drop them home. The grown ass man possesses a fierce pride that appears to be unbreakable.

Michael Jackson

When a grown ass man talks to you for a time to get to know you then leaves you alone, it is not because he hates you, it’s because you have some major issue in your life that needs dealing with and until it is straightened out he will move on but take his initial interest as a good sign because he saw SOMETHING inside of your character makeup that attracted him in the first place and that’s a good thing.

A grown ass man is a stickler for time and doesn’t play with his method of earning money. He has been known to stop an intense blowjob UST because it is time to go to work! He will pull out even if he is 2 minutes from cumming it doesn’t matter. The GAM knows that the good loving will be there waiting after he takes care of business!

A GAM doesn’t deal with any drama of an ignorant nature as this is a way to repel him from your life forever. Curse him out in public OR private once, and you will never have to worry about seeing him ever again in your lifetime unless you happen to see him somewhere going about his business.

He won’t hold a grudge and will speak if spoken to in a pleasant manner as though it never took place.

But do not try to bring up the episode to patch it up because he will not ever come back! GAM’s stick by their credo and find it impossible to go against their personal grain. That’s just the way it is so if you have a good Grown Ass Man then do NOT mess it up as there are not too many of them to go around.

Men? YES!

Grown Ass Men? Very few. Remember that!

The GAM isn’t attracted to you because of your weave, makeup, fake eyelashes or lipstick, that is an unnecessary endeavor to get into if you think it is intriguing him because it’s not. What he wants to see is the real you internally as well as the real you WITHOUT the paint! A Grown Ass Man enjoys what you might consider a flaw or an imperfection, as a matter of fact your flaws are huge turn-ons to the GAM because it separates you from the long line of women who are hiding their true selves under all of the disguises that come from the beauty salon and the makeup counter.

A GAM is a man who thinks in the long term and is not caught up in the temporary distractions that will pull him from his overall goals. He is serious about elevating his life to the next level and being self made, so he craves a woman who can get down and dirty with him as he will anoint you as his Queen forevermore and no woman will be able to pull him away from you because he has lived life long enough to not want anymore of the time wasting games in his life.

Time is precious, and the GAM is NOT about to spend his time on the frivolous activities that most of the masses of deaf, dumb and blind people get into who don’t even have a clue how to handle money except to spend it and be a consumer.

To put it bluntly, a Grown Ass Man wants a Grown Ass Woman.

Nothing else will do.

So if you are ready ladies for a REAL man in your life you have to have been prepared by the trials and tribulations in your life to know the difference between these sagging pants “bail me out baby PLEASE I promise this will be the last time” kind of dudes. For they will always be a drain on your very life force and suck you down into nothingness. If you are with a man and you feel this way constantly then you are NOT with a Grown Ass Man!

Anybody can have a piece of dick. That doesn’t make a man. Hell! Even lesbians can strap on a plastic dick that’s bigger than any man that NEVER goes down or gets soft! Being a Grown Ass Man is a lot more than having good dick but the only way that you are going to even be WORTHY of having a Grown Ass Man is for YOU to be a Grown Ass Woman!

…….are you up to the task?

The benefits on your life are literally countless.

You need to try it sometime.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother who is a Grown Ass Man,



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