What Station Is Your Spiritual Radio Receiver Tuned Into? Perpetual Peace Or Manifest Mayhem?

We are all spiritual beings whether we acknowledge it or not. Most of us get so caught up in the external packaging of each other that we fail to look deeper below the surface.

This is how we get caught up in the unnecessary drama in our lives because we made a bad call in allowing someone who appeared to be decent because of the deceptive packaging that they displayed to us in Trojan Horse-like fashion to get past our guard in order to use us for their benefit.

This is something that will inevitably continue until we learn to see into what lurks in the interior of others by conquering what lies within ourselves. When our internal spiritual filters are cleansed then it is an effortless happening to read the intentions of others like a cheap local dollar store throwaway novel.

Cleansing oneself?

Yes, when one has an ample amount of work to do to rid themselves of hate, jealousy, false pride, narcissism, anger, lust as well as countless other afflictions of the spirit, they can never see the world as it is in all of its manifest beauty!

Cleanse your filters!

But another often overlooked factor in living a drama free life is the ability to understand what our personal energies draw to us. Have you ever wondered why certain people always seem to draw certain situations to themselves regardless what the circumstances are?

We all know of the perpetual Drama Queen (And this goes for males as well as females!) who always manages to create utter mayhem in the most peaceful and tranquil of settings. These people are never welcome anywhere by those who know their “modus operandi” and seem to thrive on new victims and scenarios who haven’t a clue as to their drama laced agenda. Is it anger, a need for attention or a bad case of Daddy Hunger?

We may never know the origins but their disruptive spirit seems to be an inevitability at every occasion.

But we must understand that we are like radios, we all operate under a broad spectrum of “frequencies” that we can make the choice to change at any time.

Some of those frequencies exude an aura of extreme peace and contentment while on the other end of the scope of our personal radio dial there are those unpleasant frequencies where the negative based souls lurk constantly.

Disruption, disarray, confusion, chaos and mayhem are the only things that you could ever expect from keeping your “dial” tuned in on those frequencies.

And only when we come to the realization that we are empowered to turn the dial of our spiritual/mental radios to whatever channel that we so desire will we make the profound changes in our lives that will allow us to absorb more goodness from it and life as the gift that it really is.

But look a little deeper with me since we have gotten to this point of understanding in this subject, and let me ask you something…….

…….have you ever noticed how like minds and kindred spirits seem to attract each other no matter what the circumstances? The enablers will always seem to find those who specialize in being in a position to be enabled.

…….ever witness how an undercover alcoholic person can move to an entirely new city hundreds of miles away and within days and sometimes hours after arriving there find a group of other people who fall along the same frequency as they to and get along as though they were lifelong friends because of the common secret indulgence that bounds them together as kindred spirits?

How about the gay guy that comes from a small hick town where an expression or preference for any lifestyle other than one that I heterosexual would cause a stir on the level of a witch hunt, yet when this same undercover gay man moves to another small country town where the consequences for his preferred lifestyle is looked down upon even more, he still seems to find others who share the same frustrations just like him under the radar of those unsuspecting people around him.

What about that certified crackhead who gets banished from his family in the big city to a rural town with relatives whose nearest city is at least fifty miles away because of his accessibility to the drugs and his self destructive behavior where he grew up. Why is it that somehow someway this same person who is sent out to the boondocks can STILL find another crackhead who shows him the roles in how to get his fix of crack cocaine?

It’s as though there is some type of unseen force at work here and if the truth be told it actually is!

You see, most certified Bible toting holy rollers have failed to understand that they are NOT the exclusive users of the spirit of discernment and when you really look at what you see around you they utilize their unseen spiritual abilities less efficiently than those who are on the negative side of the spiritual realm who actually depend on that ability to merely survive the uncharted underbelly of the rough waters of life.

The type of spiritual awareness utilized in all areas of life are just as real no matter where it is used or how you slice it! It all depends on the person who is using it and the circumstances around them at the time. Just because the so called religious authorities do not condone or acknowledge it does not mean that it doesn’t exist!

The third eye can be abused and used for evil just the same! How do you think a stick up kid picks his victims? He can “feel” through observation who is a victim or not. He knows through a spiritual intuition who might be the weaker catch with the most financial return on the initial effort. He can pick up the frequency of the soon to be victim and zero in on them in order to manifest his next illegal payday! It may not be right but it is what it is, just make sure that your frequency is of a righteous nature because those who lurk in the shadows cannot endure the true light of a believer.

It’s like acid on their flesh.

The reason being is that when the darker entities encounter your light they feel how evil they really are and wish to find the shadows so they can not only hide from you, but to really hide from themselves! This is why it is not the best thing to return the dark energies with dark reactions, you must always walk in the light with all of your actions, thoughts and words reflecting who you are and you will inadvertently protect yourself because you are untouchable in the light.

So never worry about those drama queens or backstabbing (Know and unknown!) entities who will hate you when they can’t draw you out of being covered by God’s protection and light! They only want to snatch your salvation and take the light that you have for their negative purposes.

Keep your frequencies clear and always make sure that what signal you are picking up is one that will keep you focused on what is truly important in this life and what is pleasing to The One who created you!

Once you please your God there is really nothing else more to worry or concern yourself about.

It’s the true meaning of living a carefree life!

So if you are in the zone with a positive vibe and frequency just DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL!


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