What Would Life Be Without The Gift Of Song?

You just never know who you will come across and what gifts they possess when you ride the public transportation in the form of a city bus here in Orlando Florida. Once again I was pleasantly broadsided unexpectedly by the presence of not only two dear friends of mine to whom I respect dearly, but also the extra added treat of frequent passenger and the vocally talented best kept secret in Orlando Mr. Quentin Motin!

In other words you could say that I was in Heaven!

Add to this the fact that Mr. Motin is always so willing to share his divine talents unselfishly and as is his trademark, he belted out an old school tune to the delight of the passengers who are usually all so tired of hearing the profanity and feeling the disrespect when traveling amongst those who haven’t a clue as to how to carry themselves when sharing such a limited public space. But not tonight!

Take the time to enjoy this unscripted moment and know that while there may be lots of mayhem in confusion running about the face of the earth that there are STILL great people out here with a massive dose of love in their hearts to share. Don’t ever miss out on the unexpected gifts that our Creator may have for us. Sometimes it may be monetary and other times it may be a treat to uplift your spirits!

God bless you all and ENJOY!

Lance Scurv


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