Whatever Happened To Decency In The Black Community? – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv speaks on the diminishing sense of decency that is epidemic in the Black community and abroad.

There used to be a time when we knew that no matter what transpired outside of our doors that we could always step out and be relatively safe because of the watchful and protective eyes of those who looked out for us in a concerned manner.

Men tipped their hats out of respect to a Lady and even if he had a wayward desire in his heart for her, he never acted that way.

Cold hard killers who would take your head off in a heartbeat if you crossed them the wrong way would never allow you to rip off that defenseless older woman who might be on her way to do her food shopping.

As a matter of fact, those same very so called criminal elements would even be the ones to protect her and knew that it was bad karma to even think of her with the predatory mindset that they had readily available for their more game prey.

The bottom line is that there were just certain things that you did not do!


Today it’s a completely different story altogether as there are no lines that most won’t cross as all bets of any expected decency are OFF!

Today more than ever before we have the elderly attacked physically as if they were young, strong and able to defend themselves!

Old women are punched in their face and knocked out after they’ve left the check cashing place and ripped off for their meager stipend that is pretty much the majority of the limited income that they can barely live on.

Women of all ages are disrespected and treated like the worst of the worst while many of our Black males only seek to use them for sex or a meal ticket until they find their next sperm receptacle and cash cow.

Now allow me to clarify that I am NOT demonizing all Black men because I know how we are treated in the media and perceived to be the lowest of low, but I am NOT going to shut up speaking about those who are acting out with the worse forms of decadence as though they are shooting to set a world record!


We can’t wait for the police officer to step in to correct these young men in how they treat their communities, because more so than not, when that cop comes into the picture it’s already too late because they have THEIR agenda set in place for these arrogant men.

So we have to step it up and become a self healing community and not be afraid to put our foot down and stand up to all forms of disrespect as they cross our paths.

For us not to combat these forms of erosion in our neighborhoods puts us as decent people to blame for it’s continued growth and eventual destruction of what little we have left of a community.

Feel free to speak on this issue and leave your perspectives and thoughts in the comment box below.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and do share this and all of my content!

God bless!

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