Whatever Happened In Having To Execute Discipline And Hard Work Toward Our Destinies?

Things sure have changed on the issue of correcting, guiding and straightening your children when they are young. Isn’t it ironic that there are laws in place to forbid you FROM giving your offspring reasonable discipline ( We are NOT talking about allowing abuse here!), yet this sets up the various “State agencies” in a very profitable way to have their way with them later on in life while they are incarcerated because they weren’t properly disciplined when they were young.

Seems as though the decision makers in positions of power may have deemed it advantageous for those undisciplined children to grow up to be undisciplined adults, without the focus to know how to hold down a job because of a rebellious nature that was never easily quelled in childhood.

Undisciplined adults who have never internalized the divine righteous principles of success because of their rejection of anything structured that is an improvement over their doomed practices.

No work means no money.

Lack of he necessary funds in ones life DEFINITELY changes the overall mind set of an individual. With gainful employment the world appears so different to a person….doesn’t it? We have hope. We have a shot of truly attaining our goals. We have a deep rooted feeling that everything will be alright! Now this is not always the case, we have those who are blessed to be able to earn yet they display the traits of those who reject work. The sense of doom, depression, the envy, the lack of drive and worrying about what others are doing and saying.

In this life, no matter how close or how connected we are with others, we have our OWN path to follow! We need to teach our children this not only by stating it but also by example!

Concerning ourselves with the pursuits of others (Which in essence, does NOTHING for our personal advancement at all!) is comparable to driving in the fast lane of the freeway while looking sideways at another vehicles driver and trying to see what is going on inside their vehicle….It’s just a matter of time before you find yourself in a bad situation because you took your focus off of YOUR lane and what you must do to navigate properly to reach YOUR destination.

And HOW many of us have found ourselves on the side of the road injured and HELPLESS from the symbolic collisions of life because we weren’t paying attention and working hard toward our OWN destiny?

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