Black excellence today is as common as a four leaf clover.

Gone are the days where the vast majority of us as a people took pride in how we spoke, took pride in our appearance and took pride in how we treated each other in the communities that we lived in that felt like one big happy family.

While we always had the challenges of crime, poverty, drugs, war, police brutality and a system that gained from their oppression of us, we had an unshakable love and appreciation for each other that gave me and my younger years some of the sweetest times in my life.

Unlike many others who might be slightly younger than myself in chronological years, I can remember those times as though they happened yesterday. These memories left an indelible mark on my subconscious and conscious mind and today I feel like the stranger in a foreign land because of how we have regressed in our love for each other and in our love for ourselves.

In this video presentation of rooftop perspectives I speak on this in depth and I give several fine examples of what it used to be and what we had as a people.

For those who can remember what our proud and strong black community used to be you will appreciate the words shared here and I hope you know that we must work together to bring back that utopia once again.

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