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The church just isn’t the church and religion that it used to be anymore if my memory serves me right.

There’s something very crucial in its makeup missing.

I’m just not seeing the love there anymore. It seems as though so many foul spirits have been allowed in that once sacred place and now it has become a mockery and a shell of what it once was and I’m not going to be silent about it.

To be honest I really miss what the church meant to me while I was growing up.

It provided me with not only the many warm memories that I cherish to this day, but the moral and spiritual framework that I would depend on to navigate these rough waters of life for a lifetime.

I can only cringe when I think of how deficient the modern day church is in what is needed to pass on to our youth who for the most part are unmanageable and out of control!

My few words here were merely a starter for a more detailed conversation, in other words, I would love to hear what you have to say about what I shared here.

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  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I didn’t grow up in the Church but the Church you talked about growing up
    in had a very significant influence on my life. Me? I was “sheltered”
    alright… by every old person in the community it would seem. I didn’t
    always feel “blessed” but I always felt safe and sound. People were always
    praising me and other kids for being “good.” Something you don’t see much
    of these days. It has taken me looking at what other, younger generations
    DON’T HAVE to make me realize exactly what it is that I HAD… and still
    have. Thanks to people praying for me and encouraging me to always do the
    right thing.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    As much as I’m on here trying to defend Christianity, I can’t be mad at
    this one. I, myself, don’t go to church. But I remember as a kid, old
    people, church ladies, at the church that our Meals on Wheels was at,
    breaking out and singing impromptu spirituals. Very powerful and comforting

  • BoardzNdaHOOD says:

    The Black Revolutionary “mindstate” of the original black churches was
    bought off. White jesus and “religious” beatdowns drove the kids off, just
    like the new “black MAN builders” will. Economics drove the black man off
    and created the religion of “man building”. This is a false idol worship
    which the youth equate with Police or the white man. Jesus is black women’s
    true boyfriend, so many of them didn’t leave. Church simply breaks down to
    circle. That circle(family) has been broken by white people. One of the
    reasons we create our own was our mistreatment in white churches. Our
    family spirit strengthened our circle and helped to create Gospel music.
    Gospel music cried out black freedom and power. This is actually what held
    the Civil Rights movement together. After Civil Rights, “equality” would
    bring grants and funding that would mold the minds of our preachers. Once
    the “head” is compromised, the body has to follow. Total breakdown came
    with the internet and cellphone. Internet contains too much info. The
    reason white religions burned books. The cellphone, haha, was the best way
    to give you “the Mark of the Beast” and have you willing bow everyday,
    allday. think about it

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