What’s Up With Those Mormon Dudes Riding Around On Bikes In The Black Neighborhoods & Why Do They Only Talk To The Sisters?

While the title of this blog is a bit catchy and makes one wonder what in the heck am I talking about, if you are not a regular follower of this spot on the Internet you probably landed here out of curiosity.

So now that I’ve gained your attention for the moment, allow me to speak on a long term covert movement that I’ve noticed going on in the Black urban neighborhoods in the major cities of America for decades now under the guise of being a missionary but I peeped the agenda for a while now and am about to blow it up!

But let me ask you something before we start; do most Black people have the word STUPID written across their heads or what?

Maybe some people feel this way but I love to flip the program on those who feel this way by temporarily PLAYING dumb while learning all of their tricks of the trade like a foreign spy in a James Bond flick.

Try it sometimes, it truly works! And not to get off topic but I have to say just this one thing; many acquaintances to whom I’ve know down through the decades on jobs, through mutual friends or even at a fairly close distance because of some regular routine proximity, never really knew the entire “me” and upon reconnecting through cyberspace, usually through Facebook or a forwarded link of of one of my blog entries, were captivated that they thought that they knew my depth long before an were in shock that I wasn’t as dumb as they assumed.

You just can’t assume that I am just some big strong Black box lifting idiot workhorse who didn’t possess the mental capacity beyond the most elementary of tasks in your narrow world. On the surface you will see that I have only completed the equivalent of a high school education but if the truth be told I will run CIRCLES around you!

And THAT rant was for every punk ass pompous boss (Yes I’m talking about YOU Home Depot and I am coming for you on this site soon too! Stay tuned!) that I’ve ever had who felt as though they were so much more than me because I may not have held the position in THEIR house that they had but unbeknownst to them I NEVER wanted.

Pardon me for getting a little heated people, but you all know that I am a VERY passionate man! (Clearing throat in victorious fashion) but the days of biting my tongue on this earth are OVER!


Let me first explain that the downtrodden Black neighborhoods are viewed by many as a place to get power or get rich. If you come with a word that is convincing enough without concrete proof, you can get the unconditional support of Most Blacks without much effort after you sell them your dream. The catch is that many factions outside of the Black communities know this and when they need to broaden their base, expand their influence or just plain old fatten their pockets, the inner cities of urban America is the place to go!

The other well noted fact is that we as Blacks are not producers of the goods and services that we need but we damn sure are great
consumers that allow others to come into our neighborhoods, set up shop and get rich in record numbers and we won’t even challenge ourselves to step up to the plate to do the same thing and if we do, we won’t even support our own!

This fact has others salivating at the chance to get at not only our money, but the positioning that Blacks who are unaware can put them in.

Foreigners from countries around the entire world have heard about the “Black Gold” that generously lines the streets of urban America in abundance and fight tooth and nail to get here to realize their dreams of financial success, affluence and power!

But it’s not only the people from distant lands who capitalize on our lack of knowledge to do for self, but many factions here on American soil who never cared to consider us in their ranks have taken a second look at what they can gain from us if we are made to feel we are included in something that can be repackaged and “sold” to our unsuspecting and trusting selves for THEIR benefit!

This can be any faction of the political, religious, corporate or media classifications to name a few.

Remember how the Republican party scrambled to get the attention and backing of the Black community by implementing Michael Steele as the new “FACE” of the party in order to fool Blacks into thinking that they were included in there agenda? We didn’t go for it as we know the tricks of the trade as far as that goes!

In this case I will give Black folks the credit that they deserve, because in human nature, we judge the world by the state of our own
mind and since many of the people in the Republican Party and Tea Party factions range from individuals who are bias toward Blacks to outright card carrying certified racists, many of them use “color only” as a means of distinguishing who they will choose when a
decision must be made down to the wire when having to split hairs to decide.

There are many companies who currently do not consider the Black consumer and do not even desire any public association or patronage from anyone connected to anyone Black. But you can tell when those same very companies go in the “red” they will begin to consider those previously undesirable markets in an attempt to breath some measure of life into their seemingly doomed financial trajectory.

Most top CEO’s know but probably will never admit beyond the shielded walls of the plush corporate boardrooms that the magic formula is when the company is in trouble, you must offer the Blacks an olive branch and let them know that they can be included in the illusion of grandeur because we all know how their esteem depends on what they can prance around with by wearing their wealth on their sleeve.

I’m putting it out there boldly but I am not saying something that you already know about us as a people overall, not all, but some……and out of that “some”, it’s far too many than what is acceptable that we have some deep rooted issues that have us continuously exploited, and if you argue against that fact you are as blind as the rest of them.

The covert movement on the Black community that I began to speak on is the Mormons; The Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ.

In the past decade and beyond, I’ve always noticed these white guys riding around on bicycles in some of the roughest Black neighborhoods in a manner that either had them as fearless or foolish, packin’ heat or on Prozac overload. But the up close and personal experience with their agenda came on a relatively laidback Saturday on my bus route which happened to be the thirty seven route from the Florida Mall to the Park Promenade here in Orlando, Florida.

At first, they were just like anyone else who wanted to get to their destination quick fast and a hurry by public transportation. I didn’t
even recognize them as Mormons because at first, they had light jackets on to cover their shirts but I saw their ties. Is this manner
of garb something unusual? No, not one bit if you live in a big city but in a warmer climate like Orlando on a Saturday unless you had a business meeting to go to late in the afternoon it was highly unlikely! I mean, this is a tourist city, and that corny way that they
were dressed didn’t even come off as corporate. It just looked like two white dudes who were told to wear what they had on because of some function they were forced to attend was about to transpire later on that day. They didn’t even look too comfortable in their skin and had an air of sneakiness in their demeanor.

When I drive my bus, I constantly scan the inside of the bus through the review mirror to make sure all is going well with my passengers. As a self proclaimed expert on body language, I pretty much can “read” a persons intentions or mindset after a few moments of observing them like a fish in a fish tank. I can tell if a person is at peace with themselves just as I can tell if someone is anxious or upset. Even if I never laid eyes on them before I can kind of pick up where their head is at for that particular moment. These two guys for some reason gave me the creeps as well as making the red flags go up in my head!

This was going to be an interesting observance indeed…….

As the various passengers boarded and exited the bus in routine fashion, these two young men who I place to be about in their late
twenties have split up from sitting next two each other in the middle of the bus with one moving to the last row and the other staying put positioned in the center.

I got the feeling that the gentleman in the back was there to pretty much look out to see the overall movement of the people on the bus and to watch his partners back…….

…….but for what?

Well, it became obvious what they were there for and how they were going to utilize the remaining time on the bus ride doing once the gentleman sitting in the middle pulled out a Bible and began to act as though he was reading it with his head down while casing the entire bus in a manner unknown to those who sat around him oblivious to his movements.

Why did he look around so sneakily?

His body movements didn’t match up with someone who had a Bible in his lap reading it. I also noticed that he continually looked up into the mirror that I used to look within the bus as if he wanted to make sure that I was unaware of what he was about to do. Our eyes met frequently and I got the same vibe as when I worked in the jail and prison when an inmate was about to do something but was waiting for the perfect time to do so. Lots of uncomfortable tensions were in the air as it was a strange few moments indeed!

Now on any given Saturday in any neighborhood in the early afternoon you can find some pretty good looking young women walking about doing their various tasks, shopping, going to the mall and trekking around with friends etc., but in the black neighborhoods the amount of good looking and sexy women border on the level of an infestation! Lol! Everywhere you turn here comes another one that looks even better than the one before! Thank God I am not a young man coming up through adolescence in this present day. I wouldn’t make it too far without getting in some deep trouble…….

Well lo and behold, entering the bus now were an entire “flock” of young ladies who appeared to be in their early twenties and
enthusiastically chatting away, giggling about some guy driving past them moments earlier while they stood on the bus stop in a car really slow who tried to talk to them while he stroked and expose himself…….

The things I overhear…….

My days are always interesting to say the least.

I asked them if they needed a transfer but because of their laughter they didn’t hear me but they all knew that I tried to say something. The laughter stopped. They asked me what I said with such an attitude as though I shouldn’t have said anything to them at all. I was only trying to do my job I. A polite manner but oh well…….

But I noticed that my bible wielding inmate acting buddy who sat on the bus had a very eager look on his face once those young ladies entered the bus. It wasn’t necessarily a look of lust because I studied his face well as they swiped there fare card one by one but he possessed the determined focused look of a football player about to tackle seven players coming at him with tremendous force.

What was that facial expression all about?

Well those ladies didn’t pay him any mind and his partner in the back seemed to give him a look of approval and a slight nod as if he was giving him some type of permission to do something while he looked on nestled away at a safe distance in the rear of the bus. They really couldn’t see that I was watching them like a hawk!

After the women seated themselves just behind him, he got up and changed his seat just to sit amongst them. It was obvious and he
wasn’t trying to hide it. They were all wide eyed and passive to see what was up with this dude and offered no visible resistance in their body language and I say this for a reason…….

Had it been me as a civilian to get up out of my seat and sit next to them in a public setting such as this, I wouldn’t have been met with
the same accepting smiles and relaxed body language from my own sisters the same way that they appeared for this white guy who at this point Lord knew what was up his sleeve. This in not every Black woman, but I have encountered this all my life when you run across those superficial types who are the Saturday afternoon “Divas” once they’ve finished at the beauty parlor and are on their way to the mall to purchase an outfit for the club that night. They will screw up their faces at you as though they are thinking to themselves “I know this poor looking  big headed old bastard is not trying to talk to ME!” Yet I could actually be doing them a favor warning them of a local neighborhood convicted stalker who has been unknowingly eyeing them down and will most likely get off on the same stop as them or maybe their designer bag is wide open exposing a wad of cash that would look so attractive to a thief. But these same women would NEVER give a white man that same type of look because they don’t have that ingrained level of disrespect for them even if that man was a rotten as they think all Black men are! Just a thought.

Apparently he was some type of missionary because after getting himself in position to his “all accepting” and “willingly captive”
audience this young gentleman began to ask the ladies what faith did they believe in…….

And the exchange went something like this:

Missionary: Tell me about your belief.

Females: We are all Christians who believe in Jesus Christ.

Missionary: Wonderful! I see that we are on the same page…….

Females: Yes we are, what church do you belong to?

Missionary: We belong as members to the Church of the Latter Day Saints, the Mormon faith, have you ever heard of them?

Females: Sort of, I mean, they DO believe in Jesus Christ right? I heard of them but never knew any personally, what exactly are they all about?

The Mormon gentleman went on to describe in a slanted detail what the Mormon faith was all about and made it quite appealing to these young ladies who soaked it up without question. He pushed their “book” as an addendum to the Bible in a very coy manner. It was clear to me that he was not telling the whole story about the Mormon faith and that he knew he hit pay dirt with his captive audience because they had nothing to ask or inquire about. The were the stereotypical superficial Christians, carnal, worldly and very much vain. No depth whatsoever. They didn’t really seem to be very much informed on their OWN faith so they really didn’t possess the proper base to question anyone else on theirs.

Isn’t this the case in the Black community overall?

We claim to believe in what we believe in because it was handed down to us as the truth so we took it and ran with it and wore it like a pair of shoes two sizes too small. Even when it was obvious that something wasn’t right with it we dare not question its validity from the fear of a massive chastisement from our family, friends and entire community. We kept the thoughts of the obvious contradictions all to ourselves and sought the crucial answers in many improper places that maybe we shouldn’t have ventured.

But the purpose of sharing my thoughts on this wasn’t to speak only on how the Mormons have tried to get a few converts in a neighborhood of color but from what I have observed they have targeted the Black community to boost their bottom line for years to come by slipping in on the Black woman.

Now what a minute Scurv, how can you say THAT just from those guys riding your bus?

Take my word on this for the sake of brevity, those gentleman stayed on my bus for the entire eight hour shift except for the layovers where the went to the restroom. They ONLY targeted Black women who were alone on the bus. That particular bus route goes at one end through a predominantly Black neighborhood and gradually makes its way through some mixed communities and tourist areas as well as shopping hubs. There are always SOME Black women there on the bus but there are ALWAYS women of other races there also, on this day I saw them approach NO ONE ELSE except the Sisters!

I found that to be strange because I didn’t think this at first but it was definitely a pattern, especially how sneakily they did it.

At another point a group of people boarded the bus and they were a mixed bunch, but the Black woman that came on the bus happened to be in front of a Black man who wasn’t “with” her but they ended up sitting near to each other but not next to each other. The Mormon missionary made a point before he sat next to the Black woman to ask the Black man who sat near her if he with with her. Wow! If all you are interested in was missionary work and sharing your belief with the world then what would it matter if she was with that gentleman or NOT?

No, I am not trying to insinuate that this guy was after some Black “booty” but I am saying directly in shoot from the hip fashion is that:



But then again we can say that in many arenas and it goes deeper than just merely the color of ones skin, it goes deep into the spiritual realm BECAUSE of the melanin that we possess as Black people and the role that we are SUPPOSED to be playing in the war of good and evil in this designated time as the chosen people of the sun.

Sounds crazy now doesn’t it? But believe it or not this is what it all about.

I think I said too much of a mouthful at this point but if you stay tuned here I will definitely share the results of my intensive research and the conclusions that I have come to thus far.

But if truth be told, the Black community is viewed by many as a junkyard of broken parts to be taken from to aid the benefit of others. Those parts may have been broken by an oppressive system, but if joined on or grafted to another agenda then its natural power has now become acceptable because it now fuels someone else’s cause. But using this God given strength for our own benefit is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

The Black woman is usually now the head of the household without a man of note who is holding things down as he should. We all know the scenario. Statistically he is not there and not the presence that he should be. Yes, there are MANY Black men who are doing their jobs as Fathers and providers of wisdom, guidance and protection. But when you do not have a man on his post that family and household are wide open for anyone to come in and become the “head” of that household. And where the head goes the body follows. Many different factions understand this and view the Black woman as a valuable commodity for the growth of their movement. When you get the single (As targeted by that Mormon missionary) Black woman to submit to your doctrine, you will then get her offspring easily because they will have been brought up in the faith and are least likely to question it.

But if a strong Black man is present in that situation then it will be tougher to gain the benefits of his seed because a head is already on the body. This is my take on it and I was really deep into my meditation as I drove that bus and observed the strategy being played out in front of me.

We as a people have been attacked and oppressed relentlessly because of who we are and the role we are supposed to eventually play in this thing called spiritual warfare. we have been given a watered down Jesus to worship that has been compromised by the carnal entities of this world. It’s now a “feel good” kind of religion that appeals to our out of control need to be recognized, our craving for materialism and all of the “things” that the evil “angel of light” will place at our feet to appeal to us and lead us right into hellfire with the rest of his demons.

And to be honest most of us do not see it. So we have all of these wayward warped substitute variations on God’s word coming at us feverishly to gain our support and we are not even schooled in how to discern what is authentic and what is fraudulent. How does the Bible verse go?

Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from a lack of knowledge.

Well that is what is happening right before our very eyes as groups such as the Mormons move right in boldly to indoctrinate Black people into something that didn’t even want anything to do with them not too long ago so what gives?

I mean if anything, why don’t we have any so called God fearing loving groups moving into the Black community to help to RESTORE us into a whole family and as we were created to be?

Mormons are NOT ever going to be concerned with the plight of the Black family as we are the most endangered family unit on the face of the earth! This is not racism, this is a damn emergency! We need to step it up as MEN to bring our house into order because as out house burns down to the ground there are others who are swooping in to take the precious possessions that belong to us out of it for their OWN benefit and not ultimately ours!

So the next time you see these grinning happily dazed looking Mormons riding around your neighborhood at night OR the day, ASK them what are they going to do to help the downtrodden condition of OUR people as WE are statistically at the bottom rung of the ladder and by all appearances THAT rung will soon be broken and never expected to return!

The sleeping giant that is the Black man and Black family needs to be awakened to be able to benefit ALL of mankind as we are here to do a job that from what all appearances we are not ready to perform!

Pray for us but don’t prey ON us!

Leave your comments below and thanks for your ear…….

God bless you.

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October 24, 2011 1:45 PM

Trapped in the Matrix. It takes spiritual awakening to rescue people from the conscious coma.

October 23, 2011 2:26 PM

Why are we blacks always lower down the food chain. When are we ever going to make it to the top of the food chain

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