When Building A Legacy, There Is No Jumping To The Front Of The Line!

Where have these twisted expectations come from where we think that we can circumvent hard work?

Why is it that no one ever wants to allow themselves to learn their craft and bring it to the highest levels of development through toiling on it over the years.

What happened to marrying ones chosen field of excellence and slowly but surely rising up through the ranks to be recognized as an authority on it whether the masses always agree with you or not?

Why do many of us feel as though there is a shortcut to becoming a Master Craftsman (Or woman)?

In the is day and age of modern gadgetry, we don’t ever want to wait for anything anymore. We want what we want NOW and to hell with going through any damn process that takes longer than the click of a button.

It’s really the blowback from the technological amenities that we now have that has ruin the human spirit.

You can’t tell me that our great grandparents enjoyed their meals less than we do now because they had to painfully take their time through every phase of meal preparation to manifest a culinary delight that would blow the senses away at first bite! Their appreciation for what was created in the kitchen over an entire day would flood their senses at that first coveted bite!

So how could one expect that a hastily ordered super swift quickly concocted fast food meal of chemical bio-paste formed to resemble a nutritious offering made for human consumption to trick the tastes buds into thinking that they have consumed something of great nutritive benefit is anywhere near the meals that our forefathers enjoyed that kept them healthy strong and equipped for the endless hours of physical labor that they breezed through in an effortless manner?

American Diet

Microwave ovens, smartphones and bank cards are truly modern marvels that have helped expedite the time that it takes to accomplish our daily tasks but yet it has somehow robbed the human spirit of its need for independence as we have become willingly crippled because we push less because of the boost that are afforded by these contraptions.

The chefs of yesteryear HAD to be better as they were forced to toil in the kitchen the good old fashioned gadget free way.

The writers from the golden years of the press had to be more efficient without having Spellcheck and the ability to “Copy & Paste”.

The athletes from pre-millenium decades were truly the record setters without the tissue bloating indulgence of performance enhancing drugs, blood doping, creatine and steroids.

You see, the modern records of the present day that seemingly blow away any long held recorded achievement from the previous mid-century tells a partial story and really is a cardboard cutout and paper thin representation as to what was enjoyed in those days as the true triumph of the human spirit.

There is now more emphasis on the external more than ever before when it comes time to creating a legacy than the molding of the character behind the record or accumulation of those signature moments that brand an individual as a grand master and respected participant/contributor to their craft.

You notice that I have constantly used the word craft in this article and I have to say that most of us do not see what it is that we do AS a craft, it’s a superficial race to gain more followers on the social media merry go round that really amounts to nothing more that the illusion of accomplishment and robs both the pursuant of the craft and the fan at the same time of a quality expression.

Speaking of social media, I can truly see where it has helped many of die hard craftsmen who have created legacies and movements but at the same time I can clearly see where there are those who work just as hard to appear as though they are an authentic entity with a long list of achievements that amount to a true legacy when in fact they are about as fraudulent as a three dollar bill.

The internet has become a haven for the hucksters indeed.

Investigation, validation a readily available Google search box is the sword that causes these types to tremble for sure.

Google Search Box

Cyberspace is infested with slick talking wholesome appearing frauds who after a deeper inspection, turn up nothing more than hot air when you look into the credentials that have been carefully tailored and the sales pitches that have been meticulously scripted in order to appear to be more than what they really are. So many of these characters pretend to be the authority of their chosen area of expertise yet when asked to take off their cyber masks they are dumbfounded because many of them have something to hide.

These types are not about creating a legacy but are all about the mighty dollar! They know that the shelf life of their particular hustle is not going to last very long so they push their product with all of their might to gain as much money and notoriety as they can while the going is good!

Yet these same types siphon the confidence levels from the unknowing consumers who have had the misfortune of being “jobbed” by these types and when they run into the real authentic article they are apprehensive to embrace it because of their prior negative experiences with that well dressed fraud.

The only way to shine when you have something of worth to offer is to stay in the battle for the long haul! Never try to compete with the hucksters and frauds because YOU will merely appear as they do! You must continue to studiously toil on in your craft in a humble manner and sometimes must be very understanding as those who have been faithful in their support of you run off to those who have no degree of substance only to find out over time that you were the real thing all along.

Don’t hold that against them because people are definitely easily led and will tend to run with the flashier facade every now and again as it is merely human nature with a sprinkling of immaturity to do so.

…….this will only make you look better.

When building a legacy, there IS no jumping to the front of the line!

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A true craftsman enjoys the process of legacy building while the fraud wants no part of that same process because it can potentially expose them for what they are……


A person who possesses a true love for what they do knows their craft inside out and can spew forth a never ending volley of interesting anecdotes about their “love” effortlessly and endlessly while the fraud has to “get back with you” after researching something that they should already know if they were truly a purist in their particular lane of endeavor.

The legacy building person is sauteed’ in their craft while the fraud is quickly microwaved and must be consumed quick or won’t be as effective as when they first caught your eye.

You can’t nuke a gourmet meal in two minutes. You can’t have great sex with just two humps (Unless it those delicious final two humps that you are counting! LOL!). Great art cannot be created with merely one stroke of the brush. Therefore true legacies are not measured by a huge amount of Facebook “likes” or an ever growing legion of Twitter followers.

Social Media Bandwagon

Yes, social media numbers can truly be a misleading gauge of what is truly at the core of ones attractiveness in what one does online, but it does not tell the whole story because in this day and age, a person can become famous overnight riding on the back of a viral video yet in a few hours flat become a forgotten ancient relic as the attentions of the masses are turned to the next big gimmick that titillates their senses.

People can be so fickle but at the same time they do understand when they are experiencing something that has taken many years to develop. This is the difference between those who are the fly by night cyber shysters and one who has dedicated their life to the development of a craft for the love and passion of it regardless if a ton of money is coming in from it or not.

True passion cannot be photoshopped.

You either have it or you don’t.

A reactionary faux enthusiasm will never take you to the heights because the fuel that it runs on is fraudulent. No one who has created a body of work and a consistent track record of producing a steady stream of expressions no matter what the arena, has done it by getting around the hard work that is required that is actually a joy to endure!

Quality effort brings quality results, and if you do not believe this then come and see me in five years and look at the others who are making the loudest noise but won’t be here at that time because they have realized that they didn’t have what it takes nor did they really even care to know what a real legacy is made of. Long-suffering and patience is NOT a desired attribute these types yet it’s a mandatory character trait that will prove the holder victorious each and every time! Without those traits, one is doomed to failure but to tell the truth they already know this and this is why they try so hard to jump to front of the line.

Your Google search box lies for NO ONE! Try it sometime and watch that lying name dropping “fake background having” hustling huckster sweat and shake!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Long-suffering & Patient Brother,


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