When Will Some Of Us Realize That Some Things Will Never Change?

When will the masses of people who happen to not resemble the so called mainstream population of this place called the United States of America understand that the mental sickness called racism will never go away for those who are infected and it really is just a waste of time to attempt to try and work along with these twisted individuals who in the end will refuse to see you as anything other than something inferior and animalistic?

When will we begin to pull away from the longsuffering of being bashed and put down in every conceivable way merely because of the color of our skin? Isn’t it a bit late in the game in this new year called 2012 for these same old tired mentalities to exist and even more so in the positions of power that these very individuals hold in order to inflict their ailment on us?

Sure, we have a lot of work to do in our downtrodden poor communities, but it doesn’t make it any better when those of us who have had the good fortune to rise above the fray to have to continually validate and qualify ourselves time and time again as though our achievements have a limited shelf life and after a time must be put back to the end of the line again only to have to fight hard as though you never did anything in the first place?

Rick Santorum

I for one am tired of this system and feel that it is nothing more than a street corner game of three card molly that keeps everyone and everything where it is in every category of American life because those who have the upper hand will never seek to release their evil grip from around the necks of those who are exploited and oppressed. Why should they want to do such a thing when they are benefiting from our ignorance?

What exploiter desires to educate and empower the exploited?

Why do so many of put so much energy into the day to day inner workings of the political sphere yet don’t ever look in the mirror to control what it is that they do within the area of THEIR life to make the necessary changes that will bring them to a brighter day and a better place in their lives?

Stop looking to a people who can’t stand you because you are Black and separate your mentality from trying so hard to join on them because you will find that at the end of the day (Or rather, at the twilight of your life!) that nothing has ever really changed.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!

Know that you were born with a divine purpose that is so much bigger than wasting your energy on a street corner waving a huge sign to campaign for a politician who in the end doesn’t give a damn about you when all is said and done.

Reach out to your Sister in the homeless shelter and teach her how to empower herself by teaching her whatever she needs to know to make it on her own for herself and her children!

Reach out to that one Brother (Or more) who from what you can see is on the wrong path and catch him before the police get him caught up in a system that profits from having him as a tagged pigeon for life in the prison system to fuel the finances of the state.

Catch him early and show him by example the power that he possesses that was never taught to him in a public school system that was designed to put him to sleep and be a sitting duck for those employers who want him to think that the only way that he can make it is to slave on their corporate plantation for pennies on the dollar when he could probably do better by going to school and cutting GRASS if need be to make his money as long as he has his own business license!

At least he won’t be exploited and can make his money on his own terms and never get locked up because he is playing by the rules and can stand tall as a man just like those on the other side of town who aren’t any better but act as though they are because of the silver spoon in their mouth they were born with!

As you can see, we are empowered to make the change and make the difference in our communities and in our world and it starts with doing for self! There is no racist politician, police officer, corrections officer, judge, district attorney or slick talking deal making two faced lawyer that really cares about you to come out of their profit driven mentality to help us at the root as we should do!

Stop giving these devils your precious energy and time of day because when you read the fine print you will always come up with the short end of the stick.

Is this Godly to see you as inferior and reveal what is in their hearts from the comments that they make? Of course not! No matter how many Black babies they kiss in a photo opprtunity to the press or how many Black churches they may visit to sing in the choir while clasping hands with a smile on their face while redlining you, profiling you and planning your doom, you are to banish these hateful entities from your world until your change comes from your adherence to a divine law that will ALWAYS work for you!

Keep your mind on the divine principles that will bring you in a success that you have been seeking at the foot of one who sees you as nothing more than a liability and the scum of the earth.

That’s a heck of an assessment and truth for a place that calls themselves a “Christian Nation!”

I know one thing is for sure, if Christ returned to my neighborhood today, He would probably be scorned, harassed, profiled, pulled over and locked down for no other reason than for the color of His skin!

Think not?

Just go to any inner city lock-down and tell me how many are there with hair like lambswool and feet like burnished brass…….

It’s time to do for self and no the game here in Amerikkka…….your answer will NOT come from playing by their slanted rules in THEIR tainted system!

I found my biggest joy when I gave up on this system many years ago to think independently for myself and do not feel the frustrations of those who are all tied up in this order.

It’s a great feeling, you ought to try it sometime!

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