When Will We Finally Wake Up From This Nightmare Called The American Dream?

Why are Americans the last to know that in the United States of America it is all about business?

Why is it that everyone else that just got here seems to thrive on these shores faster than the individuals who believed in this system and are homegrown?

I believe it’s because America has always been about money only and the corporate interests who benefit greatly from our collective ignorance.

While it would be a bit redundant to most to go through the well documented (But not spoken on enough!) historic events that have molded the Black psyche in this country to what it is today. With that being a constant consideration understand that even the America that White Americans have enjoyed has been snatched away from them abruptly leaving them to know how those of us feel who never had the dream in the first place!

Now you see White America crying out in a manner that echoes the cry of the Black communities across the country. And although it may be similar in tone it could never be the same.

We as Black people have suffered the most tragic realities at those same very hands that the Occupy Wall street movement participants protest robustly in every corner of the U.S. but it takes front and center stage because it is not considered a Black movement but one of economic equality.

But don’t get me wrong, this movement includes everyone and has a huge Black voice, but why does our discomforts have to be encased in the covering of a movement with another label before it is even acknowledged?

I mean, when the notorious Crack epidemic was ripping through the Black and Latino communities like a category 5 hurricane on low lying coastal waters, why wasn’t there an outcry from the general mainstream (Watch the code words now!) population until the Crack demon showed up behind their upper middle class gated communities?

Now that the whole of America knows the feeling of being unsure about their future they now know what we have lived are entire lives knowing and actually made it a way of life where we as Black people have even thrived under those tense mental/physical/spiritual conditions like an unwanted weed in a garden of roses.

But how can we be heartbroken now that others are feeling the noose of economic uncertainty tighten around their neck when this is exactly what we have cried out about for so long? It’s almost like the slave master feeling as though the slaves should feel sorry for him having any firewood to warm his cozy home in the fiercest of winters when those same slaves sleep out in the shack without any fires burning to keep them warm at all! How much more can WE cry? And if we do it should be for our cause of independence and and a collective economic uplift that the masses of us have yet to enjoy!

But the main thought behind this article since I’ve gotten a little off topic is that we as Americans are the last to find out that what was formerly known as the American dream is now an illusion. It will remain an illusion until you realize that you need to change your thinking and approach this place just like everyone else who comes here to take the money and run or like those who were born and raised here who have no disillusioned feelings of patriotism but understand that this country for the rest of the world is merely one big money making opportunity. We have become a nation of dependents who produce nothing and will begin to sink under and fall behind the emerging nations of this world who will supply for us what we should be self sufficient in supplying for ourselves!

For those of you who are in the armed forces you must understand that you aren’t fighting for this country, you are merely fighting for the corporate interests all over the world in the name of war.

Understand that you have been duped after watching so many hours of these news programs that are merely nothing more than propaganda tools to keep you in check like trained puppies! The will fabricate some type of threat and off we go feeling like heroes to go out and get the so called boogie man while those who have never lifted a finger to fight for your country sit back and enjoy the benefits of all of the killing that has been down in the name of patriotism.

I have known many people who are misinformed and will fight you down to the bone in debate in telling you that “our” military is the best in the world! This particular friend of mine will brag about the military but doesn’t feel safe enough to take a walk late at night in the streets! So if his military was so effective then why can’t he as a citizen walk freely without the threat of bodily harm be levied at him if the wrong neighborhood is ventured into?

So what good is having a military that can protect and/or invade the entire world when you can’t even be safe in the very country that you claim to love so much? Who is our military? who protects us from the unfair practices of the rogue cops and the other meek law enforcement who refuse to speak out on the wrong doing of their fellow officers under the so called blue wall of silence? Some American dream this has been and now the nightmare has begun to spread to your doorstep and now you want to protest and be heard.

After listening to a few broadcasts of a different political belief system it was shared that the Occupy Wall Street protests were funded by the Obama Administration as a counter attack toward the Tea Party and that many of the protesters are being paid twenty-two dollars an hour to maintain the intensity of the demonstrations. Interesting. These days you just don’t know what to believe but what I do know is what I have experienced in this country and that the pains, obstacles and frustrations that I have endured are very much a real thing!

The bottom line is that it is time to pool your resources and to think beyond the boundaries of these shores to seek a peaceful God fearing life elsewhere. Because Lord knows that there will be NO PEACE in a place where is NO FEAR OF GOD in the first place!

Do like all of the other foreigners, immigrants and well to do affluent here and take what money you can get from this imbalanced system and get the hell out while you can! And only if we can do this can we answer the question posed in the title of this blog and wake up from this nightmare called the American dream…….

How long can a sinking ship stay afloat in the violent turbulent waters of a satanic hurricane?

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