When You Are The President, Some Black People Just Forget All About You When You Have Nothing To Give Them!

Seems like poor Black folks don’t know President Barack Obama anymore because he didn’t pay their rent, take care of the light bill and erase all of their debts that came out of a foolish mind to live above their means!

A cruel thing to mention you say?

No. I don’t think it is. Because I remember this time four years ago you couldn’t keep the name of then Senator Barack Obama’s name out of their mouths. I mean, it was the first time that many heard of him and the only reason why “some” of these folks got interested in politics was because he is Black!

Now of course I don’t mean this about every Black person walking across this place called America, but a great amount of them, and if you really think about it then you will KNOW that I am saying the truth!

…….and oh Lord how they jacked up his name back then! I’ve heard every possible mispronounced version of his name that you could imagine! “Senator Obacka” “Mo-bama” “Bo-Rama” “O-Rama” and even a drunk dude who rides my bus who referred to him as “Yo-Mama!” But regardless as to HOW they pronounced his name they knew one thing – that he was a Black man and that all of worries on ALL levels would be OVER! The heavens have parted and their savior has arrived. Life would soon be one big ‘hood block party of unlimited indulgences, carnal pleasures and every carefree desire realized in reckless abandon, ALL with their Black President footing the bill and wiping away their transgressions because we now had the direct “Hook Up From A Brother UP TOP!”

What in the heck were THEY thinking?

Now this is in no way an attempt to put down the downtrodden misinformed Blacks down, but when you are out in the trenches of the street because of your particular employ like me you can’t help but shake your head at some of the ignorant utterances that can come out of the mouths of a people (Some, not all!) who in many instances don’t even have a clue as to how the political process even works! I’m sorry if you are getting angry at what I am saying but then again I really can’t be because this is what I see only a daily basis amongst the people! And why I am saying this is because as Senator Barack Obama’s campaign got closer to that fateful history making time of voting, the less knowledgeable amongst us were into it the hardest via what they were directly fed on CNN or the other various propaganda news media outlets.

Who could forget how hard the world jumped for joy when Senator Barack Obama was elected to be President? The world stood still even with all of the major issues that we had and still have on the planet. For those first few moments it was like living in some surreal dream, not so much that it was a color thing from my side, but for the fact that a color barrier had been broken in a system that has a long history of going against anything of worth and value that happens to be Black.

So to see this barrier broken made one feel that it was a special time even though I know that this was still a political thing at its core. I couldn’t help but feel a hype that was to me more comparable to watching the winning moments and highlights of a World Wide Wrestling Federation match because if the truth be told I for one am not the biggest fan or believer in the political process in America! I believe that change first comes from within when you DO FOR SELF!

There is no man in any political office that can motivate me better than myself and I know that most of them are driven to say the right things that the gullible people want to hear JUST to get into office and subsequently follow their OWN agenda.

So this is where I couldn’t get into that “Obama’s going to wipe away my bad credit” routine or that all of a sudden having a Black President will close the vast divide cause by institutionalized racism in the blinking of an eye! I wasn’t buying into this hype as so many others have and if the truth be told I knew that in some areas of American life things would get tougher for Blacks because of the fact that a Black man is the Chief Executive Officer of the United States and MANY Whites and others just would not be able to stomach this!

So while poor Black folks were puffing their chests out and making a point to thumb their noses at the racists in their midst who may have a modicum of political power, they really didn’t understand that this euphoria would be short lived and in that they would eventually withdraw any interest in that same political process that they were all into at the time when they thought there was something in it for them.

It’s almost like losing interest in the beauty pageant once your favorite representative was voted out of the running for the title. Now those same Black folks are disgruntled, disconnected and upset that their realities didn’t change and that their was no trace of a lifetime President Obama ‘hood block party!

They hated the fact that you STILL had to get up and go to work. They STILL had to budget their finances or face major loses as the ability to live from paycheck to paycheck was getting to be a harder hat trick than ever before. So the ‘hood hustles amplified and the saggin’ pants and accompanying felonies and hoochie pregnancies increased as the need to escape via unprotected sex, smartphones and idle violence producing gossip continued unrestrained.

But speaking of smartphones and not meaning to get off of the subject, isn’t it messed up that we bow our heads MORE to check the next insignificant gossip laced text message on our smartphones than to give thanks to the one God who gave us the gift of life, good health and the hope of a brand new day? I just had to say that…….

So now as a bus driver here in Florida I was quite surprised that most Black people that rode my bus did not even know that President Barack Obama was making an appearance to speak as a stop on his campaign trail at the Rollins College located in Winter Park Florida, just a short drive from the various ‘hoods that I travel through that couldn’t have been more than a twelve minute drive (Including the traffic lights) by car.

Barack Obama

My bus route takes me RIGHT THROUGH the very street of the building where the President was to speak and there would be major delays if not a complete stand still altogether! The latter was the case and I found myself almost two hours behind me schedule and having to face an angry mob of poor (Not all) Black folks who were already angry at the bus system here in Orlando Florida that to them could never get it right!

The comments came to me in a rapid fire succession and the expressions of rage in the peoples faces made individuals that I actually knew appear unrecognizable…….

“Where were you? Don’t you know I GOT to go to work?”

“I’m calling your supervisor and telling him to TAKE your job because you guys are playing games with my time!”

“There ain’t NO reason for you to be late man! This just don’t make NO kind of sense!”

…….the comments continued for the remainder of a trip that halfway through during one of my longer red lights I decided to “inform” my passenegrs that if they had any idea to keep up with the local news then they would have known that President Obama was in town for a campaign speech that if they REALLY were in support of him would have made the time to attend to SHOW their support! But NO! They didn’t even realize that he was here in there very city just a stones throw away.


Look, if you could have seen the look of stupidity on their faces you would have been angered as I was because the way we as Black people can go on is ridiculous and downright embarrassing!

…….the bus trip the entire time thereafter was silent to the point where you could hear a PIN DROP!

Lynx Bus

Now what was really interesting was that as we ventured from the predominantly middle class (Yes, there are STILL some of us left that are Black and middle class!) and distressed African-American neighborhoods into the eventual more affluent White neighborhoods that my bus route takes me through, there were more White people filing in on that SAME bus who parked their cars from a short distance from the President’s campaign speaking engagement to support the man who they believe would continue to be the best man in office to run this country. Now to be real about it, the Winter Park area of Central Florida is really located in Republican country and even THEY had more reverence for the man who holds the office of the Presidency even though their political agenda is diametrically opposed to his!

Amazing isn’t it?

Here we had happy cheerful upbeat Whites who came from near and far to BRING money in support of President Obama sitting amongst those Blacks with attitudes and screwed facial expressions who weren’t even aware that their President was in town unless a big handout was announced to GIVE them money!

But rewind back four years ago and if Barack Obama came to town they would have WALKED over to the Winter Park area from Pine Hills, Rosemont, Parramore, Washington Shores, Carver Shores, Tangelo Park, Orange Center, Eatonville and Apopka as well the many other countless neighborHOODS where many of these same poor Black folks live.


…….because their “buddy” at the time President Barack Obama in THEIR mind had something ($$$$) to give them.

What a sad testimony to the work ethic of SOME of us.

This leads me to believe that no matter WHAT transpires in our midst on a positive and very inspiring level that some of us are still going to sit on our fat asses and wait for a handout until the day we die. The only status that some of us qualify for is the status of being the walking dead. So really why should they even BE mad if the bus is a little late? They were probably rushing to some foolish event of buffoonery that wasn’t life changing anyway!

So you say that the First Black President is in town to speak to the people about the pertinent issues of the day that might affect the trajectory of our lives in a very major way? So what? I got a booty shaking contest to go to at the neighborhood shoot-em-up hole in the wall club tonight!

You can lead a horse to water but……….

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