Where Are All Of The George Zimmerman Supporters Now?

Karma is a Bitch they say, and as the true character of George Zimmerman unfurls for the world to see, everyone will know that old George is definitely in the cross-threads of an angry pissed off Karma indeed.

His latest incident which resulted in an arrest, had him putting a shotgun in the face of his current girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, and then locking her out of the house…….her OWN house! Held without bail? Someone is catching on!

Samantha Scheibe

This incident took place in Apopka Florida where Zimmerman, 30, was taken into custody according to Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Not only that, he placed his own 911 call to the police in order to play the role of the victim after she made her initial call.

That’s a definite case of manipulation and as you can see, George Zimmerman is the master of it and has learned to play whatever role he needs to get over on a situation very well.

But this is not anything new that we didn’t know about as the facts of his character came out during the Trayvon Martin trial of which he was acquitted of all charges. We all knew that he had issues with self control and that he was on a power trip with his phallic symbol of a firearm now didn’t we?

George Zimmerman Arrested

Poor George probably suffers from a unhealthy dose of the short man’s complex sprinkled with a little penis envy because deep down he acts as though he doesn’t “measure up!”

What else could explain his antics as this fool has carried on as though his every action wouldn’t make the news. He’s has failed to realize that even if he spits in the gutter the wrong way that the news cameras will be there to put it out there to the world that it’s something noteworthy.

Zim Graphic

So why would this imbalanced wreck waiting to happen continue to tempt fate and carry on with the actions that continue to keep him in the public eye as well as arrested?

And if I may ask, for those who called Travon Martin a thug for the few internet pictures of him raising his middle finger for the world to see, then what is George Zimmerman for pushing a shotgun in the face of a woman in her OWN HOUSE?


Where are all of the so called decent human beings who supported George Zimmerman now?

Why are you all so quiet?

You see, if you were to check the Facebook pages of most 17 year old’s you just might find that they are acting out their rebellious period for the world to see. The middle fingers, the profanity and the acting out would be something that most who indulge in this personal metamorphosis into the more common sense place of adulthood would pretty much be embarrassed at what they did and wish it could vaporize.

How many of us have done and said things as a teenager that looking back we would probably wonder what in the heck were WE thinking?

It didn’t stop us from growing up into being responsible law abiding hard working citizens but when you look into the actions of George Zimmerman, a man who many felt represented them in their feelings to banish the big Black Thug of a Bogeyman, you quickly realize that HE doesn’t have the excuse of the wayward teenage years to excuse him for his dangerous irresponsible “thug-like” ways!

You’ve got to understand that the media can make anyone out to be a criminal for their purposes as the real story is not as attractive as the well spun tale that they twist around to keep you glued to the screen while the lucrative advertisements of their sponsors seep deep into the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind.

George Zimmerman's Lawyers

So when you have a story that contains the fiery elements of race, murder and the threat of one who is demonized nightly on every network across the country on the nightly news, you have a situation that is a virtual goldmine to all who have a hand in presenting it to the public.

So to all who blindly supported George Zimmerman because you thought that he represented all that you felt towards that mythical Big Black Thug to whom you all are terrified of I ask HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW?

You see, the news channels and media are responsible more so of the twisted perception that has infested the minds of White Amerikkka making it hard for me to go a week without being pulled over by the police as I go to and from work because I “fit the description” of a suspicious person in my own damn neighborhood where I own my own home and pay taxes to ensure that these cops even HAVE a salary!


We have a young man laying dead in the ground who will never know the joys and challenges of life while the one who cut his life down short can live on to terrorize any community that he lives in as well as his public displays of an unaddressed mental imbalance that will continue to keep him in the headlines until he meets the right one who will snuff his dumb ass for good!

In my closing I say to all George Zimmerman supporters that you all should be ashamed of yourselves for your blind support of this killer and that you’ve been played by the media big time! You need to sit down quiet somewhere with you tail between your legs and your head up your own ass because of how insensitive you’ve been to the victim as opposed to the pedestal that you gave to a punk who you’re now finding out is truly a murderer.

But why should I be upset, Amerikkka and it’s people have always made heroes out of the bad guys and twisted the account of their stories around calling it history stuffing it down our throats in these schools of indoctrination as though it was the truth!

Again I ask, where are the George Zimmerman supporters now? I dare you to comment! Try me!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Bold Brother,



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