Where Is The Love? Has The Love & Respect That We Had In The Black Community Gone Forever?

There was a time not too long ago in the Black Community where we treated each other like royalty and with great love.

Yes, we’ve always had our fair share of challenges and obstacles to overcome, but at the end of the day it was all love and any differences that we may have had were banished as we moved on to seek the joy of a brand new day.

Throughout all of the oppression, racism, twisted laws that we’ve had to go through after slavery was abolished on paper, we always knew that we could “come home” to a community where our Queens and Kings supported each other and were an escape from a hostile world that hated us simply because of the color of our skin.

We knew the White man despised us and worked overtime to keep us down but we never expected a time when the treatment from our own people would be a continuation of the deadly hate that he displayed to us on a daily basis.

So Queen Kimberly Santana asks the question: “Where Is The Love?”

What happened to that righteous love that we gave to each other in such great abundance and can we ever get it back?

Listen in to this extremely deep verbal exchange shooting straight from the hip and flowing effortlessly from the hearts of Queen Kimberly Santana and The Boldest Man on the ‘Net LanceScurv.

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  • A Charles says:

    All black people need is a fundamental respect for each other forget the

  • mynameisDEL says:

    “The creative brings me great joy”-King Scurv “My body is reserved for a
    black man only”-Queen Kimberly

  • utah canyon says:

    what a profound statement…a white girl can walk butt naked and will not
    be harmed in a hood….so true and so true….wow…i go to windermere or
    islesworth at nite and get the funeral arranged…wow

  • >