Whether It’s 2011 On The Corporate Plantation Or 1711 On The Slave Plantation, For Some Well Trained Negros Things Will NEVER Change!

“Excuse me! Sister-girl done moved up in the world because she’s living in the neighborhood where the white people stay!”

“Girl! She must be making a lot of money too because I heard she is a supervisor over all of those rich white folks! Do you see the kind of cars that THEY drive? So imagine, if she is over THEM then SHE must be getting real fat in the pockets!”

How many of us have overheard such stupid proclamations made about the status of living and working in the same places as whites?

It’s a shame that statements that are born out of immense ignorance are still spoken out loud and even believed to be truth to so many who lack the common sense to understand the world around them.

Granted, there are white communities that are affluent just the same way there are white communities so poor that to be classified as being the poverty line would be a huge step up!

So why do some Blacks say such backward statements?

Well I feel that it is a combination of factors involved here that cause these people to make such comments.

Slavery had so much to do with forming the psyche of many  African-Americans as well as all Blacks who were scattered about the western hemisphere by the same slave ships who may have sprinkled them elsewhere.

Because of our forced subservience and banished sense of culture, we had no choice but to be sitting ducks for the mental inoculation of the European standards of so called beauty that looked down on anything from the opposite end of the spectrum that the Afrikan had to offer to the human family with their beauty. This is why many of our women don’t really feel beautiful unless their strong natural hair is altered by deadening their locks in the process that is known universally as relaxing.

This is why it is so many of us as Blacks are addicted to the creams sold in the “beauty” (Beauty comes from a strong connection and obedience to God and NOT in a damn bottle!) supply stores that guarantee a lighter complexion when used. Many of us do not feel as though they are beautiful with their strongly melanated skin that acts similar to a spiritual solar panel to soak in the righteous rays of the sun therefore allowing you to perceive the plane of the spirit so much easier than one who cannot thrive in that same sun! so you are taught that the sun is bad yet those who scorn everything about you are steady filling of the tanning salons to look like you as well as trying their darndest to have a body like Serena Williams while on the surface making fun of you who look just like her!

But we are so stupid we buy in to the propaganda as though it law. Then we spout these foolish statements that only reflect how far off of the level of righteous consciousness that we really are.

For many of us who were made to feel as inferior during this tragic time in history, the white woman was place atop the sexual food chain and was always made to be something that was beyond the Black man’s reach. Remember, by not seeing his own woman as not that much other than a sperm receptacle, he would dream of knowing what it was like to have her and the sense of empowerment that it brought. So does it really surprise you when our athletes, celebrities and high profile professionals run first to get the very thing that says that you’ve “made it” in this world? And for all of those who may not have done it in that manner, it’s damn sure close when you refuse to even explore the possibility of love and romance with a chocolate skinned Sister because your only preference is a damn ear white looking woman!

I am just touching on a few manifestations of ignorance that we display in this present day and time. We are still very much sick as a people and the other races and cultures know quite well our hangups and phobias.

Different country, same mindset.

When we were enslaved it was the  who had the best of everything. Heck, why wouldn’t he? He had free labor for hundreds of years and it was in this long time span that the captured Black mind marinated in a way of thinking that would still be with us until this very day.

When first captured into bondage, we wanted nothing to do with this strange culture that seemed to go against everything that we believed in as well as the practices that sustained us so strong as a people.

The rich processed food of the overseer literally turned our stomachs, but as the earlier generations of slaves died off and their offspring were born on this foreign soil, it was easier for them to adopt this culture as their own because even though much of what we had from the Motherland was passed down to us in our oral history, eventually much of it began to fade for the common slave who lived his/her life in fear for their life everyday.

It took hundreds of years to indoctrinate us in this manner and it will take at least another thousand years if not longer to move beyond this mental stagnation!

Out of this we have grown men who don’t have an inkling of confidence to be financially independent unless they are paid a fraction of their worth working for someone elses company and really believing to live affluent off of a pre-measured income that was designed to keep you strong enough to return to work yet keep you poor enough to not empower you to build your own money making system and personal finance generator called a business that will empower you to break the shackles of job dependency.

So we feel as though we have accomplished something in being granted a position in a job that can be snatched away and given to some other eager tap dancing fool only to show you that you were dispensable all along in the first place.

We hate ourselves to the Black core and this is why we don’t believe in ourselves to take this God force that is screaming out to be unlocked and unleashed in a righteous manner in our communities to bring about a change that we depend on these slick talking forked tongued politicians to execute for us!

Until that time comes where we can flush our physical, mental and spiritual systems from this poison of indoctrination of self hate then we will always come out of our faces and say the dumb ass statements that were uttered hundreds of years ago on the very plantations where some of us still reside even if on a mental level.

You see, in 2011 many of us have acquired the trinkets, baubles and rubies that being a good little Negro can bring when you just lay down and never think for yourself or love yourself enough to demand FROM yourself what your Creator has for you in abundance and NOT what some damn boss will only allow you to have in the form of a few more pennies earned on the hour.

So until we truly seek to love ourselves as we are and not use the caucasion standards of success, beauty and thinking as the standard, exPECT to hear more asinnine comments such as this during your daily walk…….

“Sister girl was messing with that White guy for a long time and I KNOW that her baby is going to have that good hair!”

“Girl! I have got to do something with my hair, I ain’t going to the church service with it looking nappy like this!”

“He told me that he will have sex with me but he don’t want NO BABIES with me because they will come out too dark!”

…….2011 or 1711, for some Black people or rather “Negros, some things will NEVER change!

Just work on yourself to be an example for the lost but if they don’t want to be enlightened for growth just (Excuse the ebonics! LOL!) “leave them be!”

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