Which Eternity Have You Chosen?

Would we be as hateful if we knew the exact time of our passing over? Maybe we would even be more aware of our God above and thankful for the life that He has given us if we knew HOW we are going to pass away.

I remember reading many years ago in Steven Covey’s book “7 Habits Of Highly Successful People” that we all should begin our tasks and projects with the end in mind. Yes. We should all be aware that this earthly walk is finite and that most often we savor its flavor more so right before we leave this earth.

The problem with us a people is that we take for granted everyday God gives us as though this journey will last forever.

We eat our way to poor health and feel as though it is a game that can be easily reversed by cleaning up our bad ways “tomorrow.”

We fornicate as single people and play around as adulterers while we are married because in our minds we can always ask for forgiveness a split second before we die and God will accept that as a sincere effort to spend an eternity with Him in that glorious place called Heaven.

We treat people as though we are above them in some imagined high superior status never realizing that we are all God’s children who have an equal shot at getting into a place that is so far better than anything here that we could enjoy on earth. Money, power and status will help you not one bit when you stand naked and bare in front of your Creator on the next level. What you do in school in the present grade level will determine where you are placed on the next level of schooling and it is the same on the spiritual plane.

If we knew that today was the day that we were going to die imagine how different this day would look to you?

You would want to make peace with all of the people that you treated unkindly and you would want to spend every second with your cherished ones to share true unconditional love.

If you knew that you were going to die today the gossip that you partake in would lose its ‘sweetness”, you would be angered that someone would want to waste your time with something so trivial when the clock is ticking fast and you are trying to have a meaningful connection before your left on your mysterious journey.

If you knew that you were going to die on this day then that easily available sex session that has been “running you down” wouldn’t even make your blood race from arousal because you know that it wouldn’t be a good thing to do especially when if it is out of the will of God by you not being married to this potential sex partner.

If you knew that death would be knocking at your door today then your tensions would be nonexistent if you lived a life pleasing to God but would go through the roof if all you can see when you look back on the footprints of your life in the sands of time is a total rejection of your Fathers will with the consistent transgressions to His law indulged in.

Hey, I ain’t preaching to you today about anything but I am sharing my thoughts and I have to say that with each day that God blesses me with I know that I am moving closer to that time when He will call me over to have my life righteously scrutinized against the standards of His law and if the truth be told if He took me right now I would not be ready at all! Now that’s a frightening thought and I am facing it now so I don’t have to be in shock when I realized that I could have made a decision but chose to ignore it until it is too late like so many others.

Trust me, as a man there ain’t a blowjob THAT good that will make me throw away an eternity in Heaven or there isn’t anyone THAT important to me to cause me to do something like killing them out of anger in a moment of foolish confrontation to bring me into hell for the rest of recorded time and beyond.

Isn’t it so funny that when you drop that last piece of the candy bar on the dirty ground it hurts so much because that is the sweetest piece? Well, look at life in that same manner because for you to get as far as you have if you threw away your salvation at the last minute for some earthly carnal fleeting pleasure you will regret losing the best part for a gain of nothing! This life IS sweet and IS long when you are in line with executing your talents and abilities under the umbrella of your calling. I for one have operated out of my calling for YEARS and really couldn’t tell you what the hell I was doing in all of those carnal pleasure seeking years that I lost. At the time when I had so many faceless and countless women, satan was telling me that I was doing something cool and something good but when I also look back at the close calls that I had where I almost lost my life I now realize that he was trying to keep me distracted as the hourglass of my life dropped its sands quickly so that I would be in

the same old sorry state of living and forfeit my soul to him in a place where you just do not want to be!

So do know that as you move closer to walking the righteous walk you will lose some so called “friends” along the way but fret not, know that YOU have to be accountable for YOUR actions and your actions in this life alone. And I don’t know about you but I did so much dirt in my life that I have no time to waste or no time to play with as my time gets closer to enjoy the gift of life that God has given me. While it is a gift, there is a huge amount of responsibility that we have while here. And I am just now seeing how precious and fragile it is and how I could not have preserved myself throughout all of the tens of thousands of sessions of unprotected anonymous sex and all of the situations where I found myself where bullets flew and tempers raged.

Now that I see how far I’ve come you can now understand why it is so easy for me to sit down peacefully at home and share my experiences in life via the internet because it is now my duty to do so because it just might make a difference in someones life who may not be as lucky when they roll the devious dice of extreme sin.

Know that the end is coming and know that we all should begin to prepare young and old because the tragedy is NOT in dying, the true loss is knowing that a soul has been doomed to hell forevermore when it really didn’t have to go down like that.

Pray for me as I pray for you and let’s live a full life knowing that we have so much more to look forward to after it’s over.

The end is the beginning when you do right but the end is TRULY the end when you’ve not done what you were supposed to do!

I hope these words have reached someone and I too need to read them even though they flowed through me I will be the first to say that I am NOT the Author!

You figure it out. I shouldn’t be that hard to do so.


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