While We Now Occupy Wall Street But Like The Late Great Mr. Steve Jobs We Also Need To Fully Occupy Our Lives!


Of course not!

A smart mouth?


Still think so because of the way that I titled this blog article? Well think again. I didn’t bite my tongue when I said that we should not pity the late Steve Jobs.

And I’ll say it again.

Don’t pity the late great founder of the Apple empire Steve Jobs!

I don’t pity him at all but I pity those who are alive and well on this beautiful planet Earth and haven’t made the move to manifest their divine calling in life.

I pity those who are the procrastinators that always speak about moving towards an accomplishment but never get past their slothful character.

I pity those that let their constant fear of failure cloud their desire to bring a dream into fruition, for they must answer to God for not following through on cultivating the seeds placed within them to beautify the garden of life.

I pity those who have allowed the doubts of those around them arrest and suspend their drive to succeed, therefore never affecting those very people who would have benefited from those same thwarted efforts.

I pity those who spend every waking moment claiming the advantages of religion yet never activate those same principles righteously embedded in their faith that would elevate them higher if they truly applied them.

I pity those who dupe the people by hijacking a divine position for their own greedy purposes.

While I may pity many people for the invalid reasons and excuses of non productivity, I could never pity Steve Jobs for those very same reasons.

The spirit of Mr. Steve Jobs was one of a passion that was executed from what I could see every second of his life. While I was always aware of his accomplishments in this life I wasn’t really aware of the man behind the empire until I found out about the ailment that eventually took his life.

His biography is well documented at this point so I won’t risk sounding like a parrot in telling you the facts of what you already know about him. So in actuality I want to speak about what I saw in him and how I identified with some his philosophies and approaches on how ones life should be lived.

In hearing one of his very compelling speeches where he revealed his outlook on life and his awareness of eventual transition that many call death, I was pleasantly surprised to gain a validation from his views as I felt the same exact way toward life that he did.

Imagine! Steve Jobs gives so much to the world through his gift with a passion to pursue perfecting it that took his entire life utilizing the divine principles given to us by God Himself yet we have an inept fool in the form of Dr. Conrad Murray who was not passionate at all in his area of expertise (?) yet sold out to greed for a mere 150,000 dollars a month not even making any effort to at least being the doctor that everyone thought he was supposed to be.

Steve Jobs made untold BILLIONS of dollars but his efforts weren’t merely for the money as he could have stopped going after his craft as many of us might have done after the first earn billion, yet we have a man named Joel Osteen who deceitfully prostitutes those very righteous principles in the chase of even more money that will inevitably lead more souls to hell from his apprehension to preach the true FULL gospel of Jesus Christ fearlessly as he should.

Yes, these are the signs of the times and we need to step back and observe the overall events and tie them in to absorb the bigger picture and to benefit from the larger lesson.

And while Steve Jobs gave so much of himself, we have a disgruntled people who have taken to the streets on mass to protest the conditions of the land in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

While money doesn’t buy happiness can’t you see how it can reveal the spirit of those are in possession of it?

Imagine our religious leaders and politicians had the spirit of Steve Jobs and gave of themselves wholeheartedly for a cause much bigger than them while always being cognizant of the fact that we all must die but we can live a life that will help the world to live in a better place after that very life has ceased to exist on this level after the inevitable transition?

Imagine how much more we could really be if we had a Steve Jobs spirit in all of our personal intentions toward one another where money wasn’t the prime goal and motivation of our hearts but merely a tool to forge forward to help one another realize our deeply embedded God given gifts that in reality really don’t belong to us anyway!

Imagine if we saw ourselves like Steve Jobs as tools and conduits for the use of the world and to continue on with this enthusiastic drive even when the time would be near for our passing?

Christians? How would you act if you were in this position with the billions Steve Jobs has been so abundantly and righteously blessed with?

How many of us would maintain a level of purity and innocence in our hearts if money was not an issue when we as Pastors can’t handle the small accomplishment of a giving congregation that supplies your worldly desires and whims over and above what really is fair as you begin to believe that you arrogantly desire it?

What if Eddie Long had the billions of Steve Jobs? How far into his own twisted lusts would he have fallen into and how many more yes men could he have purchased to fill the seats of his forever tarnished temple?

We have to now really look into a persons heart and not be swayed by their title or positioning because for too long we have had to endure the likes of fake wanna-be pimp-like preachers like and Eddie Long who speak a righteous word only as a distraction to swindle the congregation of their money and manipulate the young men who have put their trust in a title while the man-beast behind it robbed them of their innocence!

For too long doctors like Conrad Murray were more concerned with their checkbooks than they were of the checkups of the patients who put their lives in their hands!

For too long the Joel Osteens of the world will tell you what you want to hear and never challenge you to raise the bar on a spiritual level to ensure that you can eventually stand tall on judgment day knowing that your Creator hasn’t erased your name out of the Book Of Life!

Where is the conviction?

Where is the commitment?

Has it all been sucked down like Steve Jobs physical body from the spiritual cancer of greed?

Isn’t it symbolic that while Steve Jobs actually HAD A CANCER of the body in no way did he have the cancer of the spirit?

While Steve Jobs pursued his craft with an undying passion to his passing day that has been rarely seen since probably witnessing the undying love of performance of a Michael Jackson, isn’t it amazing that a man who never professed a title or position inspired more people through his gift than the people who are supposed to do that very thing because of the station in life that they should be responsible enough to hold down unselfishly?

Think people!

There is a whole lot more to this life than parading around fraudulently to scam the flock to whom you’ve been bestowed a responsibility to lead. Yes, while we all may not have the title of pastor or doctor we ALL have a flock of people to whom we influence and lead whether we know it or not or even acknowledge it or not.

Take it or leave it alone but there is ALWAYS someone who looks up to us!

Now since you have now been informed of this irrefutable fact allow me to ask you, what are you going to do with the gifts and influence that God has given you?

Are you going to sell out your position like a Conrad Murray or merely occupy down the position of a Pastor yet punk out and fear saying what you have to say because you are scared to lose the millions of dollars that are granted to you in merely being a high priced spiritual yes man?

Look at the protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement and how strong they stand for a cause that not only will affect them but will affect the world around them! God bless them for succumbing into a righteous awakening!

Dr. Conrad Murray and Joel Osteen should take a page out of the book of those same very protesters who have enough balls to Occupy Wall Street while these two excellent examples of cowardice have not the testicular fortitude to merely Occupy their own failed lives!

In going according to the very law of God’s that most will profess to be the standard of righteousness yet are also to punk out to gauge their steps as well as all others in the footprints of time, who shall stand taller on that day of Judgment, Conrad Murray, Joel Osteen, or a very humble Steve Jobs who possessed the inner qualities that would make any congregation proud, productive and in the eyes of God, PRISTINE!

While some of the most demonic witchcraft performing envious Christians will verbally “praise God” with their lips with every other word being a scripture, a Biblical reference or some sanctified utterance executed to fool those around them to mask a wicked heart, Steve Jobs very life was a testimony to those heavenly principles by taking his potential to its pinnacle of humble success.

So the bottom line is for all of you who aren’t doing a damn thing except stinking up your church microphone with a regurgitated dead flesh worm infested pork chop laced breath after jockeying for a spot in the choir only to be seen, you need to follow in the path of the Steve Jobs of the world by silently bringing forth all that God put in us and wants us to be! Praise him with your ACTIONS and move your mouth less with the churchified bullshit!

Thank you.

If you were offended by this blog posting then understand that I could care less, you don’t ever have to come back here again and you can go back off into your world of ritualistic and repetitive denials and dysfunctions …….praise the Lord! LOL!

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