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The White Supremacist Fantasy: The Anatomy of the Nigger!

Why this discussion?

It is important to understand the various prototypes projected and transferred to our community via white supremacy; and help us separate ourselves from those in our community who are wolves in sheep clothing attacking and smearing our community with white supremacist fantasies. According to white supremacy, nigger ‘s are bred and constructed; not born. The reality is, these prototypes are bred and constructed as thoughts and fantasies of the white supremacists; and it is applied onto people born non-white (in particular, designated as “black”).

Why is it said that white supremacist prototypes of the” nigger” is transferred and projected?

The term “nigger was not originally applied to our people. The term was originally referred to the Irish Catholics of Europe.

Along with other slurs associated with that ethnic community:
Fire-crotch: Having red hair
FBI: Foreign Irish Born

Clown: Not used so much as a racial slur, however, the classic clown is based on a stereotyped image of Irish people: bushy red hair, a large red nose (from excessive drinking), and colorful clothes often with plaids, and often with a great many patches to represent that the Irish were poor and could not buy themselves new clothes. With excessive plaid is a Scottish variation.

Coal- Cracker: referred to coal mining

Donkey: As it was cheaper to hire an Irish than a donkey

Drunk: stereotypical drunks

HilliyBilly: Ulster Scots who supported the Protestant King William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne came to be known as “Billy Boys.” The combination of “hill” and “billy” first came into use at this time. A large number of Appalachian settlers were Scotch-Irish, and the term arrived with them.

Paddy – Used mainly in Britain. Similar negative connotations as “nigger.” Comes from St. Patrick and/or from the common Irish name Padraig. Also spelled Patty.

Paddy Wagon – Variation of “paddy.” The term Paddy Wagon derives from the idea that the Irish were all criminals, and when the police came to quell a brawl or something of the like, they would just be rounding up a bunch of “paddys.”
Plastic Paddy – Term used by the Irish describing those who grew up in the a foreign country (specifically the UK) and still identify as being Irish.

SID – This stands for “Small Irish Dick”.
Tory – Bandit, from the Irish Tory Island, a noted have for bandits and pirates. Also common slang term for a member of Canada’s Conservative party.
————————————————————————————————————————————Source: From the Racial Slur Database –

The reason this information is being presented is to show you, that this term of “n*gg*r” was not a term that was original applied to us. It was a term that our community inherited once the Irish became “white” and became absorbed within the fabric of white supremacy. Many other ethnic groups also worked to become “white”, such as the: Italians, European Jews, Greeks, Portuguese, European Gypsies and others. The way you can tell who “became” white is by how hyper-vigilant the ethnic group is in being overtly racist. Usually you will find the main culprits who violently carry on the tradition of racism in white supremacy, the: Italians, European Jews, Greeks, and Irish…because they worked hard to be a part of that toxic system and fear that they could be demoted at any time.
**It is important to read the history of the Irish to understand the stereotypes applied onto our community.
So what are prototypes of a “nigger” and through what medium are the prototypes most reinforced? As we know, it is through media that these prototypes are reinforced. Some prototypes are readily recognizable, while others are overlooked and not considered. Let’s start with the most recognizable, the House Negro:

1. The House Negro, Coon, “Uncle Tom”, “Aunt Mammy”, Sambo, Black Apologist or Assimilator: This is a prototype that will turn against our community at a price (i.e. money, status, vendetta, etc.). This prototype is able blend into our community, infiltrate and corrupt plans to positively build our community, and denounce progress of our community. This prototype will regurgitate white supremacist lies and assimilate/adopt white supremacist ways as their own identity. It will include dating and/or marrying white supremacists.

2. The Thug: This protoype is a carry over from the gangs in the early 20th centuries headed by the Italians, European Jews, Irish, Greeks, and other lesser “white” Europeans in North America. The thug was a creation from white supremacist and inherited onto Black boys, youth, and men once European “lesser white” ethnic groups became “white” and transferred their gangs into the police and criminal justice system; and regional political positions. Any individual that adopts “thug” identity is in fact, indoctrinating white supremacy by proxy. This prototype can be found in celebrities, local gangs, posers trying to mimic thug identity, etc.

3. The Ratchet: This prototype is the female version of the “thug”. This prototype was evolved from the Jezebel, angry Black woman, and thug combination. This prototype is identified as aloud talking, multiple children with multiple baby daddy having, lesser than GED having Black woman. This is a prototype that you will typically view on a talk show (i.e. Maury Povich show). What you don’t know is that this prototype does not exist, but is force fed to you by media. Ironically, you can also find this prototype in shows such as the Real Housewives of Atlanta and other “reality shows where the Black woman who is college educated and married/divorced with money act the same way. These shows are designed to continue the white supremacist stereotypes using Black face.

4. Black Feminists/Black Lesbians, Gays, Queer, Bi & Effeminate Black males: This prototype is designed to promote the destruction of the Black family by denouncing the leadership role of the Black man. Realize the Feminism and Homosexuality have their roots in white supremacy. Adopting this is also white supremacy by proxy.

Note: ***Understand that the term nigger is a group of prototypes which were transferred and projected onto the Black community as a means to reinforce stereotypes and create division. The term nigger is a psychological weapon with a spectrum where prototypes are used in the singular or in conjunction with each other as a means to confuse and demobilize. The division and in fighting with our community continues as white supremacy have chosen the worst of us to represent the best of us. We must be mindful of these prototypes, while in our quest to ally ourselves with the like-minded to elevate our community.

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