Just this past weekend I experienced the phenomenon called Melanin Envy as my beautiful wrinkle free youthful fit well over 50 years young Wife of mine, Mrs. Scurv, and I went to shop at a local Home Goods market to pick up several nick-nacks for the kitchen shelves and to see what else of their “one of a kind” offerings were up for sale.

She was dressed casually in a handmade outfit that she purchased at the Three Masks Inc. cultural center here in Orlando with her natural hair reaching up to the heavens wrapped in a fabric that matched her dress.

When you saw the hand woven sandals that adorned her feet along with the African jewelry that accentuated her wrists and neck, you knew that she was a different type of Black woman as her very entrance into that store arrested the gaze of the many women there who had the very common shopping mall cookie cutter type of look that spoke nothing of a higher consciousness whatsoever.

Their manner of garb screamed out to the world that they were straight up followers afraid to exude to the world who they truly are. Caught up in a system that has told them that to endlessly toil on a job merely to bring ones hard earned dollars to the mall to purchase the expensive fashion items that make one appear to be affluent while living paycheck to paycheck is the way to go.

What a sad sorry way to live. Life is just too short to subscribe to the madness…….

The system of White Supremacy has many hierarchical branches below it that many aren’t aware of. Most feel that when the media highlights a situation where a pink ice person calls one of the original people of the earth a “nigger”, that’s it’s White Supremacy. No that’s their ignorance on full display but their shouting a word to you doesn’t stop you from doing a damn thing as it has no power over you like signed legislation does as well as racist laws.

So when you appear to have rejected the mindset of bowing to the system of White Supremacy brazenly through your outer appearance, then that’s a strong indication that you’ve removed your mind from all of its toxic trappings to take on a way of living that’s beyond the control of that wicked system.


So how does this play into my stunningly beautiful Wife shopping at a local Home Goods store minding her business with her very observant husband as they enjoy their day?

Well, an item for sale caught my eye on the shelf which put some distance between Mrs. Scurv and I as she continued to move forward and visually scan the shelves. I can see how she stopped to read a label to see the contents of that particular item.

She wasn’t blocking the aisle at all but here comes a White woman pushing her shopping cart down a long aisle toward my Wife with her eyes literally GLUED to her scanning her well put together out up and down with an expression wiped across her face that screamed out that my Wife was in violation of some kind of law and she was the authority!

Yes, I wasn’t imagining this at all! You could see the obnoxious condescending expressions dance across her lip-less face as her highly esteemed European standard of so called beauty was challenged! You can see her thoughts flowing such a transparent way that said “How DARE you not acknowledge MY superiority over you by not only rejecting the pursuit of MY look but actually looking BETTER THAN ME with radiant flawless skin that had not one blemish nor one drop of makeup?”

So unbeknownst to Mrs. Scurv, this very insecure White woman stood there as though the aisle was blocked staring at my Wife as though she was about to beat her down all because my Wife obviously didn’t play the dysfunctional game of trying to change her natural God given universal beauty for that degraded dead lifeless look of the Caucasian woman.

You see, every time a Black woman shows the world that she straightens her hair that’s a sure sign of being subservient to the system of White Supremacy of which the White Woman is the queen!

They will really appear to favor you with with that promotion on the job when you dye your hair blonde as you really are letting them know that you are trying HARD to leave your Blackness at the door!

In this world beauty is more than skin deep and when it appears that you are truly in love with your Black self that in itself is a major violation and a threat to the “Supreme Majesty, Power & Control of the Queen of White Supremacy!”

But while they will show you a look of scorn it is only an indication that they are deeply envious and resentful to your Creator as to why they were not born with your looks, soul, essence and longer self life that has spawned the term the world over that “Black Don’t Crack!”

It is a new day now and the truth must come out that you my Sisters are the ultimate standard of beauty on the planet because everything in nature supports you including our Sun that nourishes every living thing on this planet that belongs here.

Yet while there is more truth out here to make our Sisters aware of their true beauty that is the envy of the planet, sadly their is a tsunami of propaganda littering the broadcast and print media as well as in cyberspace to convince them otherwise as others profit from the mind control of our people.

As long as so many of us make the purchases of hair weaves, bleaching cream, plastic surgery to remove our ethnic traits that indicate who we really and truly are, we will never move forward to see that Black Melanated beauty is more than skin deep, it’s prove positive of the dormant spiritual power that will change the present world’s power structure literally overnight if we would simply love and embrace ourselves as we are naturally.

So when the hypocritical two faced White Woman tries to convince you that beauty is only skin deep make them understand that they could NEVER possess the spiritual gifts and power that’s out have naturally no matter how much Botox they use to get lips like yours, butt surgery to have a beautiful ass like yours and trips to the tanning salon to sport a complexion like yours…….they will NEVER have your essence because Black is more than a color, IT’S A FREQUENCY!

……and their radios are vastly inferior and were never constructed to pick up the frequency of divine order and commands which explains their wayward warlike destructive nature that has been well documented throughout history wherever they’ve gone!

Rejoice as the earth is cleansed by the ever increasing sunlight that will soon rid us of our enemy. For they know that they are not equipped to withstand the final chapter in their 6,000 years of mischief making.

So Sisters, shine your beauty bright and celebrate your essence, they merely get upset because your love for self signals the end of their rule and total existence.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,

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  • James majors says:

    Great job God and Goddesses pleas e continue to vibe and create a platform of black excellence truely inspiring and motivational to the sky’s and beyond peace and love thanks Mr and Mrs Scurve peace and love from all who overstand the mission.

  • Jessica Mcghee says:

    I love you lance scurv and blessing to your beautiful wife.

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