For Some Whites, Thinking That All Black People Look Alike Is Merely The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Do all Black people still look alike to others in 2014? Well read on and decide for yourself…….

While well known actor Samuel L. Jackson awaited for the live one-on-one interview with KTLA Entertainment Anchor Sam Rubin to begin, he probably would have a clue as to the first question that was going to be thrown his way about his “latest work”

Sam Rubin: You’re working for Marvel, the Superbowl commercial, did you get a lot of reaction from that Superbowl commercial?

Samuel L. Jackson blew him up in his response and gave those in the nation and in the world who have this disability a very teachable moment indeed.

Check out the video below to see how this anchor put himself on the hot seat as he attempted to minimize the symptoms of his sickness:

Wasn’t that something?

I truly meditated on this for more than a moment and I want to say that this phenomenon goes so much deeper and is so much more than a simple mistake as the consequences can have deadly results.

I can hear some of those who are reading this now saying: “Oh Scurv there you go again looking into things far to deep than you should, it was just an innocent brain fart for him to mistaken Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne!”

…….a simple “little” mistake? Ooooh-KAAAYYY!


Let’s switch up the scenario a bit and take these same people and put them in a different situation.

Let’s say theoretically speaking that Laurence Fishburne was wanted for a shooting spree that randomly killed 25 people and is on the loose armed and still very extremely dangerous.

Our beloved KTLA anchor is now one of the many Police Officer’s who is on high alert and on the lookout for Mr. Fishburne and like his other fellow officers, is determine to utilize all of his senses, abilities and experience to bring this man into custody if he so happens to encounter him during his tour.

Routinely, he pulls over a vehicle because of a malfunctioning tail light that is not working at all.

With his hands on his weapon, he slowly approaches the vehicle noticing that there is only one occupant inside and it appears to be a well kept Black male approximately in his sixties who happens to suddenly turn his head in the officers direction even though his hands are clearly visible on the steering wheel.

A decision is made by Officer Rubin and mere seconds later the innocent passenger Samuel L. Jackson lays in his vehicle dead after being shot to death because our well trained officer felt that his routine traffic stop was a chance encounter with a murderer on the loose!

Now here come the excuses and hopefully not a coverup. The innocent man in the vehicle who did nothing wrong is immediately smeared in the media because of a domestic violence dispute that happened over twenty five years ago with an ex-wife who had a history of lying on him.

The country is now in an uproar as the racial tensions build to an ever increasing crescendo spawning incidents of violence across an already racially divided country and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.


While that was a fictional account of something that happens in the United States Of America everyday not only in the interaction between White police and Black citizens, it also happens on our jobs, in our neighborhoods and with the strangers that we interact with everyday.

What I am referring to is how Black people are all viewed in the same light as our individuality to many is as non-existent as the food left over on the plate from your favorite gourmet dish.

Is really this something to complain about?

Well, when you are a Black person living in a country where you are approximately thirteen percent of the population, you’re very life can hang on a crucial decision as witnessed above in my fictional rendering when in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And the amusing – or rather NOT so amusing – part of this entire scenario as it’s being played out right now on the countless spheres of existence, “they” always try to laugh it off like it’s not a big deal at all!

Listen up White people: ALL BLACK FOLKS DO NOT LOOK ALIKE!

…….and YOU have got to understand that while YOU might want to laugh it off and sweep it under the rug, your inability to not be able differentiate who we really are can get us jammed up in some very terrible situations indeed.

Imagine how many of us are locked up now because of this malfunction that SOME Whites have who were in the position to make a difference but couldn’t.

And yes, I am not saying that this illness is something that ALL White people have because I know for a fact that it isn’t, but SOMEONE has to open their damn mouth to speak on it and from I see not too many people have.


From my perspective, I truly believe that some Whites simply can’t tell the difference with certain Black people. And while I have never been mistaken for Koby Bryant or Spike Lee, there were many times when I was left puzzled once again when someone ask me for my autograph because they thought I was LL COOL J or Donnie Mclurklin.

……I’m waiting for the day when they mistaken me for Beyonce and when that day comes I am going to have to call the men in the white jackets on them for sure!

But I truly think that it is some type of propensity with some members of the Caucasian race to not be able to tell the difference between those who are Black. I truly don’t even think it’s racist that they have this malfunction. Not all of them. But there are some who are racist who do have it and when this deadly cocktail is on full blast you’ll have a bad situation on your hands real soon in the not too distant future.

Now don’t call ME racist for pointing this out as you have not walked in the shoes of Black people to fully understand where I’m coming from.

Many White really need to take some form of diversity training in order to know how to deal and communicate with people of other races and cultures as we who are not White are often left to tolerate giving those particular Whites the teachable moments that they should have already absorbed before saying some of the asinine things that they say while in our presence.

Just the other day I was attending a local fund raising function that had a crowd mixed in age, race and culture. The hosts of the event tried their best to accommodate the culinary tastes of such a wide swatch of attendees who came from such a diverse set of backgrounds but as they say you can’t please everyone all of the time.

Now I was merely there to give my support and really didn’t care what was there to eat. Now halfway into this program a White guy who I never saw before walked up to me in a friendly manner and made some small talk that helped to pass the time by as the repetitious cookie cutter message of the speakers began to try my nerves.

So just as I was really getting into our kind exchanges of words here he comes busting out with: “I bet YOU can’t wait to get over there and tear up that basket of Fried Chicken on the table, I know a big guy like you loves him some Fried Chicken!”


Talk about a complete 180 degree turn in the conversation!

Now after being the butt of many Fried Chicken jokes I truly wanted to see where this ill informed man was coming from. I didn’t allow myself to become angry because that would mean that his words of possible ignorance would have a measure of control over me and I refuse for anyone to have that power over me as I NEVER react, I simply process the aggression against me and choose to act accordingly.

So I asked him WHY do you think that I would would want to go over there to eat up all of that chicken?

His response told me everything that I need to know…….HE TURNED BEET RED!

I never raised my voice, I never displayed a different body language toward him that might be received as threatening. So why did he look flush with blood in his face?…….because he knew exactly what he meant and because he began to get comfortable with me he straight up SLIPPED!

He assumed that all Black people love Fried Chicken and that I would be like that big ignorant buck off of the slave plantation and giggle with delight at the thought while tap dancing of “tearing up all that good fried chicken like we ALL do!

I was quite surprised that he didn’t mention watermelon, pig feet, Kool-aid and all of the other stereotypical culinary disasters that Black people are supposed to be so crazy over.

I simply explained to him that as a vegetarian the only thing that I will go all out for is the occasional trip to the all you can eat Sushi bar.


That blood flushed look on his face was now one of a man freshly bedazzled at what he heard from me.

Vegetarian? Sushi?

Yes my friend, not only are some Black people Vegetarians with others loving Sushi, but we also all don’t look alike either.

White America, you have a lot of catching up to do, it’s a big world out here and America is not the only big bad wolf of culture on the planet.

The world has truly passed you by and it shows…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Twin Look-A-Like Brother, (LOL)



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