Whites Who Want To Be Black: What’s Their Fascination?

As a big fan of boxing I really get a kick out of witnessing how the White world has embraced former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson as opposed to how the same world vehemently abhorred him two decades before.

I surf YouTube frequently to get my up to date news on all things boxing and the trend I see now with the Mike Tyson timeline is that he’s not viewed as the monster that the media painted him to be.

It appears that he’s been embraced like a long lost member of the mainstream White family, and while this looks to be a great thing for him after all he has been through, something about it really disturbed me and up until now I just couldn’t put my finger on really just why.

But the answer as to why I was slightly taken aback how Mike Tyson was embraced by those who couldn’t say a good word about him even if they tried was the observation I received about Black talent, culture and strength. Not that the old version of Mike Tyson represented the higher virtues of culture and dignity, but he’s still our brother and to attack him at his lowest was an indirect potshot on all Black people…….

Mike Tyson Sports Illustrated Cover MADMAN

Now this is merely my opinion but why is it that when a Black man or woman is shunned, put down and made to be an outcast by the so called mainstream population but later take a fall from grace they are readily embraced by that same faction that once distanced themselves from them?

It’s more to it than that, there seems to be in America and beyond a certain fascination with all things powerful and Black. The White psyche seems to be captivated with the renegade entities who do what they want, boldly speak their mind no matter who gets pissed and walks outside of the narrow constraints that most Blacks submit to set forth by the White majority.

Now maybe Mike Tyson is an extreme example because he has done many things that would be perceived as terrible that have nothing to do with his Blackness, but if we look into his upbringing and present revelations, then we can somewhat understand a little more about what motivated him in those situations than we ever could before.

Think not? Well then why is it that Mike Tyson has a live one man stage show that the people can’t get enough of? Case closed.

Mike Tyson Stage Show

Many powerful Black icons as well as many unknown influential Black entities in our normal everyday lives are never embraced until they have been “declawed” and captured by the White power structures.

Like those mighty beasts of the wild that have been hunted down and killed with their preserved busts on display in the hunters living rooms and museums for all to see, it’s some kind of rush that they receive when we have been conquered and captured to allow them to study what we truly are inside and out.

Caged and conquered for the world to see with their chains around our ankles and wrists is the only state of being that some of them will feel most comfortable in our presence. Why do you think that the movie King Kong held so much symbolism similar to the capturing of Blacks in America?

In my humble opinion King Kong represents the Black man captured brought over to these shores in America by one who wanted to use his sheer presence and power as a supporting role in their stage show of oppression. He caused King Kong to desire his White Woman which represents all that is bad for the Black man in the form of the poisonous substances of liquor, drugs and every wicked transgression away from the original way that kept us in line with our Creator.

King Kong 1933

They act like they love Muhammad Ali so much now but go back to the 1960’s when he proclaimed his faith to be Islam. Google it and learn how this thing works. I can go on forever with this……

When you are a “Processed for White Comfort” type of Black person, this fascination isn’t their because you’ve already removed the unconquerable factors that brings out the hunter in them. They don’t have to hunt you down to put you on their mantle of conquered savages, you willingly jumped up on the trophy table with no fight on your own free will.

This is why they will never give those Blacks any real respect  when they try to fit so hard into their system leaving anything that’s Black about them “at the door” because you Bitched up before the battle.

You ain’t no threat!

Me personally, I’m going to be one of those wild aggressive killer animals that they will never capture and conquer, and will make a point of dying outside of their system never leaving a body behind for them to violate me by their autopsies. Now I’m not speaking literally, but about keeping from them the opportunity to find out what makes me tick mentally.

Public Enemy B & W

They won’t have me like some type of downed enemy aircraft that they can take back to their base and study the technology of their opponents in war.

But where does this fascination with raw unfiltered Blackness come from and why is it so intense yet never spoken about?

We are despised because of the natural God given “soul” that we have that many others can “feel” but just can’t grasp.

There is that intangible quality and special magic that we exude that they weren’t born with and it drives them crazy that they simply cannot go out to the shopping mall and purchase it.

Those of us who are poor and downtrodden in an unpolished state STILL have it and it’s this “thing” that brings out the worst in them because they know that we have been blessed with a connectedness to a higher state and frequency that is beyond their comprehension.

This is why they will heavily celebrate any one of their stars and celebrities who’ve captured that elusive quality of Blackness. You will see them on every magazine cover and television show in a marketing blitz that makes one wonder after a while if this is the only star on the horizon.

Gwen Stefani

This is also why our abundant talents across the diaspora have been exploited for their benefit and profit because if they can’t have their own they will take what we have to even the score.

For every condition in the world there is a reason why it is that way.

The reasons are there whether we want to face them or not. Many of us are too afraid to call a spade a spade but deep down know what the truth is because we know how and when to run from it. I never understood this with the majority of Black people in America, they are in denial of something that exists and stay silent about what they feel instead of speaking about it.

I guess I’m just one of those who really don’t give a damn what anyone thinks because if I can “see” it, I’m damn sure going to tell it. Isn’t that what any great artist supposed to do? Boldly reflect reality right?

Whether it was from the rebellion that came from growing up in a home that had racist undertones from a frustrated domineering father or maybe coming up in a neighborhood that didn’t have any notable Black youth to socialize with, many young Caucasians grew up with a fascination of that qualities that Blacks possess and were intrigued beyond measure.

You can see it now in the way that the young suburban literally idolize Black athletes and entertainers. You would swear that the only people in the world to worship to a young White kid were Black if you took a peek to see the posters of our people on the bedroom walls of young White America.


Many of them grow up wanting that elusive quality that we have so bad and many have practiced it for so long they have mastered it in their own stiff way. They want to be down with the Black man and will try to talk the way we talk and are overjoyed when accepted by some of us as they think that they have attained that quality that makes us look so cool to them.

They stay on top of the latest slang and trends in the inner city as though the more they learn the Blacker they become. Deep down they wish so bad that they were born Black, they look at their privileged upbringing as something to minimize in the presence of their suffering inner city Black friends because they want to be accepted as one of the Brothers who are in pain.

To even get involved with a Black person sexually is the ultimate experience for this type of Caucasian because it’s a validation that “they” have something that’s desirable to their Black partner.

This is why the ultimate rush for a White man who wants in on the elusive quality of “Black Soul” is to be served orally by a Black woman not merely because of the pleasure received, but because of the power rush that comes from finally getting into that faraway kingdom that was a fairy tale world when they were younger to now getting into that world to possess the even harder to get Black woman.

To go even further, while having Black babies for either a White male or woman of this mindset is an undeniable status that marries them into the Black experience in a way that can never be taken away, the White woman who wants to be Black so bad can feel even more intense feelings from the mere fact of being the garden that rears the Black seed in her womb for nine months.

For you can’t tell her that “she ain’t” Black now because she now has the prize in her belly that makes her a Sister by association and will even now try to “out Black” a Black woman!

Black Man White Woman

Black women traditionally as well as our men have found this to be amusing. We watch these Caucasians work so hard to get something that was given to us so freely but know that no matter how hard they try they will never know what it’s like in this world to be Black.

What really annoys me is that for many, to seek out the covering of Blackness is merely for a season, because when they really see what we have to go through everyday of our lives without end then the novelty amuses them no more. They will then go back to the privilege of their White skin if they haven’t gotten too deep in the world of the Black man and woman with some type of bound or tie that won’t allow them to exit freely.

This is why many Blacks have a problem with what those type of Whites feel is a temporary novelty to enjoy for a time, while they can throw it down like a dirty garment, we don’t have it so easy to escape the exploitation, profiling, racism, redlining, hate and demonizing that comes with the package of living in the skin that I’m in.

So most of us who have some sense really don’t appreciate it when we see it because this is no joke or fad for us. We as Black people no matter how dark or how light we are in our hue have been made to feel the sickness of racism from those who make us pay dearly for possessing a strength that could have only been given to us in a divine fashion.


We are not some type of cheap ride like the ones they have in an amusement park, our reality here in Amerikkka is real and no amount of walking hip, talking cool or even rapping like a Black Brother will ever make you feel what we feel or give you that elusive quality that you secretly envy us for having. You can impregnate all of the black women you want or you can have a slew of Afro wearing babies slide out of your womb.

Nothing that you have ever experienced can school you on how to prepare that child for the rude awakening that they have yet to experience once they are made to feel that they are different because of the powerful D.N.A. that their Black parent passed on to them through you who were merely a temporary vessel for that connection to be made.

No one hates you for who you really are in the Black community if you would just stop acting as though you have a mental condition to act your own natural self and stop trying to be one of us!

Eminem On The Mic

No amount of love between us will ever stop this ingrained system of racism that is embedded in this country created to oppress us even though they’ve implemented laws that sound good as though we’ve made real progress but are never enforced.

You can join us in helping to defeat this enemy but you aren’t doing us any good by working so hard to look like us when in fact you are not the one in the cross-threads of their culture usurping and race killing  machine guns pointed at our Black torsos!

Simply put, just be yourself! We will embrace YOU so much easier if you do.

But like comedian Paul Mooney said not to long ago in an interview that explains pretty much how we feel about Whites who want to be Black:

“Let me put it this way and I’m going to leave it alone…….

Stop making excuses for White people to act like they’re Black, ’cause there’s NO EXCUSE for it! Unless they’ve paid their dues…….

When Black people start getting shot in the back by police and hung just for being White, they can do all the hip hop they want!”

So what’s their fascination with the Black people of the earth? It’s that we are the direct descendents of the originator of the heavens and the Earth. They study us HARD because even those who were not taught who we are KNOW who we are in their gut!

Just as those in the White Masonic Order know the power that we possess from within, this is why their very life of affluence and luxury must be hooked up to the ultimate power plant that they can find, and that’s US! To keep us downtrodden and ignorant to who we are keeps them riding our power like surfer on an unlimited wave on the ocean.

Free And Accepted Masons

So as long as we stay asleep in the act of striving to be something “big” in their miniscule earthly system, they will always keep us in a place where we inadvertently fuel their heaven while we under gird their pleasure deep in the hells of the darkest abyss of ignorance.

Let’s dialogue on this topic and as always, I would love to hear your responses no matter what they may be! And If I happened to piss anyone here off, then I must be doing something right!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Bold Brother,



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