Whitney Houston’s Mysterious In House Backstabbing Judas Turns A Profit With Those National Enquirer Coffin Photos!

There’s a self serving backstabbing Judas turncoat in every crew!

Who else would snap a photo of the late Whitney Houston at the private wake at the funeral home where it had to be only close friends and family?

Dang! Someone who is capable of doing such a dirty deed such as snapping a picture and sending it to The National Enquirer would probably have snatched off the half a million dollars worth of jewelry off of Whitney and hocked it at the local neighborhood ghetto pawn shop for a few hundred bucks!

Of course they would because you KNOW that the Enquirer paid up some money to be able to publish it on the cover of their gossip shit rag in order to generate a rush of sales to the other low lives who would even shell out the money for something that would turn Whitney’s passing into a bonafide circus!

Well guess what?

We the people won’t allow it and we still love Whitney with all of our hearts no matter what anyone has to say or share in an undignified manner for a dose of public buffoonery.

She is our gift from God and has defined an entire era with her presence and gift of song.

…….and no damn gossip rag will ever change that and I wish that whomever attempted to violate Whitney in such a manner be exposed and chastised forever as the classless piece of feces afterbirth that they are probably claiming not to be!


This was one of the lowest acts that could have been committed and it was a premeditated violation of the trust that Whitney’s family bestowed upon that piece of scum in bad judgment.

…….and yes, I saw the photo as it was shared on Facebook as well as many other countless social media platforms across the cyber space diaspora. But I have to say that when I viewed it, I wasn’t really prepared to see it, so it kind of punched me in the face when I realized what I was looking at in my smartphone.

If I had my own choice I probably wouldn’t have wanted to see it. I have passed that phase in life where I want to drive by the car accident really slow to view a wreck and all of the blood splattered remnants of someones remains. at least Whitney Houston looked beautiful and died with her body intact as opposed to some type of accidental tragedy. Thank God for that. And if the truth be told, Whitney probably looked better in death than that piece of work who snapped the picture could ever look in this lifetime!

This goes to show you that you NEVER really know who is around you and what spirit that they possess deep down inside them hidden covertly behind the Colgate smile that most people take on face value. This why in the Bible it says to test the spirit. Test who is around you so that you don’t find out the hard way what is really in your midst. This is why my close inner circle of trusted confidantes are very small and known over several decades.

The funny part about this travesty is that Whitney Houston herself while alive could have GIVEN this turncoat more money for the asking than the National Enquirer could have ever furnished for that photo.

There is no way that this individual can look themselves in the mirror everyday after doing something so classless. But then again human nature and the depths that it can sink to these days never really surprises me.

My friends, the concept of Judas is not a thing of the past, it is very much a current thing and if you look hard enough, you will find one smiling right next to you just waiting for your downfall.

Thank God Whitney had enough loving friends and family to not let such a happening reach even more hellish depths as all you COULD get was a picture.

But is a picture worth a friendship?

Or quite maybe it wasn’t a friendship at all, just an opportunistic investment in time that waited for the picture perfect moment to exploit your proximity to our Queen.

To bad you never knew who Whitney really was, if you knew then you wouldn’t have done what you’ve done.

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March 2, 2020 9:23 AM

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